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Leno on the French

By on 11.10.05 | 11:30AM

Those pestiferous guys at the website -- dedicated to defending France's inalienable right to be unpleasant to Americans are again taking issue with Jay Leno. As usual, they're whining that Leno's humor being too rough on their fragile egos. In his monologue two nights ago, Leno said:

"This is now the twelfth day of rioting in France. They have been rioting for almost two weeks. And France has still not surrendered. That's like a record.

"Things are so bad in France, they're asking the Germans to come back.

"The rioters are said to be upset because they are immigrants who have been treated poorly by the French. What? French people treating foreigners rudely? I can't believe that -- stop the presses. Join the club."

At least Leno had the good taste to not point out that, given their position that America's presence in Iraq is fomenting terror, the French should take their own counsel and withdraw from Paris. Again.

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Pope: The World Is An ‘Intelligent Project’

By on 11.10.05 | 10:56AM

Churchmen eager to impress the world continue to twist theology to accommodate evolutionist science. Fr. George Coyne, the Jesuit head of the Vatican observatory, says that Darwinism requires that people think of God not as a "designer" but as a parent on the sidelines who is offering "encouraging words" to earth.

Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI has been reiterating the Church's constant teaching: that nature reflects the intelligence of God. The key quote from the Pope in this story is: "How many people are there today who, fooled by atheism, think and try to demonstrate that it would be scientific to think that everything is without direction and order."

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Happy Birthday, Teufel Hunden

By on 11.10.05 | 10:18AM

A longer and more fitting tribute to follow, but we can't let the morning pass without at least beginning to celebrate the 230th anniversary of the founding of the US Marine Corps. As Ronald Reagan said in 1985, many people go through their lives wondering if they've made a difference. Marines don't have that problem. Happy 230th, Leathernecks!

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You Decide

By on 11.10.05 | 9:48AM

"Down Syndrome Now Detectable In 1st Trimester," the top Washington Post headline reads today, followed by this delicately, politely, euphemistically, ominously worded subhead: "Earlier Diagnosis Allows More Time for Decisions."

While essentially a happy story for those wanting to decide on earlier and thus safer abortions, it includes this awkward, therapeutic-culture-conditioned stab at even-handedness: "[Earlier screening] also gives those who want to continue the pregnancy more time to prepare emotionally for their child's condition..."

BTW, so it is a child?

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Maybe ANWR Drilling After All

By on 11.10.05 | 8:44AM

The Wall Street Journal report (sub. req'd) on the ANWR moves in the House last night strongly suggests that drilling there isn't dead yet. Blunt never promised to keep ANWR out of the final deficit reduction bill and Joe Barton is hoping to trade ANWR for higher CAFE standards.

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Lott’s Nuts

By on 11.10.05 | 8:03AM

Someone needs to check on Sen. Trent Lott's medication, or perhaps he's spending too much herding all those cats he wrote about. Either way, his comments regarding the "Black Site Scandal" leaks -- that a Republican Senator was the source because the GOP Senate caucus had discussed the prisons during their weekly closed-door lunch -- are just goofy.

First of all, Senator McCain says no such discussion took place.

Second, the luncheon was on a Tuesday, and the Washington Post story ran the next day. No slight to Dana Priest, but given the content and context of the story she reported, there was no way she turned it around on an eight-hour deadline. Priest had clearly been working and coordinating efforts with Human Rights Watch for some time in digging up the story.

And if a Republican did do the leaking? So what? Regardless of party, whoever leaked deserves to take the heat. This is about our nation's saftety and security. You don't play political games with it.

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Taxing Issues

By on 11.10.05 | 7:56AM

Folks should keep an eye out on the Senate Finance Committee meeting today. Some issues critical to fiscal conservatives are in play, but with all the chatter about elections and Alito, perhaps these are falling through the cracks.

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Kilgore Lost on Taxes and Death Penalty

By on 11.10.05 | 6:42AM

So argues the Wall Street Journal editorial board today (sub. req'd):

In Virginia, Democrat Tim Kaine's defeat of Republican Jerry Kilgore shows what happens when the GOP loses credibility on taxes. Virginia is a state that Mr. Bush twice carried comfortably. But the GOP divided over Democratic Governor Mark Warner's record tax increase last year, and Mr. Kilgore never said he'd repeal it. He tried to straddle the difference between business lobbies who liked more money for roads and the rank-and-file who hated giving more to the government. The result was that there was little real difference between the candidates on fiscal issues -- and Republicans lose those campaigns nearly every time.

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I Won, Blame Bush

By on 11.10.05 | 6:39AM

That's the impression one gets from newly reelected Virginia Del. Dave Albo in the Washington Times' Kilgore-Bush post-mortem.

"We know that George Bush is just killing us," said Delegate David B. Albo, a Republican who narrowly defeated his Democratic challenger in Fairfax County. "His popularity just brought the ticket down. There's no other way to explain it."

Well, it must not be that bad, Mr. Albo. The GOP's hold on the House of Delegates only slipped by one seat.

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Moderates Kill ANWR

By on 11.10.05 | 6:24AM

House Republicans held out against the deficit reduction bill until leaders stripped from it last night provisions for drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. And again, the pols put their interest groups ahead of national welfare.

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