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Iran Says American Nuke Deal Fact Sheet is “Wrong on Most Issues”

By on 4.9.15 | 11:44AM

They may have closed a deal just in time for John Kerry to gear up for windsurfing season in Nantucket, but the "framework" that's supposed to be the foundational element of the Iranaian nuclear deal seems to still be up for debate.

A Simple Question for UVA

By on 4.9.15 | 10:06AM

As a journalist, there is a danger in taking things for granted. The only stupid question is the one you're afraid to ask. So I just sent the following email to the Communications Office at the University of Virginia:

Dear Sir or Madam:

In following up on the Rolling Stone story, I came across a column at National Review by K.C. Johnson in which he points to Emily Renda's July 2014 Senate testimony, saying that Ms. Renda "appears never to have filed a complaint with the university, much less with the police."

Ms. Renda said nothing about these details of her own case in her Senate testimony, and I have been unable to ascertain whether in fact there was any police or university investigation of this alleged crime of, if so, whether anyone was prosecuted or disciplined as a result.

They Too Serve

By on 4.9.15 | 1:23AM

Famed Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully is not the only Dodger employee who went to work for the team in 1950 and never left. Brooklyn native Billy DeLury, who died Saturday at 81, joined the team and stayed with the Dodgers continuously save for two years in the Army in 1957-58.

DeLury, hardly a Brooklyn or Los Angeles household name for all his Dodger blue hash-marks, held a series of jobs with the team, the most distinguished of which was as the team’s traveling secretary, a post he held for 20 years. Before and after this job he did such as sort mail, wash towels, sell tickets, and sell advertising in the team’s programs.

In recent years DeLury cut back on his workload, but still served as an assistant to the broadcasters and to the current traveling secretary.

“I was privileged to know Bill DeLury for more than 60 years, from the time he was an office boy in Brooklyn and rose to become a most valuable member of the organization as our traveling secretary,” Scully said. Scully called DeLury “a Dodger from head to toe.”

DeLury said his most prized possession is his World Series ring from the championship 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers.

Obama Admin Double Standard on Spying with Russia & Israel

By on 4.8.15 | 10:19PM

Why is that the Obama Administration is less upset with Russia for hacking into the White House and State Department computers than it is with Israel for spying into its negotiations with Iran?

Then again this is the same administration which is less angry with Iran for chanting "Death to America" than with Netanyahu for saying there would be no Palestinian state under his watch.

This is the same administration that is less upset with ISIS for beheading Americans than it is with Israel for having the nerve to re-elect Netanyahu. 

Russia could release compromising photos of Obama and Obama would be angrier with Israel if they knew about it first.

Rand Paul Must Chill

By on 4.8.15 | 9:43PM

For the second time in two months, Rand Paul has blown up during a TV interview. 

He did so in February with CNBC host Kelly Evans and today got testy with Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie. Well, at least he didn't shush Guthrie.

All of this makes him look like a bully who can't answer tough questions. 

If Rand Paul can't handle Kelly Evans or Savannah Guthrie then how the hell is he going to handle Vladimir Putin or the Iranian Mullahs?

It's bad enough that President Obama can't handle criticism. Our next President can do without this quality.

Rand Paul must chill.

Nixon, Hillary, and the Tapes: Fred’s Thought of the Day:

By on 4.8.15 | 4:24PM

During the many talks, conferences and interviews I have participated in over the years about Watergate, one of the questions I’m almost always asked is why Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes. I’ve always replied that his lawyers knew that he would have undoubtedly been charged with obstruction of justice, since the tapes arguably could have been subpoenaed as evidence in the matters that the Watergate Committee was investigating.

Watching Team Hillary’s performance over the past three weeks in damage control over her private email server and decisions to destroy potentially pertinent correspondence to at least one ongoing Congressional investigation, I have come to the realization that Nixon’s main problem turned out to be that he just wasn’t devious and tough enough. As you may recall, while Benghazi documents were under subpoena Hillary’s cleanup crew wiped the hard drive of her server clean and deleted more than 30,000 emails. None related to work, she promises. She has long since learned that it is better to have people think you’re lying than to give up evidence that proves it.

Ted Cruz Raises $31M in One Week

By on 4.8.15 | 4:05PM

Not content to let Rand Paul have all the headlines this week, today Ted Cruz revealed that his controversial decision to forgo an "exploratory committe" because, honestly, who in the hell even cares about those anyway(?), was a rapid and resounding succcess. 

With just one week, a handful of fundraising emails, two YouTube videos, one functioning website and a metric ton of stock photography under his belt, Ted Cruz has managed to raise a whopping $31 million from individuals and SuperPACs. 

Ted Cruz’s presidential effort is getting into the shock-and-awe fundraising business.

An associate of the Texas senator, a recently announced presidential candidate, tells Bloomberg that a cluster of affiliated super-political action committees was formed only this week, and among them they are expected to have $31 million in the bank by Friday.

Rand Paul Tells Reporters to Ask the DNC About Abortion

By on 4.8.15 | 3:41PM

Obviously, the DNC and Planned Parenthood are choosing to attack Rand Paul on abortion because they believe that recognizing the inherent rights of all humanity — and not just born humanity — goes against the notion of supporting individual liberty. After all, what says "individual liberty" more than exercising your right to vacuum the "products of conception" out of your womb right up until the baby arrives, screaming, into the world?

Ugh, whatever. I'm getting carried away. But seriously, this morning, after Rand Paul answered a question from the Associated Press about his pro-life position and his subsequent support for "Personhood amendments," the DNC shot of an email chastizing Rand for having opened a new front in the #waronwomen. Obviously taking the clear orders from his betters, a New Hampshire television reporter parroted the DNC's talking points and tried to back Rand Paul into a corner over his views on abortion. His response probably won't make it into the next DNC missive.

Will Tsarnaev Get The Death Penalty?

By on 4.8.15 | 3:19PM

All that is left to decide now is whether Dzohkar Tsarnaev will receive the death penalty and that decision could be made as early as next week.

If jurors do recommend the death penalty there is little doubt that his lawyers will appeal and it will probably be at least a decade before the sentence is carried out.

I certainly think he deserves to die for what he did.

I recall a colleague of mine telling me some months ago that she would rather not have the death penalty imposed by the court, but rather by his fellow inmates.

An interesting thought, but given the level of Muslim radicalization in our prisons the presence of Tsarnaev among their ranks would be one hell of a recruitment tool. I am inclined to think this would afford him protection and that he would be treated like a king. Tsarnaev doesn't deserve such adulation.

I am just down the street from the federal courthouse. Everyone around me was glued to the verdict even if we had a good idea what it was going to be. All business had to cease.

I am sure this will prevail when his sentence is announced. Even in liberal Boston, I think the jury will OK the death penalty.

Tsarnaev Convicted on All 30 Counts

By on 4.8.15 | 2:47PM

It took a jury less than 12 hours to convict Dzohkar Tsarnaev on all 30 counts in his role in the Boston Marathon Bombings as well as his confrontation with authorities that led to his capture in Watertown four days later.

The defense did everything it could to delay the start of the trial and was assisted by all the snow we had here in late January and early February. But it all forestalled the inevitable. The defense only put on four witnesses before resting on the weak argument that he was an unwilling pawn of his late brother Tamerlan.

I remember when Michael Walsh bellowed that we didn't need a small army to take out "a wounded teenager with a gun." Well, that wounded teenager placed a knapsack full of explosives beside an 8-year old boy, detonated it killing him and two young women. He then shot a police officer to death in cold blood, nearly killed another one, carjacked a man and only sparing his life because he wasn't American and threw explosives at authorities along the way.