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Guzzling Fuel and Wasting Time

By on 9.28.09 | 6:30PM

The weight of the world rests on President Obama's shoulders -- and Oprah's and Michelle's: what can they do to make sure the 2016 Summer Olympics come to Chicago? Not to worry, all the lesser problems -- Iran's nuclear threat, the Afghanistan war, terrorism, the economy, health care "reform" -- will sort themselves out on their own. 

Guzzling Fuel and Wasting Time
By Asher Embry 

McCrystal from Afghanistan can't get him on the phone;
But O has time to spare for an Olympics bid to hone.
It's not distracting; just a trip to Denmark for one day,
Then O goes back to Washington in time for golf on Sunday.

Don't worry as Iran progresses down its deadly course,
O's focused like a laser on the gymnasts' pommel horse. 
Forget about his health care threats, or soaring unemployment;
Instead, he'll use his influence for hometown fan's enjoyment.

No vote before the deadline for next year's appropriations;
Yet O devotes attention to '16's Parade of Nations.
He hasn't figured Gitmo out; al Qaeda's still a threat;
He's wondering where -- in seven years -- to place the Ping Pong net.

Barack's approach, as always: indecision and delay.
He thinks if he ignores a problem it'll go away.
Dithering and dawdling are O's favored paradigm;
Jetting off to Denmark, guzzling fuel and wasting time.

It must be fun for O to play with world celebrities;
Perhaps its time to reevaluate priorities.

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