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By on 6.14.06 | 4:37PM

The MoveOn.dork crowd is claiming that Algore's PowerPoint movie, Inconvenient Truths, is breaking box office records. Huh? I'm sure it's taken in at least $9.95 in ticket sales. What else do they have in mind?

On the Off Record

By on 6.14.06 | 2:43PM

Someone invited The Hollywood Liberal to an off the record briefing John Kerry held for bloggers, the contents of which said blogger has promptly made very much on the record. How accurate someone who chooses The Hollywood Liberal as a moniker may or may not be is, of course, open to debate, but here for your perusal are a few relevant passages:

The first question went straight to the point, about how pissed off so many Democratic voters, are about what happened with the election, and also that it seemed like most Democrats in Congress had no idea how bad the situation was. Kerry responded by dropping the whole political routine and speaking like he was off the record to a bunch of people that already know what's going on anyway. "Look I know how bad things are, I know that people are pissed off, I know we screwed up."

Allen Funky

By on 6.14.06 | 12:29PM

No, not the genius gossipmonger and writer, this refers to the junior Senator from Virginia who is acting, well, funky.

For a guy who is facing off against a well-financed Democrat candidate beloved by the mainstream media, Allen isn't acting like a conservative Republican.

This weekend, he'll be out in Iowa, attempting to woo conservative Christians, but Allen should be focusing on his position on legislation and policy back here at home. Republican colleagues on the Hill are rumbling that Allen appears to be running to the middle of the road on issues across the board. "My boss doesn't know where he stands with Allen any more," says a senior Republican staffer with a western Senator.

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that the "Allen for President" boomlet is over. He's now in a fight for his current job, and he should focus on that and come back from whatever moderate world he thinks he should be living in.

Google Hates the Flag

By on 6.14.06 | 12:15PM

Okay, Google says it has a problem coming up with an interesting way to highlight Memorial Day on its site. So why can't they do something on Flag Day? Is that so hard? We think not. We hear that several Washington-based Google lobbying consultants suggested that Google do something for today, but that it was poo-pooed by corporate higher-ups out in California. Is it any surprise that they give the bulk of their dollars to Democrats?

FEMA & Katrina

By on 6.14.06 | 11:46AM

Today, the House Homeland Security subcommittee will hear testimony about the use and abuse of FEMA funds for "supposed" Hurricane Katrina and Rita "victims." These "victims" as it turns out (according to ongoing investigations by the General Accountability Office) were so overwrought by the tragedies that one needed 70 days of R&R in Hawai'i, another sought respite in the Dominican Republic, and yet another found comfort in the New Orleans Saints by purchasing season tickets.

In question at today's hearings, a mere $1.4 BILLION.

Just to reiterate, giving out government debit cards: bad idea. Read more about the abuse of taxpayer funds here.

House Overspends

By on 6.14.06 | 11:39AM

Yet more frustrating evidence that the House just doesn't "get it" when it comes to spending our children's and grandchildren's tax dollars. First came passage of an "emergency" supplemental bill yesterday that Rep. Mike Pence noted was full of some $5 billion of spending that had nothing to do with Iraq, Katrina, or other disasters or emergencies. Ugh. Now comes today's article in the Wall Street Journal by one of the best pure, straight reporters in the history of the world, David Rogers, who never misses a trick on Capitol Hill.

These People Are Sick

By on 6.14.06 | 9:38AM

Julie Banderas of Fox News had an excellent take-down of the Westboro Baptist "Church" wackos. It is a yell fest, if you can stand those.

Sensible people need to speak out against them, but I wish they wouldn't give them a platform on live TV.

Happy Birthday, U.S. Army

By on 6.14.06 | 9:20AM

John W. Schneider III of Bristow, Virginia sends in an excellent tribute to our Army on its birthday:

June 14, 1775, the 2nd Continental Congress having determined that the events of April and May of 1775 represented more than a local rebellion of the Colony of Massachusetts, authorized the formation and provisioning of an official Continental Army.

The Congress, in doing so, actually established itself as the first government of the United States of America. The first commanding general was to the consternation of John Hancock and Charles Lee... Colonel George Washington of Virginia.

Narrow Victory for Webb

By on 6.13.06 | 10:39PM

Those who call elections are calling tonight's Virginia Democratic Senate primary for Jim Webb.

What to make of Webb's showing? In spite of the national party throwing everything behind Webb, he is still a horrible campaigner (earning the moniker from many Virginia blogs "The Worst Campaign Ever") -- he only eked out a 6-point victory.

In the end, Virginia Democrats aren't sold on the anti-war veteran candidate, and show a strong sympathy to the tried and true liberal party stalwart. The media and the national party will pump up Jim Webb as much as they can, but this is great news for George Allen. He will just need to be himself -- smiling, positive, amiable -- and Webb will sink himself.

The Whacko Left

By on 6.13.06 | 7:35PM

On a day when the president flew to Baghdad to visit the newly-formed government and celebrated Zarqawi's death with our troops, Hillary and Vichy John Kerry went to the hyperlib "Take Back America" meeting to continue the shadowboxing match for 08.

Hillary is running to the right of any Dem, even Joe Lieberman. (Will the Kossack nutroots go after her like they're going after Lieberman? Doubtful, as they're as craven as she is. But if so, it'll be hilarious) She said that scheduling withdrawal from Iraq would be a mistake for us and for Iraq. Kerry went all the way in the other direction.

Kerry not only disavowed his vote for the war -- saying, natch, he was misled by the Bush administration -- and said that we need a hard and fast date to bring all our troops out of Iraq. There are no reports of whether he spoke to Mr. Chirac before or afterward.

There you have it: the solid, defined Democratic position thanks to its leaders. And just where are Howlin' Howie Dean and Jack Murtha when Kerry needed them? And how will this affect Hillary's status among the whacko left? Stay tuned.