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The Ambien Story

By on 5.5.06 | 7:30AM

I find it hard to believe nearly 24 hours after the incident.

Had Kennedy staggered home, gone to bed, immediately turned himself over to cops for further inspection in the morning, and issued this excuse, fine. But the late night statement reeks of a scramble to concoct a story.

Re: Kennedy

By on 5.5.06 | 7:14AM

I've been wondering about a way to publish this experience, and this appears the perfect spot.

Dialysis patients notoriously have trouble sleeping, so for a while I was trying various sleeping pills. (I have since given up on all of them.) I had Ambien for a while, the weakest dose. In my particular form of insomnia, I'd go to sleep between 10 and 11 and wake up -- wide awake -- an hour later. Usually I'd kill time going out to an all-night donut shop, listening to John Batchelor in my car, smoking a cigar, till I could relax and go to sleep again.

And I had become very familiar with how fast sleeping pills worked -- I thought.

So there I am one night about 1:30, having switched over by that time to the Beeb, and I've eaten my donut and drunk about a quarter of my coffee and lit my cigar. I pull out my Ambien bottle, take one, figure to start for home in 10 minutes.

But in ten minutes, just like a switch had been thrown, my vision doubles. I was seeing literally two of everything.

Thinks I, "I better get home."

Partying Like a Kennedy

By on 5.5.06 | 12:53AM

Rep. Kennedy says he was disoriented by prescription drugs, specifically the sleep medication Ambien and the anti-nausea medication Phenergran (which can cause drowsiness). Getting in front of the wheel after taking a sleeping pill, of course, is just as dangerous as driving drunk, and just as illegal. The special treatment that Kennedy got really is outrageous: Anyone else almost certainly would have had to spend the night in lockup.

Re: Kennedy Coverage

By on 5.4.06 | 11:51PM

Ladies and gentlemen: we are being much too understanding and lenient - dare I say liberal? - in commenting on the coverage of this latest Kennedyism. For starters, let us be grateful that no one drowned in this car wreck.

Second, let us take Rep. Kennedy at his word. He denies imbibing any alcohol before the incident. But the pharmaceutical cornucopia that may be available to him -- to smoke, snort or drop - is limited only by his imagination. Forget the breathalyzer. Let's get a real chemical workup.

Kennedy Coverage

By on 5.4.06 | 8:32PM

The Post has it slated for page A5 tomorrow. Pretty weak. I guarantee that if he were the elected son of a conservative political scion, it would be above the fold, page one.


By on 5.4.06 | 6:54PM

Well, Rep. Cynthia McKinney has to be just ecstatic over this turn of events. We wouldn't be surprised if she was one pouring the shots of Glenlivet Patches might have been ingesting.

What's priceless is that at nearly 3 am, Kennedy claimed he needed to get back to the House for a vote. No doubt on his important tax cut amendments.

This is not the first time Kennedy has had run-ins with Capitol Hill police. What's interesting is they continue to effort coverups for the boy who couldn't drive straight.

Yet Another Kennedy Wreck

By on 5.4.06 | 5:55PM

What is it with officials covering up for Kennedys involved in car accidents? I mean, is it even possible for a Kennedy to be made to call for account for highly questionable behavior (to put it far more nicely than it deserves to be put)? Drudge is on the story, broken by Roll Call. Anybody who wants a refresher course in police cover-ups for Kennedys should read Leo Damore's "Senatorial PRivilege," the definitive book on a certain sad incident in Massachusetts in 1969.....

Democrat Economics

By on 5.4.06 | 1:36PM

Out for a walk in the charmless Rosslyn area of Arlington, home of Spectator World Headquarters, I ran into Harris Miller, ex-lobbyist and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Virginia.

He was holding a photo op at a gas station -- where gas is going for $3.11. Since I pass this gas station a few times a week, I know it's the most expensive place around. In fact, the real estate is at such a premium that it's located below a Methodist Church. (It's down from $3.19 yesterday, which was the most expensive in Arlington.)

Nothing Like Good, Ol’ Fashioned Excommunication

By on 5.4.06 | 1:10PM

The Vatican excommunicated four bishops recently ordained by the Chinese "Church." Really, it's an underutilized tool.

But the background is even more interesting: the Vatican's upset with China because they had agreed in low-key discussions that China would only recognize Vatican-authorized bishops. That understanding would have been a key step toward reestablishing diplomatic relations.

And China broke the agreement within days. I know the Vatican must walk a narrow line here between tough love and gaining access to minister to its flock. But that's what happen when you rely on the word of despots.

That’s Probably Unnecessary

By on 5.4.06 | 11:22AM

A draft Hillary effort? I can understand the necessity of the "draft Condi" cause (though not why it's a good idea). But rest assured, drafters, it's on her radar.