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The Great RINO Hunt in Upstate New York

By on 10.16.09 | 3:51PM

Well, if you've been following this story since my Wednesday report on Doug Hoffman, you know that the 3-way congressional special election in update New York's 23rd District has quickly become perhaps the biggest political story of the year.

"It's popping today," one highly placed source close to Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman told me in a brief phone interview. The campaign is "thrilled" by the latest poll that shows Hoffman "surging."

Despite little attention from the major media, Hoffman caught fire this week, and GOP Establishment-backed candidate Dede Scozzafava is melting like the Wicked RINO Witch -- there's even a suggestion she might switch parties.

Now the Hoffman campaign is reportedly preparing a major new ad rollout and it is rumored -- just a rumor at this point -- that FreedomWorks honcho Dick Armey may be coming to upstate New York next week to campaign for the Conservative candidate.

One little humorous item I got exclusively: Republican strategist Jeri Thompson (whose husband Fred has endorsed Hoffman) had been scheduled to appear today on the Neal Cavuto's Fox News show to discuss the race but got bumped in favor of "Balloon Boy" coverage!

Something else: In Wednesday's conference call, Hoffman said his campaign was very eager to get Glenn Beck's attention. I didn't report that earlier -- it seemed kind of a minor point -- but the Conservative candidate has the backing of at least one Fox News superstar: Michelle Malkin is definitely a Hoffman fan.

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