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I’d Hate to See the McDonald’s Dollar Menu in Venezuela

By on 11.5.15 | 4:13PM

So how bad are things in the socialist paradise known as Venezuela?

An order of french fries at McDonald's will set you back $133.

I'd hate to see the Dollar Menu at the McDonald's in Caracas.

Of course, most Venezuelans who can get their currency from the black market. In which case, the fries only set you back about $1.15. Still, McDonald's is a luxury for many Venezuelans. The average monthly minimum wage is $12.

For nearly a year, you couldn't get fries at McDonald's because currency and price controls imposed first by the late Hugo Chavez and intensified by his successor Nicolas Maduro rendered the importation of potatoes impossible. Now all McDonald's fries are locally sourced. That should make the lefties happy, but this is what happens in a country that runs out of toilet paper.

A Knife Intifada Coming to a Location Near You

By on 11.5.15 | 1:24PM

Responding to the urging of their political and religious leaders, Palestinians have over the last few weeks taken to stabbing random Jews in Israel. This new manifestation of their mass homicidal psychosis has come to be called the “knife intifada.” It’s a suicide attack, this time on a more intimate level. The killer stabs as many passers by as he can before he is shot. He is then celebrated as a martyr by his people, and his family is provided with a large money reward. Many Palestinian mothers openly praise their dead progeny, and it is no wonder. Mom acquires some capital, and she can always produce more children. It’s a gruesome illustration of the law of supply and demand.

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei recently encouraged these sorts of microaggressions on the theory that if you make life unpleasant enough for people, they’ll eventually move away. It’s the flip side of the continued existence of Palestinian “refugee camps.” Life is not unpleasant there. All necessities are provided by the United Nations, including food, housing, schools and the like. Life would be much harder anywhere else. The “refugees” would be on their own.

DOD Paid Millions So Sports Teams Would “Support the Troops”

By on 11.5.15 | 12:53PM

I have, at least as far as I can tell, never been paid to be patriotic. 

I mean, it's not as though I've wanted to be paid to hang a flag outside of my house or to meet a returning group of veterans or to write in support of taking care of the soldiers we send off to war in perpetuity, it's just that I never realized it was a possibility - or, for that matter, something that required any red-blooded American be paid to do. But according to a Senate report released this week, major sports teams - some of whom have multi-million dollar bank accounts - were paid to host events supporting our troops and veterans. In fact, "Paid Patriotism" has been the rule, not the exception, since 2012, and the government has spent more than $6 million of taxpayer dollars on it. 

The Department of Defense has been slammed for wasting taxpayers' money after they gave $6.8million to some of the richest sports teams, just so they could honor troops.

Hillary Clinton: Pardon the Felonious Former Presidents!

By on 11.5.15 | 12:27PM

Hillary Clinton spoke at an NAACP event this week, and in an effort to court an as-yet-untargeted demographic, announced a new policy position that at least a couple of people, including - possibly - her husband, may find more than palpable.

Although she clearly meant to say "prisoners" when talking about reforming the post-prison job search process (and jumping on the President's "ban the box" bandwagon, calling for employers to delete the section of their hiring applications that asks about a person's criminal history), Hillary Clinton made what seemed to be a Freudian slip

“Earlier today, I announced that as president I will take steps to ban the box so former presidents won’t have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process,” Clinton said...“That way they’ll have a chance to been seen as more than just someone who has done time."

ABC to Put The Muppets on Hiatus for a Reboot

By on 11.5.15 | 11:09AM

In September, I watched the series premiere of The Muppets on ABC and utterly loathed it.

Apparently, I'm not the only one.

ABC is now planning to put the show on hiatus later this month so it can retool its format. After the hiatus, six new episodes are due to air. Bob Kushell is out as executive producer and is reportedly being replaced by Kristin Newman of the ABC musical comedy show Galavant.

We'll see if these changes bear fruit. Whatever they do, I never want to hear Kermit the Frog tell Fozzy Bear, "I feel you bro," ever again.


Bernie Isn’t Sick of Hillary’s Damn E-Mails Anymore

By on 11.5.15 | 10:31AM

It seems that Bernie Sanders isn't sick of Hillary Clinton's damn e-mails anymore.

In last month's first Democratic debate, Sanders told the world he was sick of hearing about Hillary's damn e-mails. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Sanders changed his tune and said the FBI investigation into Hillary's e-mails should proceed. “There’s an investigation going on right now. I did not say, ‘End the investigation.’ That’s silly. ... Let the investigation proceed unimpeded.”

It's a start, but methinks Bernie is going to have to push harder than that in tomorrow night's Democratic presidential candidates debate. As I argued the other day, Bernie lacks Barack Obama's killer instincts where it concerns electoral politics.

Killer instincts or not, I would venture to guess that when Hillary's damn e-mails come up in the debate this time, she won't be saying, "Thank you, Bernie, thank you."



By on 11.5.15 | 10:00AM

On the campaign trail this week, the ever-nuanced Donald said that Dr. Ben Carson “doesn’t have the temperament to be president.”

Wow. A perfect example of a frog calling someone ugly.

Jeb Bush Apologizes for Insulting France

By on 11.4.15 | 3:18PM

I think the rumors of Jeb Bush's imminent demise are radically overstated. He still has millions in his PACs, and it would be silly for anyone polling in the top ten or so to drop out now (though I think we could use less Gilmore, Pataki, Huckabee and Santorum), while the leaderboard is shuffling in key early states. I mean, it's not that I think Jeb Bush has a chance of locking it all down here anytime soon, it's just that I can't dash a man's dream of following in the footsteps of his father and brother so quickly into his run — at least until I know he plans on retiring to a private island as a consolation prize, or something.

At any rate, Jeb Bush had a middling debate performance last week, and managed, within the context of an attack on Marco Rubio's miserable Congressional attendance records, an attack on the French. Not wanting to insult the French by comparing them to Congress, today, Jeb Bush surrend....errr....apologized. To the French

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Like Uber, Uses it Literally All The Time

By on 11.4.15 | 2:40PM

Bernie Sanders is the champion of the little guy, the downtrodden and the oppressed victims of Capitalism who have found themselves trapped in the lower middle class by bank loans, greedy politicians, lackluster bank accounts and their four-year degree in Gender Studies which had literally no job prospects to begin with but was approved for massive funding regardless.

As part of his jihad against The Man, Bernie spoke recently about how terrible Uber — the ride-sharing company that cropped up in response to the bloated, expensive taxi cartels — is, noting that it operates out of reach of the long arm of government, beyond transportation regulation and in violation of the sacrosanct bond of the labor union. Sanders said he had "serious problems" with Uber because it went unregulated. After all, how can businesses operate without the heavy hand of government guiding their way?