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Obama to World: It’s Not You, It’s Us

By on 9.22.09 | 10:43AM

Well, today in New York with his speech that actually was unremarkable in its genus except that it comes from a head of an erstwhile serious nation, President Obama continued his tour of singling out his own country, the greatest force for good the world has ever known, today implicitly pinning on us the global warming industry's hysterical claims of apocalypse.

This set the tone for the UN's climate talks this week and related discussions at the G-20 in Pittsburgh. But it's got me wondering. The world's fourth-largest economy (way back behind #s 1 and 2) in the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and shooting up with a bullet. Yet this treaty is all about us (read today's rather absurd compendium of environmentalist howls and snivels making up today's Financial Times). 

Numerous far smaller economies are in the top-15 list of emitters, all of whose emissions are rising rapidly, including Brazil at #11 yet the fourth largest emitter. Yet this is about us. 

In fact, many of the top emitters are growing their emissions rapidly, none of them are us.

Emissions in the U.S. have fallen flat since 2000. This appears to be about us and not about GHGs. Sadly, however, the agenda fits nicely with the current administration's agenda of bringing us down to our proper place and under proper international supervision, so things will move forward until the voters say hold, enough.

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