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Prediction: How the Media Will Report Sarah Palin’s Book Tour

By on 11.18.09 | 1:35PM

The Detroit Free Press reports that hundreds camped out overnight to see Sarah Palin in Grand Rapids, Mich., and by 7 a.m., an estimatef 1,500 were already waiting in line -- for a 6 p.m. event.

Remember, the media elite view Palin's popularity as an existential threat. So how are they to cover the massive crowds that turn out for Palin's book tour?

First, expect the major national outlets (NBC, New York Times, etc.) to ignore this evidence of Palin's overwhelming popularity. They've been commissioning polls especially designed to show that Palin is unpopular, and they're not going to let facts get in their way.

Second, to the extent that the elite media take notice of the huge crowds at Palin events, expect them to focus obsessively over any tinfoil-hat crackpots who turn up. Time or Newsweek will send reporters out to these book-signings, and the reporters will interview scores of Palin fans until they find one or two conspiracy kooks who think Obama was born in Kenya or that 9/11 was an "inside job." And those will be the only Palin supporters quoted in the MSM stories.

Finally, expect the media to take the good-news-is-bad-news angle: If Palin is "bad news" for the GOP -- hey, Newsweek told you so! -- then the fact that she's drawing big crowds can only mean that the Republican Party is headed for oblivion, you see.

She's still driving 'em crazy -- or, in the case of Andrew Sullivan, crazier. Today the Palin-obsessed Sullivan tells readers he's "gone silent" because he and his team of "rigorous and careful" analysts are busy poring over Going Rogue. In a single 440-word post, Sullivan manages to call Palin a "delusional fantasist," a "deeply disturbed person" with an "unhinged grip on reality" who is peddling "lies," "fabrications and delusions" in a book that is a "work of fiction." Oh, and also, "We want to be fair to her, and to her family."

Thank goodness for that! We look forward to Andrew Sullivan's next book, Inside Sarah Palin's Uterus: The Most Shocking Scandal Ever. Bet they'll be standing in line for that one . . .

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