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San Francisco is Different

By on 11.9.05 | 1:51AM

"Voters approved ballot measures to ban handguns in San Francisco and urge the city's public high schools and college campuses to keep out military recruiters Tuesday."

The gun ban was opposed by the San Francisco Police Officers Association, and may be struck down by the state Supreme Court.

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Not Looking Good

By on 11.8.05 | 11:14PM

Propositions 76 and 77 (spending restrictions and redistricting reform) are losing even in some heavily Republican precincts.

Propositions 73 and 74 (parental notification and tenure reform) are narrowly ahead, but with nothing counted in LA and San Francisco that spells doom. Prop. 75, requiring public employee unions to get their members' consent when they use union dues for political contributions, is only doing a little better; passage is possible but unlikely.

Putting these issues on the ballot all together, rather than focusing attention on one or two, was a huge blunder on the part of Arnold & Co.

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The Minor Propositions

By on 11.8.05 | 10:59PM

78-80 (prescription drugs and electricity regulation) are losing almost everywhere in early returns.

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Bolling’s on a Roll

By on 11.8.05 | 10:02PM

Bill Bolling's saying that the voters will elect those who clearly communicate conservative values and focus on a positive, conservative message and not insults. To whom could he be referring?

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Kilgore Again?

By on 11.8.05 | 9:59PM

That's what Bill Bolling is promising in his victory speech. Let's hold off on that for now.

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Ashton Cabinet No. 2

By on 11.8.05 | 9:57PM

Hey, Jed: I declare this the perfect election night waiting-for-the-polls-to-close-in-California smoke.

(If you didn't know that Jed Babbin is our resident expert on matching the cigar to the occasion, you need to subscribe to TAS so you can keep on top of these things.)

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Piffle in Chief

By on 11.8.05 | 9:23PM

I forced myself to watch the Geena Davis/Donald Sutherland "Commander in Chief" tonight. I expected to hate it, but was simply bored. Martin Sheen's "West Wing" was outrageously liberal, a Clinton-without-Monica idealized leftie White House. But the White House I watched tonight was just dull. The Geena Davis president is alternately a helpless woman surrounded by Cro-Magnon males scheming to destroy her and the all-powerful Sensitive President, doing good for the poor and downtrodden. It is trivial in an ultimate sense. It's the White House equivalent of decaf coffee. Like the lady at my favorite Starbucks calls the decaf, it's a "why bother?"

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