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Tzipi Livni: The Hillary Clinton of Israeli Politics

By on 3.16.15 | 10:26PM

In a last minute decision, Tzipi Livni announced that she will not serve as Prime Minister should the Zionist Camp win tomorrow's Israeli elections. 

Livni's Hatnuah had formed an alliance with Isaac Herzog's Labor Party at the outset of the election campaign. They had agreed that if the Zionist Camp came to power, Herzog would serve as Prime Minister for two years and then hand off power to Livni.

Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid believe that Netanyahu and Herzog are going to form a national unity government.

Anything is possible, but given the animosity between Bibi and Bougie I think it is highly unlikely. The more plausible explanation is that Livni was a drag on the Zionist Camp ticket

I know Israel broke the glass ceiling with Golda Meir more than 45 years ago. Nevertheless, Livni could be the Hillary Clinton of Israeli politics.



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Follow Me on Twitter (If You’re Into That Sort of Thing)

By on 3.16.15 | 9:11PM

Today, I made a spontaneous decision to join Twitter. 

It's a work in progress.

A short time I was alerted that Sarah Palin had retweeted my Bibi vs. Barack article. Upon further investigation, the retweet came from one of her fan sites.

But not bad for my first day.

I still won't sign up for Facebook though. Not yet anyway.

If you are inclined to follow me I can be found at the following link: 

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Why Pete Rose Has No Chance of Being Reinstated

By on 3.16.15 | 4:53PM

MLB's all-time hit king Pete Rose has formally applied to new MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for reinstatement into the game. If his application is successful, Rose would be eligible for Hall of Fame consideration.

But I ain't holding my breath.

Over at The Bleacher Report, Tyler Conway cites an interview former Commissioner Faye Vincent did with Steven Marcus of Newsday last month which pretty much sums up why Rose will never be reinstated:

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Bibi: No Palestinian State As Long As I’m Israel’s PM

By on 3.16.15 | 4:16PM

With only hours before Israelis goes to the polls, Benjamin Netanyahu has proclaimed there will be no Palestinian state as long as he is Prime Minister.

“I think anyone who is going to establish a Palestinian state and to evacuate territory is giving radical Islam a staging ground against the State of Israel,” said Netanyahu.

Perhaps Bibi feels liberated and has nothing to lose by going bold.

Of course, if he does remain in power the Obama Administration will move heaven and earth to pressure him into resuming negotiations with a Palestinian Authority now backed by Hamas. Throw in the Obama Administration's desperation to get a nuclear agreement with Iran, it would be a very rough 22 months for Bibi and Israel and Netanyahu might have to very well give ground. But there could be light at the end of the tunnel if someone like Scott Walker were elected President.

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Why Not Just a Burka?

By on 3.16.15 | 3:20PM

The Koran prohibits homosexuality but not, apparently, cross-dressing. I particularly like the bra that the first ISIS warrior is wearing, but suspect he got it off some unfortunate captured woman. Really, wouldn’t a burka have been enough to disguise that fact that these guys were men?

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American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran Responds to 7-Year Old Son’s Birthday Invitation

By on 3.16.15 | 3:20PM


Like most 6-year-olds, Jacob Abedini sat with a black pen in hand and excitedly sent out invitations to his seventh birthday party Tuesday. But the guest whose attendance is most important won't be there -- his father, American Pastor Saeed Abedini, who remains locked inside an Iranian prison because of Christian faith.

Abedini, a U.S. citizen and 34-year-old married father of two from Idaho, has been held in Iran for two and a half years after being accused of proselytizing in the Islamic republic. The American Center for Law and Justice and Abedini's family have pleaded with the U.S. and UN officials to secure his release -- including a meeting between the man's wife, Naghmeh Abedini, and President Obama earlier this year in Idaho that renewed hope for the family.

As the U.S. conducts sensitive negotiations with Iran over its nuclear ambitions, the family is left wondering about the status of Abedini -- especially his young son Jacob.

A copy of the birthday invitation 6-year-old Jacob Abedini sent to his father, American Pastor Saeed Abedini, who remains imprisoned in Iran. (ACLJ)

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Team Clinton Says Personal History Is Important - If You’re Marco Rubio

By on 3.16.15 | 2:12PM

Team Ready for Hillary is incensed.

The prospective candidate must be held accountable! This person's history must be laid bare for everyone to see! Questionable friendships must be discussed, alliances must be disclosed and everyone must now know who they are, where they were, and why they were together!

They're talking about Marco Rubio of course. That mild-mannered, soft-spoken Senator from Florida whose past is plagued with scandal and intrigue, belly-up law firms, deleted emails, and flung lighting. Oh, wait. Sorry. That's Hillary Clinton. But it doesn't change that Ready for Hillary wants something done and wants it done now, because personal accountability is paramount where political candidates are concerned.

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Memo to Michelle: Ensuring That Every Girl Can Learn

By on 3.16.15 | 1:13PM

In this morning’s WSJ Michelle Obama asks us to help educate girls globally—Third World countries in particular—which is to say we are to shell out more of what’s left of our disposable income after six years of the Administration’s profligacy for this undeniably worthy cause. However, we know that more money spent on education won’t work abroad any more than it has worked at home.

A much better idea would be for Michelle’s husband to use his bully pulpit to advocate for girls’ education. He had a recent occasion to do so when he visited Saudi Arabia to mourn the passing of the old king and celebrate the passing of absolute power to the new king.

He might have said something about human rights in general. For example, he might have suggested that holding two beheadings in his honor during his visit was perhaps overkill, and that the more traditional killing of the fatted lamb might have been more appropriate in these modern times.

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Dems Defecting on Iran Deal

By on 3.16.15 | 12:47PM

They may not be happy that Sen. Tom Cotton went to the trouble of drafting a letter to the President reminding him that he needs to run any Iranian nuclear deal by Congress before emptying the silos and shipping off the yellowcake (which, it seems, was never actually sent to Iran), but that doesn't make Congressional Democrats any less likely to bristle at the thought of coming to the bargaining table with the mullahs.

Democrats - including the Administration - assumed, at least according to POLITICO and other media outlets, that Cotton's letter would make it easier to pick off Democrats who had previously expressed conscern at the Administration's willingness to engage in talks with Iran. After a week of signature-gathering and snarky responses, however, the White House hasn't managed to pick up any support it didn't already have. And skeptical Democrats are still being maddeningly skeptical.

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Ted Cruz Scares a Small Child, Probably

By on 3.16.15 | 12:24PM

This is a better than usual Monday morning, mostly because it's 70 degrees in Chicago and I've been watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt nonstop on Netflix. But also because a number of liberal outlets have been posting this "damning" video of Ted Cruz "making a small child cry" at an event over the weekend. 

Apparently, while addressing a small collection of New Hampshire voters as though that weren't a precursor to exploring a Presidential run (after all, why else would you go to Nw Hampshire?), Ted Cruz told the audience that the world "is on fire," and it made one little girl, Julie Trant, a bit concerned. 

Now, while it may be understandable to be terrified of Ted Cruz, for various reasons and at various times, it seems fairly overblown to suggest that this three-year-old is going to be permanently scarred by her encounter with Senator Cruz. After all, that sequinned green top hat in the video frame is far more likely to give any reasonable person nightmares.

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