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Exactly where is Obama’s healthcare “plan”?

By on 9.17.09 | 1:34PM

Wallace Forman at Americans for Tax Reform notes how President Obama keeps referring to his healthcare "plan":

- 28 times at the joint session of Congress on Sept. 9
- 6 times at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on Sept. 10
- 15 times at his Minnesota health care rally on Sept. 12
- 8 times speaking with members of the AFL-CIO on Sept. 15

But exactly where is Obama's actual "plan"?  Forman asks:

The House and Senate have introduced at least four Democrat health care proposals - at least two versions of H.R.3200, the Senate HELP Committee's bill, and the recently released Baucus proposal.  All of these are real plans - hundreds of pages long - that may be enacted into law.  Obama's "plan", so far as we can tell, is three pages of bullet points on the website. 


When are these bullet points going to be translated into an actual piece of legislation?  Obama swears that his proposal will not raise taxes on the middle class or drive Americans out of their current insurance arrangement.  Yet every one of the Democrats' actual plans contain precisely those things Obama says he would never allow.  He has not said he would veto those bills.

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