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Hillary Clinton Wants Julian Castro for Veep

By on 5.18.15 | 2:09PM

The Democrats have finally admitted what we knew all along: far from being about fresh ideas and new faces, the DNC's 2016 ticket will be a showcase for the party's complete reliance on identity politics.

Hillary Clinton, whose only connection to "fresh" and "new" may be the marketing slogan for her preferred brand of adult undergarmets, is looking around, quite desperately, for a running mate who hasn't yet earned their AARP card. Word has it that they've settled on HUD Secretary Julian Castro. It seems he's everything the Democratic party really needs, by which I mean, a dedicated party man with a blank slate of policy leanings who just happens to be of a minority the Dems are in danger of losing. 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is likely to choose Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Julián Castro or another Hispanic politician to be her running mate, former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros said in an interview that will air Sunday.

Marlins Fire Mike Redmond; Name GM Dan Jennings New Manager - UPDATE

By on 5.17.15 | 7:49PM

The Miami Marlins have fired manager Mike Redmond. The firing occurred after the Marlins were nearly no-hit by Shelby Miller of the Atlanta Braves. 

The Marlins are 16-22 and 6 games back of the New York Mets in the NL East. They have lost six or their last seven games. 

Redmond was hired by the team prior to the 2013 season. The firing is a bit of a surprise given that Redmond had has contract extended two years after the 2014 season. Redmond went 155-207 in his two plus seasons at the helm of the Marlins

However, I think is a good move because I don't think Redmond has his players' backs. I didn't like how he ripped his ace Jose Fernandez after the Braves took exception to him hitting a home run late in the 2013 season.

Knowing What We Know

By on 5.17.15 | 11:58AM

I’m not defending Jeb Bush’s inept handling of it. But it was a dumb question to begin with.

Knowing what we know now, would we have elected Barack Obama President? Twice!?

Knowing what we know now, would we have allowed Muhammed Atta and his merry men to fly hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center?

Knowing what we know now, would George Will have decided to become a Chicago Cubs fan?

Knowing what we’ve known for a long time, is anyone surprised that the mainstream media has spent as much time as it has flogging this really dumb question? Presidential decisions, as well as all of our private ones, have to be made on the basis of what is known at the time the decision has to be made. Not on the basis of what we will know at decision + X years. But then nattering on in this pointless vein is a lot easier than doing solid reporting on the real issues facing the nation and the various candidates’ prospects of dealing with these successfully.

I Wish The Obama Admin Were as Concerned With Death Sentences Against Iranian Bloggers As They Are With Ex-Egyptian Presidents

By on 5.17.15 | 3:26AM

The State Department has expressed deep concern with the death sentence handed out against former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi for his role in the 2011 Muslim Brotherhood prison break.

Of course, an argument can be made that a death sentence against Morsi would turn him into a martyr not only for the Muslim Brotherhood, but for human rights activists. Not that Morsi was overly concerned with human rights when he was in power, but Morsi was democratically elected and disposed of in a coup and that will be enough for some people.

That all being said, I wish the Obama Administration would express the same deep concern when Iran sentenced blogger Soheil Arabi to death last December for "insulting the prophet of Islam" on a Facebook post

Obama: ‘Some Folks’ in New Israeli Government Don’t Want Two-State Solution

By on 5.17.15 | 2:35AM

In an interview with al-Arabiya, President Obama had this to say about peace prospects between Israel & The Palestinian Authority:

I continue to believe a two-state solution is absolutely vital for not only peace between Israeli & Palestinians, but for the long-term security of Israel as a democratic and Jewish state. I know that a government has been found that contains some folks who don't neccesarily believe in that premise, but that continues to be my premise.

I have two observations.

Boston Marathon Bomber Sentenced to Death

By on 5.15.15 | 4:02PM

The jury has just given Boston Marathon bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev the death penalty.

Despite the best efforts of Sister Helen Prejean to convince the jury of Tsarnaev's remorse, the jury didn't buy it. I guess Susan Sarandon wasn't available.

Tsarnaev can tell Sister Prejean he believes no one should have suffered like they did it doesn't change the fact that he placed a bag of explosives at the feet of an 8-year old boy and detonated them.

Yes, it's true that Martin Richard's parents didn't want the death penalty. But where is the justice in Tsarnaev getting three squares a day and a color TV?

It's true that Tsarnaev will appeal and the appeals process will take years. But under the circumstances this was the only viable decision the jury could make.

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

James O’Keefe and Judith Miller Talk Press Freedom

By on 5.15.15 | 12:05PM

Mention either James O'Keefe's or Judith Miller's name and you are likely to cause a stir.

Besides being two major figures in the world of journalism over the last decade, both have rarely shied away from stirring up controversy, whether with guerrilla stories that catch leftist organizations at their work (often unsavory), or with controversial missives from the Iraq War.

While both may draw up strong feelings in both supporters and detractors alike, neither can be said to have made no impact on the world of media — especially when you consider what both James and Judith have been through in the course of their work. Both have confronted their own media community, both have come under fire from their colleagues, and both have faced criminal penalties (Judith served 85 days in jail for refusing to give up her sources in the infamous Valerie Plame affair, James was arrested for criminal conspiracy, among other incidents).

The two sat down together a few weeks ago to discuss what it's like being ousted from the media's inner circle.

Krauthammer Swings & Misses on Giving Obama Fast Track Authority on TPP

By on 5.15.15 | 11:46AM

Like many conservatives, I have enormous admiration for Charles Krauthammer.

However, I must part company with him where it concerns giving President Obama fast track authority on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP):

One group of GOP opponents are traditional protectionists of the Pat Buchanan paleoconservative school of autarky. The others are conservatives so reflexively anti-Obama that they oppose anything he proposes, especially anything that appears to give him more authority.

Stephanopoulos Apologizes…Sort Of

By on 5.15.15 | 11:16AM

George Stephanopolous (I cannnot believe how many times I've had to write that name this week), has apologized for the conflict of interest he created when he deposited three $25,000 checks into the Clinton Foundation's bank account.

He is, it seems, incredibly sorry. And he would like to assure you that he knows he made a mistake - many mistakes, in fact - even though what he actually did was nothing more than caring far too deeply for the people of this world.

B.B. King, R.I.P.

By on 5.15.15 | 10:38AM

Legendary blues guitarist B.B. King passed away last night of complications of diabetes. He was 89.

The son of a Mississippi sharecropper, King's musical career spanned more than six decades. King was never far from his Gibson guitar, Lucille. He first named his guitar in Lucille after a fight and a fire broke out a club he was playing in Arkansas in 1949. King escaped the fire, but realized he left his guitar behind and risked his life to retrieve it. The following day he found out that two people had perished in the fire and the fight started over a woman named Lucille. He thus christened his guitar Lucille "as a reminder to never do anything as stupid as fight over a woman or enter a burning building again."