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Mike Huckabee Releases Bizarre “Hello” Ad

By on 1.27.16 | 1:39PM

To be fair to Mike Huckabee, although this ad might be the most bizarre thing we've seen in the Presidential horserace yet, it did remind me that, yes, Mike Huckabee is still in the horserace for President, and that's 90% of why it was released. 

By all rights, Iowa is Huckabee's golden land. Most of Iowa's caucus-goers are solidly Evangelical, many of them are social conservatives (in fact, Iowa is one of the few places where social conservatism is still a thriving and reliable demographic). Iowans have a reputation for embracing crony Capitalism, often in the form of ethanol subsidies, and, in the past, they've been very open to Huck's message of big government Republicanism - a state that embraces limited government where possible, but also prefers a presence in your refridgerator and your bedroom. 

And yet, Huckabee can't get any traction anywhere in the US. So he's forced to make a spoof Adele video to remind you he exists. Which I shall now bless you with.

Is Trump Afraid of Megyn Kelly…Or Ted Cruz?

By on 1.27.16 | 1:30PM

Donald Trump has pulled out of the Fox News debate in Iowa, ostensibly because he was terrified that Megyn Kelly might ask him tough questions.

Last time, the Fox prime time talking head had the nerve to make things difficult for Trump, asking him detailed questions about his past affiliations and activities, and whether he truly felt he was a serious candidate for the American Presidency. After a two day temper tantrum, which included an alleged threat made by Trump's camp to Fox News regarding Kelly's safety - at least according to Fox News - the network refused to pull Kelly as a questioner and the Donald dropped out.

U.S. Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump withdrew on Tuesday from a debate with party rivals this week out of anger at host Fox News (FOXA.O), leaving the last encounter before Iowa's pivotal nominating contest without the front-runner.

Will Iowa Voters Have Second Thoughts About Trump Bailing From GOP Debate?

By on 1.26.16 | 11:22PM

So Donald Trump refuses to participate in Thursday's GOP debate.

Given that this debate is being held in Iowa 72 hours ahead of the Iowa Caucus this doesn't sound like a smart move. If many Iowa voters make up their minds about who to support in the caucuses in this same 72 hour period what are they to make of someone of the frontrunner who refuses to show up for the debate?

Trump is running the risk of coming off like a frontrunner who thinks he has the race in the bag and unwilling to close the deal. I'm sure the folks in the Ted Cruz camp are jumping for joy. Ditto for Marco Rubio. If Trump is absent look for a lot more head butting between Cruz and Rubio. Trump's absence is going to mean they are going to get a second look and not a moment too soon. This could be the best thing to have happened to the Republican Party in six months.

Abe Vigoda, R.I.P. (I Was Just Talking About Him Earlier Today)

By on 1.26.16 | 5:13PM

Actor Abe Vigoda, best known for his portrayal of Tessio in The Godfather (with a brief cameo at the conclusion of The Godfather, Part II) and as Lieutenant Fish on Barney Miller as well as a shortlived spin-off Fish, died this morning at the age of 94.

Vigoda earned a bit of unwanted fame in the early 1980's when People Magazine erroneously reported his death. A few years later, a TV station in New Jersey had told the world he was dead. No doubt there were people hoping that the news was wrong yet again. Not this time.

Houston Grand Jury Investigates Planned Parenthood Videos, Indicts CMP Investigators

By on 1.26.16 | 1:13PM

Judging by the reaction from the Left, you'd think the Center for Medical Progress and its leadership, including President David Daleiden, were being dragged away to be tarred, feathered and covered in Planned Parenthood literature. But no.

We don't have many details on the individual charges - or a Houston grand jury determined they were committing crimes while attempting to expose Planned Parenthood's baby parts trade but suffice it to say, it's a bit scary for the organization, which worked tirelessly to publicly demonstrate not only Planned Parenthood's bizarre involvement in human experimentation, but also its callous approach to its "womens health" focus. According to the Washington Post, Daleidin and his associate will face off against the Houston DA on two counts: one of organ trafficking (which is a misdemeanor), and one of "tampering with a government record"  (I assume over presenting false identification, a felony). 

Anyone But Trump

By on 1.26.16 | 12:58PM

I have gotten a blizzard (!) of e-mails over the past day or so, along with several comments here at Cafe Hayek and on Facebook, expressing support for Donald Trump on the following grounds: “He’s better than any Democrat.”

I disagree. I would much prefer a Pres. Sanders or a Pres. O’Malley than Trump. (I’m less certain about a Pres. H. Clinton, but I think that I’d even prefer a Pres. H. Clinton to a Pres. Trump.) My reasons are two:

(1) As one sensible commenter (I forget who) said, with any of the three Democrats we pretty much know what we’ll get; with Trump, there is no such knowledge. And while what we’ll get with any of the three Democrats will indeed be bad, I can imagine even worse coming from someone such as Trump.

Police Protect Jews at LGBT Conference Turned Violent by Anti-Israel Protesters

By on 1.26.16 | 11:36AM

Nearly 200 anti-Israel protestors stormed Friday’s gay rights Creating Change Conference at the Chicago Hilton, hosted by the National LGBTQ Task Force, forcing the cancellation of an event hosted by the Israeli LGBTQ group A Wider Bridge.

video posted by the Gay Liberation Network (GLN) reveals a volatile situation as Jews trying to leave the area are being physically stopped by protesters shouting orders of “Occupy, Occupy,” while a man trying to leave the area is heard shouting “you’re pushing me.”

The Cavalier Treatment of David Blatt

By on 1.25.16 | 8:05PM

If not for the AFC and NFC Finals yesterday, the Cleveland Cavaliers abrupt firing of head coach David Blatt would have been this weekend's biggest sports story.

Despite having a 30-11 record (which was the best record in the NBA Eastern Conferrence), it wasn't good enough. LeBron James claimed he was surprised by Blatt's firing, but people close to Blatt aren't buying it. King LeBron rules Cleveland and Cleveland wasn't big enough for both him and Blatt. As a result of the Israeli-born Blatt, James has become as unpopular in the Jewish state as Iran. Basketball has long been Israel's most popular sport. 

Media Bias Monday: The Decline of Al Jazeera

By on 1.25.16 | 3:38PM

This month, Al Jazeera America has announced it is going out of business. That's no surprise as that anti-American network's US operations were never successful.

The parent network, Al Jazeera, was already in trouble, as it has a reputation for being anti-American (it has even made a documentary sympathetic to 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden). It's owners, who rely on oil sales for support, face decreasing fuel prices (at least $2 a gallon in most US gas stations on the east coast) - such problems aren't helping the Qatar-based news service's woes. But clearly, Al Jazeera America had even bigger problems: the market has spoken and has decided nobody wants to see America painted as an oppressive villain to Islam and to the entire world.