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By on 2.5.06 | 8:47PM

Ok, ok., it's only a MasterCard commercial. But any reappearance of McGyver is worth a lot. Well done, MC.

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Re: Commericals

By on 2.5.06 | 8:06PM

Jed: Yes, the airplane one was funnier, though this is supposedly a family audience, right? I guess I'm several years late with that concern, if not several decades.

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By on 2.5.06 | 7:54PM

Paul: I think it's AmeriQuest that's doing the odd commercials your'e referring to. Tasteless? Maybe. Funny? Yeah, pretty much. Still better than that Burger King awfulness.

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Re: Half Time Show(?)

By on 2.5.06 | 7:43PM

Jed: Failing, that, he might at least spare us a look at his midriff. This is somebody's grandfather, I'm told.

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Half Time Show(?)

By on 2.5.06 | 7:29PM

At long last: I've found a sound that annoys me more than Hillary or Howlin' Howie. Can't we ever get Mick Jagger to just shut up? This is noise, not music.

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But Speaking of Calls

By on 2.5.06 | 7:25PM

The revoked touchdown against Seattle was atrocious. I believe I lip-read Holmgren saying to the official at the half, "We haven't gotten a call yet," and he's right.

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The Call

By on 2.5.06 | 7:08PM

Didn't look like a touchdown to me, but the official went with a strict constructionist reading of his duties, and refused to overturn in the absence of overwhelming evidence against the original call. Good for him.

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By on 2.5.06 | 6:50PM

Jed: The Washington Redskins, or the Washington Nationals? That was quite a fungo Big Ben just threw.

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The First Note of Weirdness

By on 2.5.06 | 6:46PM

Is the spots showing players in staged poses suggesting that they have won the Super Bowl, when they haven't yet, and talking about what that would feel like - if they won it - but they haven't yet.

Weird, very weird. Who is in charge of these things?

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