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DeVore, Fiorina Differ on Sotomayor

By on 11.23.09 | 1:25PM

As Phil just reported, Carly Fiorina said this morning that had she been a senator she "probably" would have voted to confirm Justice Sonia Sotomayor because she seemed "qualified." When asked if Chuck DeVore would have confirmed Sotomayor, his campaign communications director Joshua Trevino told TAS "the answer is absolutely not" -- citing an improper understanding of the Constitution. "Chuck wants pro-life Supreme Court justices," Trevino explained.

The difference in opinion might indicate a difference with respect to policy, although the DeVore campaign did not firmly rule out the possibility of DeVore confirming a pro-choice judge. Fiorina has been under fire from the DeVore campaign for being what his website describes as "suspect on life issues." Fiorina maintains that their positions on social issues are largely identical. Fiorina also stated this morning that she was pro-life, believed that life began at conception, and that she was against the use of federal funds to pay for abortions.

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