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Ohio Voters, Donald Trump is Lying to You

By on 3.15.16 | 1:16PM

I'll have much more on the subject in my American Spectator article tomorrow, but for those of you voting in Ohio (or anywhere else, for that matter) who are being swayed by Donald Trump's outrageous assaults on free trade and particularly on NAFTA, which he claims destroyed jobs in Ohio, I would like to point you to the data which prove Trump wrong:

At this web site, in less than a minute, you can see the official Ohio data which shows that 1994, the year in which NAFTA was implemented, Ohio had its biggest gain in both absolute and percentage terms in manufacturing employment during the last 25 years. Furthermore, you will see that the number of manufacturing jobs in Ohio did not decline below pre-NAFTA levels until the recession of 2001.

It's also worth noting that under John Kasich's leadership, Ohio has had gains in manufacturing employment during every year of his governorship.

In short, everything Donald Trump is saying about Ohio, free trade, and the man who is, despite his flaws, one of the most successful governors in the United States, is a lie. But what else is new?

Hillary Clinton: “We Didn’t Lose a Single Person in Libya.”

By on 3.15.16 | 12:54PM

Hillary Clinton has been insistent that her version of events in Benghazi is the correct one, even if her carefully construted narrative flies in the face of even what little we know about that fateful night in Libya when six Americans died - four members of our consulate (including our ambassador) and two rescuers. 

Last night, though, miiiiiight have been the cherry on top of months of denying reality. According to Clinton, our "nation building" in Libya was a rousing success, and after felling a dangerous dictator, we did not give way to a brutal civil war that ended up taking out six of our own people. In fact, according to Hillary Clinton, Libya was a totally new frontier in foreign policy - and we didn't lose a single person fixing it.

Protesting the Court

By on 3.15.16 | 11:56AM

President Obama says he’s looking for a “consensus candidate” who could be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. He hasn’t named any particular characteristics he’s looking for in a justice, but let me suggest one. How about a Protestant?

When boards or institutions or professions or universities or police departments are thought to be lacking in a sufficient number of members of left-certified victim groups — usually blacks, Hispanics, or women — the cry is heard that said institution, etc., does not reflect the makeup of its universe, its community. “Diversity” is needed, and it can’t come too soon.

So how did we get to a point in a nation where more than half of citizens are Protestants and there’s not a single Protestant on the Supreme Court? Right now the lineup is five Catholics and three Jews. It was six Catholics before Justice Scalia went to his reward (which I’m sure will be considerable). 

Two Canadian Soldiers Stabbed at Military Recruitment Centre in Toronto; Attacker Reportedly Said “Allah!” UPDATE

By on 3.15.16 | 10:15AM

Yesterday, two Canadian soldiers were stabbed at a Canadian government building which houses a military recruitment center.

Fortunately, the injuries sustained by both soldiers are not life threatening and other uniformed military personnel subdued the attacker.

It's clear Toronto PD Chief Mark Saunders is trying to minimize what happened, but the cat will soon be out of the bag as this CBC report indicates:

Saunders says the suspect made comments that led investigators to look into a possible terror connection. He declined to say exactly what words were uttered but did state they were "concerning."

"I want a full understanding of what was said, so I'm not giving bits and pieces," he told reporters Monday.

A source with knowledge of the investigation told CBC News the suspect mentioned "Allah." This may have prompted investigators to look into a possible terror connection.

Rose Doesn’t Endorse Trump After All: I Guess This Means Trump Will Soon Call Rose a Loser

By on 3.14.16 | 11:31PM

Last night, Donald Trump boasted that he received the endorsement of Pete Rose with an autographed baseball signed by Rose asking Trump to make America great again.

But it appears that Trump might have tried to pull a fast one. Rose's attorney Pete Genco said his client "did not send any candidate a baseball or an endorsement." Genco said that Rose believes the question of which presidential candidate is best is "a decision each voter should decide for him or herself." 

EPA Pretty Sure It Meant To Cause Million-Gallon Toxic Flood in Colorado

By on 3.14.16 | 1:29PM

Remember, late last year, when the EPA, in all of its brilliance, moved in on a Colorado mine shaft already being cleaned by a coalition of community leaders, and "accidentally" unleashed a multi-million gallon torrent of heavy metal-laced mine shaft runoff into clean water sources across the American west?

The EPA would prefer you didn't, but Congress is still looking to gain some insight into what can only be termed a massive government failure anyway, and according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller news foundation, what the EPA once termed a "terrible accident" might have been, in actuality, a "terrible idea." 

“There was nothing unintentional about EPA’s actions with regard to breaching the mine,” Utah Republican Rep. Rob Bishop told Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Sally Jewell during a hearing in early March. “They fully intended to dig out the plug and breach it.”

Sarah Palin’s Husband in Serious Snowmobile Accident

By on 3.14.16 | 1:06PM

Earlier this morning, rumors were bubbling that a planned Donald Trump rally in Florida today, starring Sarah Palin, would be cancelled as the candidate focuses his attention elsewhere - a planned rally with Trump today was also cancelled and Trump will instead appear in Ohio. 

But it turns out the reason for Palin's abrupt cancellation has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Last night, according to Palin's camp, Sarah's husband Todd was in a serious snowmobile accident and is currently in critical condition. Palin will attend one or two events and return to Alaska to be with her family.

Sarah Palin cancelled a campaign stop for Donald Trump in Florida Monday after her husband Todd was injured in a snow machine crash.

A source told NBC News that Todd Palin was in "a very serious" crash Sunday night and is currently hospitalized in intensive care.

Before Ben Carson Endorsed Trump He Needed to Make Sure Trump Doesn’t Believe the Things He Says

By on 3.14.16 | 1:02PM

When Dr. Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump last week, it didn't exactly come as a surprise, but in the wake of his public embrace, a few of Carson supporters have questioned why the good doctor would be so welcoming to someone who basically insinuated, at one point, that Carson miiiiight be a sexual deviant.

Carson seems to think he addressed that in his endorsement speech, telling people that there are really "two Donald Trumps" and that the boisterous one who encourages supporters to take on protesters at his rallies and holds extreme policy positions is merely the public Donald Trump. The private Donald Trump is much more thoughtful and meticulous. Or so says Dr. Ben Carson, assuring his own supporters that even Donald doesn't believe some of the things he says

“I needed to know that he could listen to other people, that he could change his opinions, and that some of the more outlandish things that he’s said, that he didn’t really believe those things,” Carson said.

Michelle Fields & Ben Shapiro Resign from Breitbart

By on 3.14.16 | 2:05AM

Michelle Fields, the reporter roughed up by Donald Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, has resigned from Breitbart along with editor-at-large Ben Shapiro.

Fields told Buzzfeed she could not remain with an organization that did not stand by her while Shapiro, who unlike other Breitbart colleagues has forcefully defended Fields, issued a statement condemning current Breitbart Chairman Steve Bannon for betraying the mission set out by the late Andrew Breitbart by turning the website into "Trump's personal Pravda."

No doubt Fields and Shapiro will soon find other gigs. But as The Right Scoop puts it, "And this is how Trump treats a news site that LOVES HIM!!! Imagine how it’ll go for the rest of us under emperor Trump."

The best that can be done is to see to it that such a coronation doesn't come to pass.