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Clarity From the Bench

By on 3.7.06 | 8:53AM

Ann Althouse praised John Roberts yesterday regarding FAIR v. Rumsfeld, the Solomon Amendment case:

Getting Crazy With Iran - Like A Fox?

By on 3.7.06 | 8:08AM

Clever Hitchens, looking to make an end run around the thicket of Iran policy, suggests we go to the mullahs and kill them with kindness -- kindness aimed, that is, at their own pro-American people.

Creativity points, clearly, are in order -- but Tehran would grasp easily that a speech by Bush, or any US President, live and in person to the Persian masses means the jig is up, up, and away.

Query then whether we might bully them into doing it. Ponder the opportunity for letting gleam that other weapon of the Cold War...

"An iron veil has descended across a proud and ancient civilization. Mr. Ahmadinejad, tear down this veil!"

OBL hunt gone cold

By on 3.7.06 | 12:15AM

Signals source, when prodded, says that the report of imminent hot pursuit of OBL is now gone cold. Last weekend, POTUS in Pakistan asked Mushareff for assistance, and Mushareff turned away. This can be seen as the price of strategic alliance with India, and a good price. The bagging of the sickly and operationally insignificant OBL is not a central achievement. OBL is last century's villain. Now the enemy is most readily visible all the time. GPS for Tehran. GPS for the Wahhabbst princes of Araby. GPS for Palazzo al-Assad.

Re: Durbin, Wyden and Rockefeller

By on 3.6.06 | 9:52PM

Quin: This is a pretty old story that may become new again soon. Over a year ago, I reported that these three were the subject of a criminal referral to the Justice Department. The unfortunate fact is that they're still in the Senate, and nothing has been done to bring them to account for the leak. It's also very likely that the NSA terrorist surveillance program was leaked by one of them or their staff. Stay tuned. This could get really interesting soon.

Nagin agin, on race case

By on 3.6.06 | 5:00PM

Lord Almighty, my home city's pols keep embarrassing themselves. More evidence that Mayor Ray Nagin has gone to the dark side of demogoguery comes from yesterday's Houston Chronicle, here:

Nagin noted that 23 candidates entered the mayoral fray before the registration deadline last week.

"Very few of them look like us," he told the almost totally black crowd of about 200 persons who attended the meeting at the NAACP Family & Technology Center on Fannin.

This is, of course, "chocolate city" redux. And it's outrageous. Racial appeals have no good place in our politics, and certainly not in the politics of a suffering city that needs to pull together. And to think, Nagin originally was elected with majority white support and only a minority of black support. Anyway, shame on him. What a jack---.

Babbin on Durbin, Wyden, Rockefeller

By on 3.6.06 | 4:46PM

Since Jed is so busy, I thought I would report what to me seemed the most interesting news he gave in his brief abut excellent ppearance (just a few minutes ago) on Fox News. HE says that Demo senators Durbin, Wyden and Rockefeller have been mentioned by name in a criminal referral in at least one of the leaks cases. Now I wasn't clear whether Jed was saying they are targets or "subjects" (or what) of the investigation, or even just witnesses, but it all sounded pretty significant. Granted, Jed may have reported that news on this blog before, but it was the first I had heard of it, and I do tend to pay attention. Anyway, I'm sure Jed will fill us all in once he finishes guest-hosting for Hewitt. But just wanted to give him him props for a very interesting appearance on Fox!

Busy, Busy, Busy

By on 3.6.06 | 1:53PM

As the Bokononists would say, "busy, busy, busy." Before I hit the airwaves for Hugh at 6, look for me on The Big Story with John Gibson on Fox about 5:15. We're talking about the big leaks, and the investigations that may be producing significant developments this week.

Mike Rounds’ Signing Statement

By on 3.6.06 | 1:30PM

South Dakota's governor said in a statement today:

In the history of the world, the true test of a civilization is how well people treat the most vulnerable and most helpless in their society. The sponsors and supporters of this bill believe that abortion is wrong because unborn children are the most vulnerable and most helpless persons in our society. I agree with them.

Not much with which to disagree there.

Abortion Ban Signed

By on 3.6.06 | 1:20PM

Pro-life legislation picked up speed this afternoon, as South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signed into law the abortion ban passed last week.

Paglia Joins The Academic Counterrevolution

By on 3.6.06 | 12:57PM

The Opinionator was fascinated enough with my supposedly oddball ideas about what we need by way of education in America to write:

Perhaps the most unusual conservative criticism of Bush comes from James G. Poulos at the American Spectator blog, who faults the president's plan to improve math and science education: "Our culture is not doomed but it is unraveling," he writes. "Building a professional army of scientists and mathematicians is precisely the wrong kind of educational emphasis required" to change that.

Now cometh Camille Paglia, joining Alan Dershowitz in dressing down the ivory tower generally and Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences in particular. She's worth quoting at length. I could not have said it better myself: