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A Waughful Mistake

By on 3.5.16 | 2:54PM

I was surprised to be reminded that Time still exists, but not at all surprised at the knee-slapper of a mistake its ill-read writers and editors committed recently on Time’s website.

One is entitled to wonder if the world benefits in any way from a list of “the 100 most popular female authors on college campuses.” But Time has served one up anyway. And at least it has given us a laugh, at the expense of Time’s expensively educated editorial staff.

#CPAC2016: Ted Cruz Wants a Path to Victory, Not a Brokered Convention

By and on 3.5.16 | 2:12PM

Ted Cruz wasted no time in hitting Donald Trump in his CPAC speech, a fitting beginning to a speech that would focus, primarily, on attaching the Republican frontrunner.

“Welcome to CPAC. So Donald Trump is skipping CPAC. I think someone told him Megyn Kelly was gonna be here. Or even worse, he was told conservatives were gonna be here. Or even worse, he was told that libertarians were gonna be here. Or even worse, they were told that there were gonna be young people who were gonna be here. None of you have a degree from Trump University?”

Cruz is, unquestionably, CPAC's favorite candidate. Trump provided little infrastructure in the way of bussed-in supporters, so while Cruz handled the errant cry of "Trump! Trump!" (with the help of loud "boos" from audience members) he was left free to dicuss his pie-in-the-sky, three-point plan to save America: "Jobs, Liberty, and Security." 

Come Back Jerry — All Is Forgiven

By on 3.5.16 | 10:52AM

If you liked the Jerry Springer Show, you loved Thursday night’s Republican insult rodeo and masa-cree: Tonight’s guest explains how she loves her boyfriend, in spite of his short fingers.

I’ve long said that the folks who disparage the fifties didn’t live through them. If, setting aside the real blight of Jim Crow, you believe we’ve made progress since then, try to picture candidate Dwight Eisenhower assuring the nation about the dimensions of his marriage tackle.

If there are any Republican “debates” left — and Gawd I hope there aren’t — Jerry should conduct them. Perhaps with help from Don Rickles.

#CPAC2016: Goodbye, Dr. Ben Carson

By on 3.5.16 | 9:55AM

In a move that surprised very few people, but still left the crowd at Friday’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) moaning with dismay, Ben Carson announced his withdrawal from the 2016 race for President.

“I am leaving the campaign trail,” Carson said, before promising to stay involved, primarily in order to encourage religious voters to turn out.

“God also acts through us,” Carson said. “I know President Obama said we’re not a Judeo-Christian nation. But he doesn’t get to decide; we get to decide what kind of a nation we are.”

Carson declined to give an endorsement, but laid out a series of fairly ambiguous criteria as to who should earn the audience’s vote for President.”

So About Last Night

By on 3.4.16 | 11:44AM

I've been at CPAC since Wednesday night. It has not been pretty. Trump is not beloved among the grassroots or the Establishment. Ben Carson still has a booth with a presence here. eople are wearing skirts that cannot be adequately described as "appropriate."  Al Jazeera tried to talk me out of joining the NRA, and then this morning, I asked a man dressed as a Minuteman whether he was voting for Trump. He wasn't, got suuuuuper offended, informed me that he was Thomas Jefferson and huffed away. So, basically, I offended a Founding Father. 

But instead of talking about what's happening here, and the collective gray cloud that has decended on a conservative movement suddenly coming to grips with the idea that everything they've worked their entire lives for will be blown away in an instant by a man whose most emphatic statement during last night's debate had to do not with his policy, but with his penis size, let's briefly discuss the moment our political discourse turned into a debate about tiny fingers.

Trump’s “They’ll Do As I Tell Them” is Like Saying “When The President Does It That Means It’s Not Illegal.”

By on 3.3.16 | 11:45PM

Just one more thing about the debate I wanted to single out.

When Trump was questioned about ordering the military to torture or to engage in otherwise illegal conduct, he said on more than one occasion, "They'll do as I tell them."

From where I sit that's basically like saying, "When the President does it that means it's not illegal."

As much as Ben Stein might admire Nixon, we all know how well that turned out.

Fox News Michigan GOP Debate Post-Mortem (Or Did We Witness The Beginning of The John Kasich Surge?)

By on 3.3.16 | 11:33PM

I have just finished watching the FNC debate in Detroit and here are my observations.

The debate audience was incredibly raucous especially during the first half of the debate. This audience seemed to be with Trump especially when he hit his standard lines on the wall with Mexico and stance on torture. When Megyn Kelly pointed out his contradictory statements on Afghanistan, Syrian refugees and Bush/WMDs in Iraq, he responded in an utterly incoherent manner the audience didn't bat an eyelash. They were buying what Trump was selling. At least at the beginning. 

Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz got in some good jabs at Trump like when Cruz told Trump that he had a tenuous relationship with the truth or when Rubio suggested that Trump could do yoga because his positions were flexible. But for the most part, Trump talked over them. He was not going to let himself be double teamed again. The audience didn't buy Rubio's explanation about immigration and Cruz's answer North Korea putting its nuclear arms in ready mode didn't inspire confidence.

Zoe Saldana is Being Judged By The Color Of Her Skin Not The Content of Her Performance as Nina Simone

By on 3.3.16 | 6:15PM


Yesterday, the trailer for Nina, the upcoming biopic of renowned jazz pianist and singer Nina Simone set to be released next month, came out online and all hell broke loose.

The controversy centers around lead actress Zoe Saldana. Best known for roles in blockbuster movies such as Avatar and Guardians of The Galaxy, the casting of Saldana has angered many because of her ethnicity including Simone's estate which menacingly tweeted, "Cool story but please take Nina's name out your mouth. For the rest of your life," after Saldana posted a picture of herself as Simone on her Instagram account.

Donald Trump Will Make Healthcare Great Again

By on 3.3.16 | 1:32PM

My gut feeling is that Donald Trump is getting nervous ahead of tonight's debate. Last time, he was effectively stymied by an aggressive Ted Cruz, who brought an abrupt end to Trump's onstage bluster by asking for policy specifics. This time, no one is going to put baby in a corner.

Behold: Donald Trump's seven point plan for Making Healthcare Great Again. Or rather, Healthcare to Make American Great Again: