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More Climate Conflicts

By on 11.27.09 | 12:03PM

Well, here's yet another thing the unconfirmable Obama "Climate Czarina" Carol Browner was able to avoid disclosing thanks to -- and one more reason for being stuffed into -- a backdoor position of influence, her phony job not subject to Senate confirmation, even while lording over Senate-confirmed constitutional officers:

She was on the board of one of the leading carbon offset trading companies, APX.

That makes for one really big conflict of interest in her role guiding the administration's efforts to regulate carbon dioxide and force emitters to buy CO2 ration-coupons. From, uh, companies like that. What are her financial holdings, by chance? Not confirmed. Obama's stance for senior advisors with sketchy records is don't ask, don't tell.

So, add this to Browner's work for the Albright Group -- "secretive about its clients" (SourceWatch) -- violating a federal judge's order to preserve documents by wiping computers clean while at EPA (sound at all relevant these days?), and her board membership on the Socialist International's "climate" project (actually airbrushed out once her move into the administration became public).

Other than those I can't think of too many reasons Obama wouldn't want our Climate Czarina subjected to disclosure requirements and scrutiny.

Hat-tip to the vigilant Anthony Watts, publisher of  

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