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The Evil Twin

By on 3.14.06 | 7:39AM

We know that Quin is going to be writing about Claude Allen, but this is just too rich to avoid posting about. For all the movies we've seen involving an evil twin, who'd have thunk there would actually be such a true-life case? And that it might involve a senior White House official?

Hat tip must go to Josh Marshall and "Talking Points Memo" on this one. For just the shock value, and to bring a little ray of hope into ever Republican's heart, hit this hyplink and bask in the glory of what appears - literally on the face of it - to be yet another MSM blunder of remarkable proportions.

It's still unclear where this story is going, but it always pay to not jump to conclusions, like so many conservative web sites did in this case.

Hollywood Knows America?

By on 3.14.06 | 7:28AM

So George Clooney likes "being a little out of touch."

Hollywood in general doesn't care just how out of touch it is. The latest example is "V for Vendetta," produced by the same brother team that made the "Matrix" films a few years ago. Based on what used to be called a "comic book," now called a "graphic novel" by the geeks and fan boys who buy them up, the movie has been turned into a left-wing marketing tool not so much against Operation Iraqi Freedom, but against the American government and its honorable attempts to prevent terrorist attacks here at home.

The movie (its website is here), has been getting awful reviews, so there is hope that it will quietly disappear without much noise. But think about this. An anti-American screed (set in London, so we won't be able to make the connection, we suppose) released on St. Patrick's Day. It doesn't so much show a lack of understanding of the American people, it shows disrespect.

Feingold’s Folly

By on 3.14.06 | 7:09AM

One thing that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has learned in his time in leadership is that if nothing else, Democrats are essentially legislative bullies.  Always have been, always will be.  Sure Democrats talk a good game, rolling out a Byrd or a Kennedy for indulgent floor lectures.  But when it comes time to put their money where their mouths are, they rarely back it up.

Re: Fund on the Yale Taliban

By on 3.13.06 | 6:45PM

Dear Andy DeP and Katherine: Beats me how the Yalies figure this slug -- with a 4th-grade education -- is somehow a better catch than the national honor student whose dad I spoke to last week on Hugh Hewitt's show. And the answer to who's paying the Talibanista's freight is revealed by Fund's piece of last week. A filmmaker named Hoover is paying the bills. I wonder: is NSA listening to his cell calls? I sure hope so.

Briar Patching McCain

By on 3.13.06 | 6:08PM

What's wrong with this picture? A Republican presidential contender being revealed as a - shudder -- conservative by one of the New York Times's worst hyperlibs?

Senator John McCain -- the only Republican capable of losing to Hillary in '08 -- was called all sorts of names today in Paul Krugman's column. According to Krugman, McCain is a "man of the hard right," "no moderate" and -- perhaps worst of all -- actually ranks as the third most conservative member in the Senate by one vote ranking outfit.

The problem with Krugman's analysis is that McCain is no conservative. His track record of legislation -- McCain-Feingold, the "anti-torture" amendment with his apostle, Lindsey Graham, and too many positions on too many issues make it clear that McCain is careless with the Constitution. His ill-considered wavering on social issues makes him no conservative.

Dear Readers:

By on 3.13.06 | 6:07PM

Topics on which I want to blog on Tuesday, so please remind me to do so: Florida Senate race. Congressional ethics. Claude Allen. That's it for now. Thanks.

Still The One

By on 3.13.06 | 5:02PM

Defying expectations, Moqtada al-Sadr is the man in Iraq on nationalism and anti-terrorism. He has every opportunity to spark a catastrophe, but commands calm -- again -- and criticizes al Qaeda. Stay tuned.


By on 3.13.06 | 1:14PM

A few emailers have chided me for characterizing the P&O lease on port terminals as "run[ning] six major U.S. ports." I don't think this choice of widely-used shorthand changes anything -- nothing in my article depends on a misconception about who handles port security, for example -- but I apologize if anyone was confused or otherwise vexed.

Quote/Unquote…Or Maybe Just Unquote

By on 3.13.06 | 12:38PM

My friend and fellow New Hampshireite Paul Sands wonderfully deconstructs Paul Krugman and Heather Boushey's gross misrepresentation of Alan Greenspan's Senate testimony last year to portray the former Fed chairman as a converted leftist guerrilla in the class war. It's a must read and can be found here.

Re: Harris Out?

By on 3.13.06 | 12:08PM

I know Katherine Harris reasonably well and in addition to being one of us in the ideological sense, she also happens to be one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. I am sorry for her that the Senate campaign thing doesn't seem to be working out.

Adding to the Prowler's comments on Marshall & Co's wild speculation about the profit she and her husband made on a recent home sale -- all I can say is this: To begin with, Katherine is an heiress. Her father was, I believe, some sort of Citrus mogul or something. She is also married to an extremely wealthy man. In sum, these are very, VERY rich people. To suggest, as our little friends seem to be doing, that she may have some sort of Duke Cunningham problem because she sold a home at a significant profit is laughable.