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Morning Round-Up 4-4

By on 4.4.14 | 9:46AM

Feature of the Day: The New Face of Heroin

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Fort Hood Gun Store Again Linked to Base Rampage
  2. Legal Pot in Colorado Hasn’t Stopped Black Market
  3. Milwaukee Group Wants to Buy Pabst Blue Ribbon


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Obama Admin Shouldn’t Pick a Fight With Big Papi

By on 4.3.14 | 8:47PM

So now White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is mad that Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz took a 'selfie' of himself and President Obama while the Red Sox were being honored for their 2013 World Series triumph on Tuesday. 

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The Koch-pire Strikes Back

By on 4.3.14 | 3:57PM

Crisis! Sound the alarm!

The Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. FEC has given the Koch brothers new, unabated power to destroy the little guy and fund as many crazy right-wing activists as they so desire—completely destroying democracy! Fear King Kochs!

In case you haven’t heard, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Shaun McCutcheon’s case, which argued that aggregate caps on campaign financing restricted his free speech. He was permitted by law to give no more than $2,600 to no more than nine candidates in an election cycle. If he liked a tenth candidate? Too bad. Giving to the tenth would reek of corruption.

The 5-4 ruling was certainly close, but the outrage from the left is deafening. Here are just a few examples of the doomsday hysteria. First from the Huffington Post:

[T]he current majority in the Supreme Court has no earthly idea how money in politics actually works.

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#CancelBillZeiser: A Response to Robert Stacy McCain

By on 4.3.14 | 3:17PM

In Plato's Republic, one of the definitions of justice is "to do well to friends and to harm enemies." Robert Stacy McCain's lengthy rebuke to yours truly was an attempt to do right by his friend, Michelle Malkin. It was also, I think, a friendly warning to a budding conservative writer not to mess with Malkin, a woman of considerable and well deserved fame. Robert asked me, rhetorically, if I want to go to war with the Divine Ms. M. I would be crazy to seek out such conflict, a point Robert made in a tweet alerting me to the coming smackdown. Let's go to the tale of the tape: @BillZeiser, 1010 followers on Twitter. @RSMcCain, 81 thousand followers. @MichelleMalkin, 692 thousand followers and counting! Look upon my tweets, ye Mighty, and despair!

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Jindalcare: Time for Solutions

By on 4.3.14 | 1:35PM

After four years of criticizing Obamacare, Republicans such as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have decided it’s time to start offering solutions.

Jindal’s plan lacks details, but his goal is precise: make health care simpler and more affordable. He explains:

The plan I’m endorsing includes an innovative $100 billion grant program that incentivizes our “laboratories of democracy”—the states—to come up with insurance reforms and other solutions that can stem the rising tide of health costs. States’ eligibility for the grants would be tied to their ability to lower insurance premiums for their citizens.

We include other reforms in our plan too – tax equity between employer and individually-purchased health plans, lawsuit reform, wellness incentives, and new incentives for Health Savings Accounts.

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Celebrity, Social Media, and War

By on 4.3.14 | 1:30PM

It’s finally happened. Kim Kardashian weighed in on the situation in Syria. Spoiler alert: She gets it all wrong. It shouldn’t come as a shock that silly people have stupid opinions about important issues that confound them. Still, let's investigate. It all speaks to a bigger point about celebrities, social media, and war.

Tweets Kardashian:

Please let's not let history repeat itself!!!!!! Let's get this trending!!!!



Moments later:

If you don't know what's going on in Kessab please google it, its heart breaking! As an Armenian, I grew up hearing so many painful stories!

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Morning Round-Up 4-3

By on 4.3.14 | 10:03AM

Feature of the Day: The Technology of Baseball: Here’s how the game goes from field to screen.

Morning Headlines


Associated Press

  1. Fort Hood Gunman Sought Mental Health Treatment
  2. Supreme Court to Decide Texas Execution Drug Case
  3. 2nd Suit Filed Challenging Texas’ New Abortion Law


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Harry Reid Has a Tax to Grind

By on 4.2.14 | 8:32PM

Over at the Weekly Standard, John McCormack draws our attention to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's official Senate website, which states that the Koch Brothers do not pay corporate taxes. 

Harry Reid has a tax to grind. But it isn't just the Koch Brothers. Let us not forget that during the 2012 campaign, Reid accused Mitt Romney of not having paid his taxes for 10 years. That whopper earned four Pinocchios from Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post. I have a feeling there are a few more Pinocchios in Reid's future. 
But what does Harry Reid care if he lies? He does so with the knowledge that some people will believe the lie. If Reid's lie helped Romney lose to Obama then he has every incentive to lie about the Koch Brothers to keep his job as Senate Majority Leader. 
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Party at the White House Tonight!

By on 4.2.14 | 3:41PM

They're breaking out the champagne at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue tonight. In case you didn't hear, 7.1 million Americans signed up for insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.

And if you want all the drama-laden details, Politico took the time to type a true all-American underdog tale of how the White House managed to surprise even itself. After a devastating roll-out, a glitchy website, and low enrollment numbers, President Obama and his team dug in their heels, developing the finest strategy for winning the Obamacare debate. They got celebrities, they got radio hits, they got TV ads, they got hot men in boxer briefs and bros doing keg-stands—they even got your mom. They threw it together and at the last second hit that buzzer three-pointer to win the game.

And the crowd went wild!!

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