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Iran’s Iraqi Friends

By on 7.28.06 | 5:43PM

The most interesting thoughts I've read this week on our problem of problems, conveyed to me by an old Middle East hand:

"If the U.S. and Iran came to blows as a result of Hezbollah's war, where would the sympathies of the Iraqi people lie? The Iraqi government? The Iraqi army? Is it possible that the Shiite-dominated Iraqi army would turn its guns against us? Could this be what Iran is trying to provoke?"

Coming to a TV near You

By on 7.28.06 | 5:10PM

I'll be on CNN with Paula Zahn about 8 pm today talking about Lebanon. Tomorrow morning I'll be on Fox with Neil Cavuto on the same. Hope you can catch one or both.

The Atonement of the Booth Family?

By on 7.28.06 | 3:14PM

The Prime Minister of Britain stands by America.

Richard Booth (born 1759) was the great great great great grandfather of the Prime Minister's wife, Cherie Boothe Blair.

His grandson John, however, is the most famous, having assassinated our sixteenth president just a few hundred yards from where the Prime Minister was standing.

Lawrence Henry and Retro Male Cool

By on 7.28.06 | 2:10PM

I read Lawrence Henry's stuff and just find myself nearly hypnotized by it. There's just something about this guy. He's been around. He's dropped out, blown-up, endured health problems, and come out the other end with a boatload of wisdom, savvy, and cool stories. It's not huge muscles, guns, or a way with the ladies. It comes from just having been around, seen some things, taken some chances, and managing to learn a few things along the way. In short, there have got to be a lot of young guys looking at Larry H. as a source of retro male cool.

I hate to embarrass you Larry, but you remind me of a great scene from the largely forgotten Kevin Costner film Revenge. Costner's character hooks up with a late middle aged horse trader who is fighting his way toward one more transaction and coughing up a lung every few minutes. The grizzled old guy pushes his hair back out of his face, dons a pair of dark sunglasses and asks Costner, "How do I look?" Costner replies, "Like a survivor."