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Lieberman Concedes— But…

By on 8.8.06 | 11:24PM

"We've just finished the first half, and the Lamont team is ahead -- But in the second half, our team, Team Connecticut, is going to surge forth to victory in November." He's attacking Lamont hard. The independent race is definitely on.

Drudge Calls the Race in CT

By on 8.8.06 | 10:39PM


Connecticut // U.S. Senate - - Dem Primary
608 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 81.28%
Lamont, Ned 116,387 51.71% **Winner
Lieberman, Joe (i) 108,683 48.29%
After the talk in recent weeks of a double-digit blow-out, a result this close is a shot in the arm to an independent Lieberman campaign. So is this.

Other Races to Watch

By on 8.8.06 | 8:45PM

In Michigan, incumbent Republican squish Joe Schwarz is facing a challenge from Club for Growth-backed conservative Tim Walberg, and could very well lose. Official results from that race will appear here. CfG also has a dog Colorado's 5th district, where they back Doug Lamborn in the Republican primary. (I can't find a results link for that one at the moment, but I'll add one if I can.) UPDATE: Here's a link that'll have results for CO-5 (as well as the contested Democratic primary in CO-7).

Watching the Polls

By on 8.8.06 | 7:49PM

They're closed in Georgia -- Results in the McKinney-Johnson race will appear here as they come in. Connecticut polls close at eight. Stay tuned.