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Re: Iran’s Response

By on 8.22.06 | 3:29PM

Interesting that Tehran is now saying they're willing to enter serious negotiations now. What should the EUnuchs learn from that about what they've been doing for the past three years?

How Many Of Us Would You Like To Kill?

By on 8.22.06 | 2:09PM

How to negotiate with terrorists:

Terrorism Advocate: "I would like for you to be dead....and your children....and your wife will be stoned to death."

Diologue Advocate: "I understand your feelings. But we can't really have people going around killing others. Can we agree on that?"

Terrorism Advocate: "No. You are an infidel. Your words are spoken with a devil tongue. You must die. You, your children, your wife, and your neighbors."

Read it all over at Tusk and Talon.

If The MSM Ran Stories Like This

By on 8.22.06 | 12:52PM

This was the headline in the DC Examiner today:

Groups call for Legislature to cut spending

Any mention of the Americans for Prosperity's campaign to put a lid on Virginia's spending orgy in the Washington Post? Nope.

And proving that politicians in state legislatures are not much different than ones in DC:

"Eighty percent of the budget is comprised of education, health care, debt service on funding prison construction, car tax rebate and the rainy day fund. If they are proposing cuts in any of those five, I'd be interested to hear what they are," said Del. Brian Moran, D-Alexandria.

He said the commonwealth has been named the best-managed state by the Government Performance Project, the best place to do business by Forbes, and ranks 41st highest in the nation for its state- and local-tax burden on citizens, according to the Tax Foundation.

If Moran thinks those things can't change, just keep on spending.

Iran’s Response

By on 8.22.06 | 12:18PM

So, Iran is saying that they are ready for "serious talks." More information will come out, no doubt, but this strikes me as just another stalling technique that does nothing to change the main issues, especially because they will reportedly continue enriching uranium. I don't see what more there is to negotiate, given that Iran has already been offered light-water reactors and support to join the World Trade Organization. Should Iran continue to enrich uranium past the Aug. 31 deadline and prevent inspectors from investigating their nuclear program, will the UN Security Council actually impose sanctions, or will it hold off on such actions now that Iran wants "serious talks."

Snakes on a Senate

By on 8.22.06 | 11:59AM

If this new Website, paid for by the DSCC, is any indication of how the Democrats will campaign this fall, Republicans can rest easy.

While on the subject, I have to say that I find the whole Snakes on a Plane phenomenon pretty lame. In my view, stupid movies should only become campy, cult classics accidentally. Having a Hollywood PR department market a movie as such ruins it for me. I see no way that it could ever reach the cinematic heights of a movie such as Howard the Duck.

Sorry John.

Angry Left Weather Report

By on 8.22.06 | 11:00AM

It turns out that DailyKos, in addition to serving as the headquarters of the liberal Netroots movement, offers weather reports to its readers. For instance, if you go over there now, you'll find a post on a tropical depression off the coast of Africa, which closes with:

Even a modest hurricane or tropical storm near NOLA at this point could be devastating, in part thanks to the woefully managed reconstruction and clean-up effort courtesy of the Bush-Cheney cabal, who seem obsessed with pissing away more resources--of both the flesh and monetary kind--into Iraq than our own freakin cities and people.