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The Dobbs Shooting: UCC Apology Needed?

By on 10.30.09 | 12:53PM

Here's an interesting turn of events.

We have been reporting here and here about the role of the United Church of Christ in a group called So We Might See.

The group is trying to say that "hate speech" -- and they name in this connection Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and Lou Dobbs -- has been and can be the cause of violence against illegal immigrants.

In other words, as they claim, "hate speech ...incites violence."

Hate speech, according to So We Might See and the sponsoring United Church of Christ, "creates and/or encourages an 'us vs. them' mentality" and "blam[es] 'others' as the source of trouble."

Well, OK. Let's take these folks at their word.

So We Might See has specifically targeted CNN's Lou Dobbs. It accuses him of hate speech ("blaming others") and is linking to a site that wants to force Mr. Dobbs off the air, creating a decided "us vs. them" atmosphere (or perhaps we should say and "us vs. him" atmosphere). The group also says in a petition to the FCC that because of words spoken by Rush Limbaugh on the air in March of 2006 two Mexican men were beaten and robbed months later. (No proof provided, but hey.)

Now, let's just play along here for a moment.

As this news account from MSNBC reports, a shot was fired at Mr. Dobbs' home while his wife and another person were standing outside. This has been verified by the New Jersey State Police. Here's the link.

If what So We Might See is claiming is true, then the notion they are spreading -- that Mr. Dobbs is a purveyor of hate speech and therefore responsible for acts of violence against illegal immigrants -- makes the United Church of Christ, So We Might See, and its "key personnel" the Reverend J. Bennett Guess responsible for the person who shot at Mr. Dobbs' home. Right?

So now we have a shot that could have easily wounded if not done worse to Mrs. Dobbs and a second person at the Dobbs home. Then according to So We Might See, there must be a connection between the hateful things being said by the So We Might See campaign about Mr. Dobbs and the image painted of him by the UCC campaign. What other conclusion can we reach, using this logic? Their logic.

Thus, the question directly to the Reverend Guess.

Will you be halting this campaign of "hate speech" against Lou Dobbs and everyone else listed on your site -- Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly etc. etc. -- because you now realize that the UCC Office of Communications is responsible for this act of violence against the Dobbs family?

Is an apology to Mr. Dobbs forthcoming?

The clock is running. How long will it take to remove the names of radio and TV stars on your site so that you don't incite anyone else to violence against them?

How long will it take to withdraw Rush Limbaugh's name from your petition?

MSNBC reported. You decide.

More of this story next week, including a response to the good Reverend Guess.

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