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By on 11.8.05 | 7:45PM

Kaine by 51 to 47 percent with 56% reporting.

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Fauquier Indicator

By on 11.8.05 | 7:41PM

Growing exurb county west of D.C., Fauquier, is for Kilgore by 53-44 with over 80% of precincts reporting, and with 43% turnout. Hopefully Fauquier's representative.

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Bright Spot

By on 11.8.05 | 7:19PM

Kilgore's down 53-45 with 36% of precincts reporting, but Arlington County turnout is below 9%.

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Checking Results

By on 11.8.05 | 5:58PM

If you'd like to check election results at the source tonight, here are the poll closing times (all EST) and links:

Virginia: 7 p.m.

New Jersey: 8 p.m.

NYC: 9 p.m.

California: 11 p.m.

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VA: In the Air

By on 11.8.05 | 5:23PM

There are few indications on how the race for governor will break tonight. Right leaning bloggers claim low NoVA turnout, and left leaning bloggers predict high NoVA turnout. We'll stay with this race throughout the night.

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Not Forgotten

By on 11.8.05 | 3:00PM

One reason Sen. Jay Rockefeller's staff -- and the Democratic Intelligence Committee staff -- should be target-rich environments for Senate investigators in the Washington Post leak scandal is that they are well-known leakers of highly classified information to reporters.

Earlier this summer -- and there are others on this site who can better detail the story than we can -- it was reported that the Justice Department had launched a criminal investigation into whether Senators Rockefeller, Dick Durbin, and Ron Wyden or their staff had leaked details about a secret "black ops" CIA satellite program in 2004. Details about new spy satellite technology were revealed to the press, and it was determined by the CIA that the programs had been compromised. It is believed that that investigation remains ongoing.

Making the call to investigate your own institution isn't an easy one, particularly because the MSM will spin this as Republicans simply hitting back at Democrats. Senator Frist and Speaker Hastert deserve credit for making the tough call.

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Hewitt on Wilson

By on 11.8.05 | 2:55PM

From my pal Hugh Hewitt, in his post on the building pressure to investigate Joe Wilson:

"What did Wilson not know, and when did he invent it?" Wish I'd written that. Doggone it, Hugh. Beat me to it.

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Weak in NoVA

By on 11.8.05 | 2:25PM

Possible good news for Virginia Republicans: There is some word of depressed turnout in Northern Virginia in the VA blogosphere. When I voted in the Courthouse area of Arlington this morning, the poll workers seemed pretty bored and my number was in the 200s -- not exactly stellar turnout.

Jim Bacon reports heavy turnout in Henrico County, a very "red" area outside Richmond.

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More Subpoenas for Reporters?

By on 11.8.05 | 2:19PM

Dana Priest may wish she had never written the "black sites" story last Wednesday. The revelation of that information has real world consequences for American and Allied personnel overseas, as well as for the innocent citizens of those nations whose governments are cooperating with the U.S. in the War on Terror. Think a federal judge is going to quash a subpoena and give her a pass knowing full well that the story could be all al Qaeda needs to target a bunch of innocent Thai citizens? Considering recent precedent, do you think DOJ will be able to stop a prosecutor from seeking a media subpoena in such an investigation?

If the Justice Department investigates the leak -- and judging by the highly classified nature of the information, DOJ will have no choice but to launch an investigation -- then Dana Priest is either going to be doing the full Judy Miller or coughing up a source to avoid an extended stay at the Jailhouse B&B (okay, Judy did both). Stay tuned...

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In Case You Missed It…

By on 11.8.05 | 2:08PM

Thank goodness for Sen. John Cornyn, one of the few Republicans willing to stand up and push back against Democratic prevarication. On the floor yesterday he hit Sen. Harry Reid where it hurts:

SENATOR CORNYN: I wish to ask my colleagues, did President Clinton lie when he discussed the intelligence that led him to support the forced ouster of Saddam Hussein? Did he manipulate intelligence to justify his bombing in Iraq? Or did he rely upon the same intelligence that this administration and this Congress and our allies did when they came to the same conclusion that Saddam was a threat to the region and to the world? Are there Senators who today would renounce their vote to remove Saddam by force in October of 2002? Out of the bipartisan 77 who voted to authorize the use of force to remove Saddam Hussein, I have only learned of two who have said they regret that vote and would renounce it.

Before the war, a leading Democrat -- in fact, the Democratic leader -- clearly stated his position in Iraq. As of this morning, his quotation was still on his Senate Web site. It says:

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