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Native Hawaiians: Victory!

By on 6.8.06 | 1:46PM

Native Hawaiians loses cloture by four votes. 56 to 41.

Cochran Aye

By on 6.8.06 | 1:42PM

It's an odd vote for a guy with a 5 percent NAACP rating, and an 85 percent ATR rating.

Native Hawaiians: Brownback No

By on 6.8.06 | 1:37PM

A presidential campaign is saved (for now).

More Native Hawaiians Vote

By on 6.8.06 | 1:36PM

Chafee no. A little primary pressure can be helpful.

Lieberman, Snowe, Collins: aye.

Native Hawaiians Cloture

By on 6.8.06 | 1:27PM

Few surprises, but one question answered: McCain votes aye.

The Left’s Dilemma

By on 6.8.06 | 12:58PM

They can't admit that the Zarqawi hit is a major victory, for fear of saying that we're succeeding in Iraq. But they also can't fail to say -- as Pelosi and Kerry have - that this proves we can cut and run, bring all the troops home by the end of the year. It's satisfying to see them squirm. But not nearly as much as to see how our troops are getting the job done in Iraq. Let's see if the Iraqis can make the most of this and get their government really settled.

I'll be on Kudlow & Company (CNBC) about 1700 EDT talking about this and more.

Refineries Needed

By on 6.8.06 | 12:38PM

The House did a little-noticed good thing yesterday in passing a bill aimed at boosting domestic refining capacity by streamlining the excessively bureaucratic permitting process for new or expanded facilities. Unfortunately, reports the Wall Street Journal, the Democrats in the Senate are expected to block the bill. Unbelievable. Gasoline prices have more than doubled in three years in large part because of a lack of refining capacity (combined with Demo-inspired bans on drilling in many, many places). Yet even now, even when the bill in question would not RELAX environmental regs but instead only help force regulatory agencies to stop their foot-dragging, the Senate Dems apparently remain too in thrall to the environmental extremists to approve such a necessary and commonsense measure. Read the story on page A-8 of the WSJ. The Dems really are outrageous.

On Bilbray, etc.

By on 6.8.06 | 12:32PM

For what it's worth, the UK Guardian's online mag asked my take on the meaning of the Bilbray victory. Short answer: Status quo, with harbingers that could scare BOTH parties. Full answer: here.

Death Tax Stays, But What About Race-Based Hawaii?

By on 6.8.06 | 12:07PM

The death tax failed to meet cloture this morning, 57-41. Now Native Hawaiians will be up for a cloture vote at 12:45 p.m.

Coulter’s Good One-Liner

By on 6.8.06 | 12:04PM

Amidst the understandable brouhaha about Ann Coulter's criticism of certain 9/11 widows, what gets lost is that her GOOD one-liners are often SO good that nobody else can compare. In an interview yesterday with Robert Stacy McCain of the Washington Times (also mentioned in his blog "Donkey Cons," named after the book by the same name he co-wrote with Lynn Vincent), Coulter came up with this humdinger:

Q (from McCain): In a previous book, you said, "Liberals simply can't grasp the problem Lexis-Nexis poses to their incessant lying." Why have liberals become so hostile to facts?

A (from Coulter): Actually, to be fair, the facts were hostile to liberals first.

Gotta love it.

Which proves that she doesn't actually have to be outrageous to make a very sharp point, with humor.