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Rangers Take Over Top Spot in AL West From Astros

By on 9.16.15 | 12:33AM

The Texas Rangers beat the Houston Astros 6-5 on a sacrifice fly by Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland to put them into first place in the AL West by a half game over the Astros.

The Rangers were a sub-.500 team when they acquired Cole Hamels from the Philadelphia Phillies in late July. On August 3rd, the Rangers were 51-53 and 8 games back of the Astros. Since that date, the Rangers have gone 26-14 while the Astros have gone 17-21 over the same period. In September, the Rangers are 9-5 while the Astros are 4-9. The presence of Hamels, the return of Derek Holland and Adrian Beltre from the DL, the MVP calibre performance of Prince Fielder and the emergence of Steve Tolleson as the most underrated closer in the game under the stewardship of first year manager Jeff Banister has made this run possible. With nearly their entire starting rotation on the DL, the Rangers were expected to finish at or near the bottom of the division.

Barack Obama Calls Out ‘Coddled’ Campus Liberals

By on 9.15.15 | 2:55PM

Of all the people I would have expected to speak out on the subject of campus coddling — that new trend of protecting our precious little butterflies, who are legally adults but psychologically stunted, from any opinion that dares to disagree with their own — it would not have been President Obama.

After all, campus coddling favors liberals by insisting that nothing that so much as tarnishes the closed, American, college student mind with potential disagreement, and that anything that prevents a competing worldview to the progressive is systematically eliminated from public discourse, thus rendering every last rising adult a ward of the public university they pay thousands to for education.

"It’s not just sometimes folks who are mad that colleges are too liberal that have a problem. Sometimes there are folks on college campuses who are liberal and maybe even agree with me on a bunch of issues who sometimes aren’t listening to the other side. And that’s a problem, too," Obama said during a town hall on Monday in Des Moines, Iowa.

Hillary Clinton Wants to End Campus Assault, Believe Victims Without Question

By on 9.15.15 | 2:31PM

Hillary Clinton is channeling her "inner woman warrior" for her college speeches now, entertaining and inspiring the one audience who, because of their complete lack of memories from the 1990s, is still firmly in her court.

Yesterday, at a rally at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Clinton had some tough words for anyone who would question the possible victim of a campus sexual assault, even though many of the most public examples of campus rape have been called into question by multiple sources in the media and beyond (including Rolling Stone's bizarre fraternity gang-rape story and the tale of the "Mattress Girl" from NYU). She remarked that any "victim" has a "right to be heard and a right to be believed."

But policy details aside, Clinton, speaking at a “Women for Hillary” event heavy on college students at the University of Northern Iowa, sought to portray herself as an ally and advocate of victims of college sexual assault— a group that a recent Washington Post survey found includes an estimated one in five women.

Bernie Sanders’s Plan For America to Cost $18 Trillion

By on 9.15.15 | 1:00PM

I mentioned this in the Morning Spectacle, but I feel like it deserves more attention. 

Bernie Sanders does nothing but promise free stuff to people. That's his whole gig. Free school, free healthcare, free day care. Basically free everything. It's a free paradise! He'll happily tax the rich to the hilt in order to make certain that no one with a five-figure income will ever have to shell out a single dollar for anything ever again. They may have to wait in line like good members of the proletariat, but that should be of no concern for such a dedicated slate of workers. After all, socialism has worked so well for so many, how could it possibly go wrong this time?

As the great Margaret Thatcher once said, socialism only works until you run out of other people's money. And at the rate Bernie Sanders would spend, he'd run out of money before they'd swept up all the confetti from the inauguration. His whole plan, from top to bottom, would have a totally reasonable price tag of a mere $18 trillion.

Humanoids Translated

By on 9.15.15 | 10:33AM

Scientists are understandably excited about finding the fossil remains of 15 human-like individuals in South Africa. The pre-human species, to be called naledi, could have lived as long as three million years ago.

But apparently things, at least political things, may not have changed all that much in all that time. My sources tell me scientists have now deciphered some of the writings on naledi cave walls. The largest fragment has been translated: “Oog is a loser — I gotta tell ya. I, on the other hand, am terrific.”

Apparently narcissistic blowhards are survivors of the first order. Scientists have been looking for the missing link for a very long time. But who knew until now who it linked to?

You read it here first. 

The Morning Spectacle: Missing You

By on 9.15.15 | 10:33AM

Keep on keeping on, guys.

In Our Sights

The last two months have brought nothing but woe for Hillary Clinton, who has been mercilessly ravaged in the polls, now dropping below 50% for the first time. Even worse? Hillary Clinton seems to be losing support among her core demographic: women who don't know better.

For Bernie Sanders, a "domestic policy," just means "giving a lot of stuff to people for free." But socialism only works until you run out of other people's money.  And with a whopping $18 trillion dollar cost for all of his "free programs," he'll run out of money pretty quickly.

Australia’s Liberal Party Ousts Abbott as PM; Malcolm Turnbull Takes Over

By on 9.14.15 | 3:54PM

If you think American politics is crazy with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump or if you think British politics is crazy with the ascension of Jeremy Corbyn at the helm of the Labour Party, they’ve got nothing on politics in Australia.

Tony Abbott, elected Prime Minister two years ago this month, was today ousted from office by his own Liberal Party caucus in favor of Malcolm Turnbull. In 2009, when the Liberals were in opposition, the Liberals ousted Turnbull in favor of Abbott. The Liberals nearly ousted Abbott in February in favor of Turnbull, but Abbott survived that round. But with the government’s popularity plunging, Liberals decided to give the conservative Abbott the heave-ho in favor of the more moderate Turnbull.

Joe Biden Courting Obama Bundlers in NYC

By on 9.14.15 | 1:17PM

Joe Biden was in NYC last week, appearing on an inaugural episode of Late Night With Stephen Colbert, where Colbert not-so-subtly asked whether Biden was ready to seek his party's nomination for 2016. Actually, that's putting it mildly. Colbert all but offered up the Late Night platform for Joe Biden to outline the focus of his candidacy and beg for money (though, admittedly, the interview was pretty good).

Biden may have been cagey about his potential Presidential campaign on television, but he was far from elusive with former Obama donors, if rumors of some last-minute "schedule additions" are to be believed. The Veep's trip was a packed 28 hours - enough to talk to Colbert, and appear at rallies with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Governor Andrew Cuomo, and deliver the official remarks at Ground Zero in honor of September 11th -but he reportedly made room to meet with Robert Wolf, CEO of UBS Americas and a big-time Obama bundler in both of Obama's election cycles.

Carly Fiorina Gets the Best of Trump With “Faces” Campaign Speech

By on 9.14.15 | 11:32AM

Republican candidates have been struggling to get the "one over" on Donald Trump since he stepped into the race. Typically, the Donald doesn't worry too much about insulting his fellow potential nominees, because the ensuing struggle usually favors him, as it did over the weekend with Bobby Jindal, who got down into the mud to tangle with Trump over his stature - and Trump ended up loving it, especially the part where they traded snarky barbs on social media.

His mess with Carly Fiorina, however, has been more difficult to clean up. Although people are racing to Trump's defense, the general sentiment is that Trump's attack was personal and small-minded, surprisingly unbecoming of someone who is supposed to be a terrific communciator. Sure, we know what he thinks of women - his occasional, pre-Millennial sexism is a hallmark of his quasi-boorish persona - but this is a higher-level competition and she's a high-level competitor.