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Kerry Making Nice with Israel….Sort Of

By on 3.2.15 | 11:16AM

Well, I guess the Obama Administration's campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel isn't working out so well.

Over the past couple of days, Secretary of State John Kerry has been playing nice with Israel.

Yesterday, during an appearance on ABC's This Week, Kerry indicated that Netanyahu is "welcome to speak in the United States" and didn't want Bibi's visit to become "a political football."

Today, Kerry took aim at the UN Human Rights Council in its presence stating, "It must be said that the HRC’s obsession with Israel actually risks undermining the credibility of the entire organization."

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Samantha Power’s Laudable Speech at AIPAC

By on 3.2.15 | 11:12AM

Frankly, I don't trust anyone who works for Barack Obama because I don't trust Obama himself.

UN Ambassador Samantha Power's speech at AIPAC this morning was remarkable for its moral and policy clarity.

I just wish I believed that President Obama truly shared her views - and I suppose I wish I believed that she even means what she said.

Despite my doubts, the words are worth hearing. Then you can decide what you think of her sincerity or whether her sincerity has any impact on this administration's behavior.


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Minnie Minoso, R.I.P.

By on 3.1.15 | 12:40PM

Former big league outfielder and third baseman Minnie Minoso was found dead this morning in his car. His family believes it was due to a heart condition. Minoso is officially listed as 89 but might have been 92.

Born in Cuba, Minoso would attract the attention of Cleveland Indians owner Bill Veeck while playing in the Negro Leagues and signed him in 1948. The following year Minoso made his big league debut becoming the first black Cuban to play in MLB.

However, early in the 1951 season, Minoso was dealt to the Chicago White Sox in a seven player trade that also involved the Philadelphia A's. Minoso would finish runner up in the AL Rookie of the Year balloting behind Gil McDougald of the New York Yankees. Minoso led the AL in both stolen bases and triples that year and would do so two more times in his career. He was also named to the first of seven AL All-Star teams. Minoso would also earn three Gold Gloves for his outfield play.

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One Day the Bush Family Will Run Out of Adjectives

By on 2.28.15 | 12:57PM

We now know that Jeb Bush wishes to be known, at least for the purposes of 2016, as a “reform-minded” conservative. His brother was a compassionate conservative. His father a kinder-gentler conservative.

Plain old jive conservatives are entitled to wonder how many generations it will take for the Bush family to produce a conservative who doesn’t require an adjective to separate him from the common ruck. 

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A Special Gift Idea (Including for Yourself)

By on 2.28.15 | 11:27AM

You might have thought my note's title was some sort of cryptic preview of a political comment, but it isn't.

I really do just want to suggest an interesting idea for a gift for yourself or someone else you think would appreciate it...and for the record I have no financial interest or any other tie to the company.

Anyway, the idea is a "fine writing instrument," which is to say a great-quality, highly engineered, beautiful, and functional pen, made right here in the USA.

I just interviewed Reid Hazelton, the founder of the American Pen Company on my Saturday morning radio show and he brought up a great point: "It's as important to your personal and business reputation to have a quality pen as it is a good suit, pair of fine shoes and a nice brief case of sorts. Would you pull out a BIC on a $750,000 deal?"

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#CPAC2015: The Jeb Show

By on 2.27.15 | 2:56PM

They predicted that the crowd would be so fed up with Jeb Bush that they’d exit his question and answer period en masse right in the middle, but the only person who was even remotely exasperated about having to spend more than 20 minutes with Jeb Bush seemed to be Jeb Bush.

More than an hour ahead of his appearance, pro- and anti-Jeb forces amassed in the ballroom, staking out chairs and spots along the wall, the pro-Jebbers wearing bright orange “JEB!” stickers, the anti-’s mostly sporting Stand With Rand posters and an aggravated look. Both sides’ anger and excitement were temporarily muted by Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, who received the Breitbart Freedom of Speech Award and then gave a lengthy acceptance speech that featured a detailed look at the spread of sexually transmitted infections (specifically genital herpes) and several long quotes from the Founding Fathers. Then, having reassessed their sexual habits, the audience girded their loins for the latest Bush brother who emerged in a full suit to Bruno Mars’ "Uptown Funk." 

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Mr. Spock Goes End of Watch

By on 2.27.15 | 1:38PM

News has just reached me that Leonard Nimoy, who played the poker-faced and uber-logical Mr. Spock in Star Trek, the wildly popular sci-fi TV series in the sixties, has died at 83 at his Bel-Air home. Nimoy died of pulmonary disease, which he attributed to many years of smoking cigarettes. (Not a very logical habit, Mr. Spock.) 

Nimoy had a long and varied acting career, but he is best known for Spock, the half-man, half-alien Vulcan who played next to William Shatner’s Captain Kirk in Star Trek. As famous as the show is now, it may surprise some to know that it only ran for three seasons, 1966 to 1969 (during which time Spock successfully competed with LBJ for the most outrageous ears on the planet). But the crew of the Starship Enterprise stayed together for a nearly endless string of popular Star Trek movies (the last one being Star Trek, 73, Kirk’s Gums Go Bad).

Leonard Nimoy lived long. He prospered. RIP.

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Leonard Nimoy, R.I.P.

By on 2.27.15 | 1:23PM

Actor/director Leonard Nimoy has passed away of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 83.

Nimoy is, of course, known the world over for his portrayal of Spock on both the Star Trek TV and film series, directing both Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

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#CPAC2015: Jeans and Sweater Vests

By on 2.27.15 | 12:45PM

As the conference has gone on, the potential candidates have gotten increasingly casual. Thursday morning, they were wearing jackets. Thursday afternoon, they were in shirtsleeves. Today, Rand Paul, fresh off a vote on the Hill, showed up wearing jeans. If this conference went on for another couple of days, they’d be presenting naked. And frankly, I’m glad that's not going to happen.

Sen. Rand Paul was by far the most hotly anticipated of the speakers, mostly because kids have jammed themselves like sardines into his “Stand With Rand” booth, and are antsy after having to sit through a presentation by a former NSA director and then a John Bolton lecture. Rand Paul started with a quote that sounds like he’s penning the Declaration of Independence himself, all over again. The Tri-corner hat guy is nowhere to be found, but if he were in the room, he’d be impressed:

Lovers of Liberty must rise and stand with our forefathers who stared down the king. We must rise as free men and women and reclaim our birthright. We must protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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The Strange, Sad Death of Tom Schweich

By on 2.27.15 | 11:35AM

Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich died yesterday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 54.

A Republican, Schweich had just been re-elected to a second term as State Auditor in November and only last month announced his intention to seek the GOP nomination for the 2016 Missouri gubernatorial race.

Schweich's wife made a 911 call only minutes after Schweich left a voice mail for Tony Messenger, the editorial page editor of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Schweich had wanted to invite a Post-Dispatch reporter along with a reporter from the AP to go public with allegations that Missouri Republican Chairman John Hancock was telling Republican primary voters he was Jewish. Schweich was Episcopal although his grandfather was Jewish. In his formal statement on Schweich's death, Messenger wrote in part:

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