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No Go Joe?

By on 8.8.06 | 7:29PM

The initial reports from Connecticut aren't good for Sen. Joe Lieberman. Turnout appears to be exceedingly high in the suburbs, which is good for Nutty Ned. Turnout is low in the traditionally moderate, blue collar communities, such as Waterbury, where Lieberman was hoping for strong support to blunt the suburban push.

We're hearing conflicting things from people who are close to Lieberman. Some say the Lieberman has in excess of 20,000 signatures that he could file tomorrow to run as an independent on the November ballot. Others aren't so sure he has the necessary signatures because the drive for John Hancocks was not as intensive as some believed.

There are others who aren't so sure Lieberman will, in fact, submit his name for consideration. What we have heard in Washington Democrat circles is that Sen. Harry Reid and others have spoken with former President Bill Clinton about interceding on their behalf and persuading Senator Lieberman not to run in November.

We'll know soon enough what Lieberman's plans are.

Mon Dieu!

By on 8.8.06 | 6:10PM

From Overheard in the Office:

Employee on phone with a French company: I'm sorry that you're offended that I don't speak French, sir...Well, I don't know what to tell you. I speak English and Korean; I just don't speak French. We have a great offer here. I think you'd like to hear about it, even in English...Well, if you'd like I can speak to you with what French I do know but I'm afraid it will only be "hello" and "yes" or "no."...I'm sorry that you think my lack of French represents what's wrong with America in general...
Think the French guy speaks Korean?

Remember That ‘Bipartanship’…

By on 8.8.06 | 5:45PM

...always means giving in to liberals. Look at the last line of this letter to the editor from the Democrats' fearless leader, Nancy Pelosi, on Social Security reform:

Once privatization is no longer an option, we look forward to working with Mr. Paulson and others in the administration in a bipartisan fashion.

In other words, 'bipartisan' means liberals get everything they want and conservatives get nothing.

Iran and MAD

By on 8.8.06 | 4:13PM

Middle East guru Bernard Lewis has a must read article in today's WSJ that lays out why we cannot depend on the Cold War doctrine of mutual assured destruction (MAD) to deter Iran from using nuclear weapons if they do acquire them. Iran/>/>’s leaders have an apocalyptic view of the world and believe that death at the hands of infidels is a pathway to heaven.

I found this section of Lewis’s piece particularly haunting:

Remember To Chew Your Food 25 Times…

By on 8.8.06 | 2:18PM

A great column from the Foundation for Economic Education. Money quote:

A prime example is New York City. It established an Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in 1996, which allegedly "works to mitigate, and plan and prepare for emergencies . . . and seek funding opportunities to support of [sic] the overall preparedness of the City of New York." Why do I suspect that bit about funding is its real raison d'etre?

No matter: the OEM considers us all morons, unable to discern its true intent, if its "Quick Heat-Beating Tips" are any indication. First on the list is "Stay out of the sun." Whoa-ho! There's a novel idea! And leave your fur coat in the closet: instead, opt for "lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothes." We should also "drink plenty of . . . water," and "keep rooms well-ventilated with air conditioners and fans." Duh. Folks without a.c. or fans can "keep [their] windows open." Such invaluable tips are one reason we pay Our Rulers the big bucks.

A Real Health Care Crisis

By on 8.8.06 | 11:54AM

Investor's Business Daily on John Kerry's health care plan:

Want a real crisis?

Absolve people of their duty through a universal third-party payer - the government - and watch a problem erupt. With little or no money coming out of their pockets, people will overuse the system, sending costs even higher through increased demand. The strain placed on medical professionals will make waiting times unbearable. With no mechanism for self-rationing in place - such as personal responsibility or cost - the government will ration care.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

By on 8.8.06 | 1:57AM

A classified ad I noticed last evening in the newsletter of the home association of the neighborhood next to mine. I haven't stopped laughing since. (Yes, it is a liberal neighborhood.)

SOCCER COACH WANTED: I am looking for a soccer coach to teach a group of three or four, 4 year olds soccer. Soccer playing and or coaching experiences required. Focus on listening, teamwork and social skills. If you are interested please send an email to [address withheld]. Thanks.

Last time I saw children this young playing soccer, they were all scurrying in the wrong direction, their mothers chasing after them.

Time to Buy U.S. Stocks…

By on 8.7.06 | 1:32PM

Paul Krugman in today's NY Times:

These are the dog days of summer, but there's a chill in the air. Suddenly - really just in the last few weeks - people have starting talking seriously about a possible recession.

Re: Novak Scrapes the Bottom of the Nutty Barrel

By on 8.7.06 | 12:56PM

Right on, David! I was thinking the same thing when I read Novak this morning. Writing, "Only a conspiracy theorist might claim…" allows him to appear as if he's distancing himself from conspiracy theorists while at the same time spreading a conspiracy theory.

Whining about how it's taboo to criticize Israel has been the latest tactic of Israel-bashers (see Walt/ Mearsheimer), because if you criticize their arguments, they just point to it as further evidence of a "criticism-free" zone.