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Quick Get the Smelling Salts: Donald Trump Just Said Something

By on 9.13.15 | 12:51AM

The Ruling Class Conservative Media (RCCM) had better start carrying smelling salts, for they suffer from a daily case of the vapors. “Did you hear what he said now?” they ask in perpetual outrage at Donald Trump’s come-backs when he’s insulted. They’re worse than the girls at Yale. Somebody, please, get them a safe room.

So it was predictable that when Rolling Stone revealed certain unflattering comments that Trump made about Carly Fiorina, that the RCCM would fall all over themselves to see who could express the most righteous outrage.

Big Papi Hits 500th Career Home Run

By on 9.12.15 | 10:34PM

Congratulations to David Ortiz for hitting his 500th career home run tonight. He did so in the Boston Red Sox 10-4 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field.

It was Big Papi's second homer of the evening. He hit 499 in the first inning off Rays starter Matt Moore. Ortiz would also take Moore deep for number 500. Of his 500 dingers, 442 have come with the Red Sox who he has been with since 2003. Ortiz is third on the Red Sox all-time HR list behind only Carl Yastrzemski (452) and Ted Williams (521). The other 58 came with the Minnesota Twins. Papi began his big league career with the Twins late in the 1997 season. He is the 27th player in MLB history to belt at least 500 career home runs. 

This season Ortiz has 34 home runs. It is the ninth time in his big league career he has hit 30 or more home runs in a season. He also has 95 RBI in 2015 will likely reach 100 RBI for the ninth time in his career. 

Perry Suspends Presidential Campaign

By on 9.11.15 | 8:06PM

And then there were 16.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has announced the suspension of his presidential campaign.

Although he gave a good account of himself on last month's undercard debate, he was overshadowed by Carly Fiorina. Money also proved difficult to come by.

No doubt Republicans still remember his lacklustre 2012 White House bid. Although he warned Republicans that Donald Trump would destroy the party his efforts fell on deaf ears. Perry may prove to be the proverbial canary in a coal mine.


Never Forget

By on 9.11.15 | 11:11AM

On this 14th anniversary of the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks, we at The American Spectator would like to honor the lives and memories of those who perished. Let us never forget what we lost and continue to pray and work for a brighter future in freedom.

Never forget.

The Donald in Complete Sentences

By on 9.11.15 | 11:07AM

Here’s a clip of the Donald from long ago and far away. Many will be surprised that there was a time when the Donald spoke in complete sentences, rather than in the elliptical manner he has adopted for the current campaign. (How about an office contest: Be the first to catch the Donald combing a subject and a predicate in the same utterance, and win a night at Trump Tower.)

Also Donald then, as opposed to now, had hair of a color that appears in nature.

Finally, a Republican Stands Up Against Trump

By on 9.11.15 | 9:45AM

Bobby Jindal is a smart -- even brilliant -- and accomplished man who will almost certainly not be our next president. So he doesn't have much to lose by speaking from the heart.

Speaking at the National Press Club on Friday, Jindal launched the first full-fledged Republican assault on the political tumor that is Donald Trump. The video is a must-watch just to hear someone, anyone, give a lengthy description of the true nature of the current Republican front-runner.

Jindal followed the speech with a fund-raising e-mail which highlights that his speech was "about Donald Trump" and quoting some of his own speech:

The Morning Spectacle: Exclusions Apply

By on 9.11.15 | 4:00AM

You've made it to Friday, Spectators. Just a few short hours to go.

In Our Sights

Last night, Senate Democrats desperately tried to protect President Obama from an embarassing veto, derailing a resolution of disapproval floated by Senate Republicans, and preventing a final vote on a measure designed to complicate approval for the President's nuclear deal with Iran. This, essentially, means that President Obama has a clear path to approval for the agreement he considers the hallmark of his foreign policy, and, that you can enjoy all the benefits of our newest allegiance.

Thirsty Thursday: Wyoming Whiskey

By on 9.10.15 | 8:45PM

This week, we’re reviewing Wyoming Whiskey, a craft whiskey that claims to be from the first legal distillery operating in Wyoming since prohibition. Following a trend of craft spirits, the whiskey is made from “all locally sourced ingredients,” including mountain spring water (sourced from the nearby Big Horn Basin). Its mash is corn, wheat and malted barley. 

After the initial stages of distilling, the whiskey is aged for five years in new, white oak charred barrels, just as you would expect from a true Kentucky bourbon or Tennessee whiskey.  It is bottled at 44 ABV, in honor of Wyoming being the 44th state admitted to the union (88 proof). The whiskey is supposed to be evocative of the Old West, and as such, begs to be drunk straight from a shot glass – no frills. In practice, this is a whiskey you can sip and enjoy slowly in a classic cocktail, but we recommend you enjoy it straight or neat.

David Brock Accuses the NYT of Being Conservative

By on 9.10.15 | 2:54PM

Hillary Clinton may be undergoing a software upgrade to make her "nicer" and more "media-friendly," but that doesn't mean her surrogates are taking a softer and more subtle approach to her campaign priorities. 

David Brock, head of Media Matters and, more recently, dogged Marco Rubio investigator hell bent on documenting every last specious purchase Rubio made on his middle class salary, is concerned that a high-visibility media outlet has been too tough on his BFF, sweet Hillary. This outlet, which Brock believes to be nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, has been doing little more than parroting Republican talking points to curry favor with its heavily right-leaning readership, he says. The New York Times, David Brock says, must be stopped.

Yes, you read that right. That well-known conservative propaganda outlet the New York Times.

Jindal Trying to Trump Trump?

By on 9.10.15 | 2:18PM

Bobby Jindal, moving slow but dreaming fast,  knocked Donald Trump today by saying, "Donald, thanks for the show.  Almost as funny as Don Rickles."

Don Rickles made a career out of insulting people in a humorous way on stage.  Jindal is trying to diminish Trump's stature by saying his campaign is characterized by insults and is more performance art than serious politics.

In a way, then, Jindal is trying to channel Rickles himself, using an on-stage putdown as a way of looking good at Trump's expense.  Well, to paraphrase Senator Bentsen, "Governor Jindal, I know Don Rickles, and you ain't no Don Rickles..."