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Hawaiian Independence or Monarchy?

By on 6.8.06 | 7:20AM

Not to stem the swell of good news in the war on terror, but Daniel Akaka made especially revealing comments on his Native Hawaiians bill yesterday: "the governing entity will make a decision as to, uh, to independence or returning to the monarchy."

To illustrate these grand plans, Human Events posted a map from the Grassroots Institute of Hawaii displaying the vast amount of lands that would be available to transfer to the new government under the Akaka bill.

Re: Ding Dong

By on 6.8.06 | 6:56AM

James: Your assessment of the Iraqi Prime Minister is worth repeating here:

[I]n new PM al-Maliki we have a man whose every public statement sets himself up as more than equal in will and morale to the bloody task of order. If there is another Zarqawi, says Maliki, we will kill him too: the most vital syllable in that sentence being the word we.
Quite so.

Kaplan Exuent

By on 6.7.06 | 9:36PM

Today's resignation of MSNBC president Rick Kaplan is one of the few facts that has burdened the GE-sponsored cable news network in its past few years. The unremittingly liberal programming -- so laughably biased that many conservatives have boycotted it for years -- has driven its ratings down to Air America levels. Kaplan's departure is the inevitable result of pluperfect liberalism interrupted only by brief glimpses of Monica Crowley and Joe Scarborough.

When will liberals ever learn that pretentious, tendentious, doctrinair programming is as commercially unsustainable as liberal policies are electorally unsupportable?

The ABA’s Liberal Hacks

By on 6.7.06 | 4:59PM

I've been meaning for days to link to a series of superb reports by Ed Whelan outlining the horrible liberal biases of the ABA judicial selection review committee members, but because it would require so many links, I've been too lazy to do it. But now Ed has collected them in one easy-to-access link, so I urge everybody to read closely. It pretty much proves the point Ed (and I and many others) have made repeatedly, including on these pages: that the ABA is owed no deference whatsoever, because it is not a "professional standards" group but rather a left-wing lobby.

Jim Webb Misses FEC Filing Deadline

By on 6.7.06 | 3:43PM

Is Jim Webb's campaign in a tailspin? It's not the whole shootin' match, but they missed the June 1 Federal Elections Commission pre-primary filing deadline. You would think that is basic stuff. Here's the FEC letter.

Will this race turn out to be what James Taranto has termed "another angry left anticlimax"?

Also, Chuck Schumer endorsed Webb today, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee emails. In Virginia, that may amount to, "with friends like these..."

Blogger "Not Larry Sabato" still predicts the race is leaning Webb.

UPDATE: Bob Novak's weekly letter predicts Miller: "Democrats will have a hard time pulling the lever for a former Reaganite."