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Best Line of the Week

By on 3.24.06 | 5:52PM

FNC showed a clip of VP Cheney talking today about the "incompetence" argument the Dems are trying to make against the Bush administration. Wish I'd been fast enough to get it verbatim, but Cheney ripped off the line of the week. Talking about the Dems' competency, he said something to the effect that, "If they're competent to fight this war, I ought to be singing on American Idol."

RedAmerica/State Ruckus

By on 3.24.06 | 3:35PM

For what it's worth Ben Domenech should recall that Sen. Joe Biden's career wasn't hurt much by his acts of plagiarism, nor was the Rev. Martin Luther King's legacy when his acts of academic theft were revealed. The left defended those two men vociferously, and forgave them, while conservatives did not pile on with profanity, insults and worse.

Conservatives have again revealed themselves to be far more principled and fair than their political opponents, and Domenech and his comrades at RedState have behaved honorably when in the face of shameful attacks.

So now we should move on and stop rubbernecking. Let's let the kid catch his breath, and gain some modicum of peace and quiet. Domenech has a future that has the potential to be as bright as Biden's. This, after all is America.

Buy Ben’s Diary

By on 3.24.06 | 2:17PM

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Domenech Resigns

By on 3.24.06 | 1:35PM

At the WaPo. That's the best move for everyone involved.

RedState's experiencing a bit of a server overload right now.

UPDATE (3:39 p.m.): Domenech has an explanation and apology up at RedState. It is important to note this was the left blogosphere's gold mine after two days of invective. And they did strike gold. Domenech owns up for the most part, saying that while the plagiarized inserts were the work of his editor at the Flat Hat, he was ultimately responsible but as a "sloppy" "teenager." At 18- or 19-years-old, you're a man. Like Ben, I've traded on my work as a college student. I'll answer for its quality and integrity if it's ever questioned, as should Ben.

Re: The Crying Game

By on 3.24.06 | 1:28PM

Sorry, Wlady: J.J. Redick has been about as coddled this year as the President. But for many years to come it will be the bitter, mirthless sport of the anti-Dukies, playing the only game they can win, to heap every cheap insult and vindictive ignominity on the Blue Devils, until, at last, Duke loses a tournament game -- whereupon their crude and hollow laughter dares mock the emotion of players like Redick, whose victories are already legend.

Blogger Plagiarism?

By on 3.24.06 | 11:57AM

I'm watching closely how this one unfolds.'s newest blogger, Ben Domenech, a young veteran of various conservative publications and blogs as well as Capitol Hill and the Bush administration, is faced with very serious charges of plagiarism. He ought to answer them, and quickly. If true, he ought to resign. Or the Post should fire him. That very discussion between Domenech and the Post probably explains the silence on his blog over this.

What a fine reminder that politics/journalism (nearly one and the same) in this town is a full-contact sport.

The Crying Game

By on 3.24.06 | 11:52AM

An endearing new nickname in the ranks of serious basketball is Big Baby. One such is LSU's 6'9", 310-pound sophomore Glen Davis, a mighty tough hombre who last night helped power his team to an NCAA tournament victory over top-seed Duke, which probably now thinks of him as Big Brute. Another Big Baby is Los Angeles Lakers' rookie center Andrew Bynum, a still growing 18 year old who received that moniker from his proud mentor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. A recent story describes how Baby Bynum went mano-a-mano with Shaquille O'Neal, and lived to talk about it.

One other thing can be said about these two toddlers: Big Babies don't cry.

It’s A Joke, Right?

By on 3.24.06 | 11:22AM

I am as pro-life as they come.

Color me cuckoo, but things like this just don't strike me as being all that helpful to the cause.

Saad Out

By on 3.24.06 | 10:13AM

Just caught this on the WSJ Law Blog: Henry W. Saad, President Bush's nominee to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, withdrew his name from consideration yesterday. Michigan's Senators Levin and Stabenow had been blocking his nomination.

Yes, he was the same one Harry Reid smeared by saying there was "a problem" in his FBI report.

It would have been nice to see some Republican Senators fight for him. Instead... silence.

Hang The TV DJ

By on 3.24.06 | 8:53AM

As it happens, several of the Weekly Standard guys have it out for lousy commercials too. Their beef? Rotten song selection -- Oasis for AT&T/SBC, the Go-Gos for Papa John's. They say "most annoying;" I say the ad industry is the welfare state of the entertainment society. Light reading while we digest the incalculable perfidy of a Russian Iraq war plan leak.