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Today on the Hugh Hewitt Show

By on 11.29.05 | 1:14PM

I'm subbing for Hugh again today, 6-9 p.m. on Salem Radio nationwide.

We'll be talking about the daily stuff, but this one takes the cake. Our fave Promise Maker -- Sen. Ernst Stavro Spectre -- is now saying that Terrell Owens is being treated too harshly by the NFL. Republicans seem tolerant of his, ah, flexible compliance with the promises he's made on everything from judicial confirmations (several of which are held up in Committee and between Committee and the floor) and he's apparently holding up the reauthorization of the Patriot Act by his single refusal to sign the conference report.

Those actions directly conflict with the promises he made to get the committee chairmanship. Bad enough, no? But now he's interfering with the NFL. This man has to be stopped.

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