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Thoughts on Fox Hiring Pete Rose

By on 4.19.15 | 12:59AM

Ken Rosenthal of the MLB Network has revealed that Fox has hired Pete Rose to be an in studio analyst for its pre-game shows and various other MLB programs on both the Fox and FS1 networks.

I think this is a great addition. It goes without saying that the game's all-time hit leader knows the game. But he also knows the game's history.

Rose, who turned 74 earlier this week, was banned from MLB in 1989 following an investigation which determined he bet on baseball. This ban bars him from being at present at MLB facilities. However, Rose will be confined to studio work and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has no objection to the hire.

Rose recently applied for reinstatement in the game last month. I made the case that I did not think Charlie Hustle would ever be reinstated.

Saletan: Republicans Who Prefer Netanyahu Over Obama Aren’t Loyal Americans

By on 4.18.15 | 1:37AM

William Saletan of Slate has written about how several recent polls have shown that Republicans are more supportive of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu than they are of President Obama. In particular, Saletan focuses on a Bloomberg poll which asks respondents to indicate one of the following two statements with which they agree:

1. “Israel is an ally but we should pursue America’s interests when we disagree with them.” 

2. “Israel is an important ally, the only democracy in the region, and we should support it even if our interests diverge.” 

Newsweek: Hillary’s Chipotle Visit ‘Historic’

By on 4.17.15 | 3:56PM

I would like to think this headline from Newsweek is simply being sarcastic, but I doubt this is the case:

Who Reported on Hillary Clinton's Historic Chipotle Visit, and How?

This headline was written by people who have no conception of what is and isn't historical.

Abraham Lincoln speaking at the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg and saying, "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal," is historic.

Ronald Reagan speaking in front of the Brandenburg Gate and saying, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," is historic.

Hillary going to a Chipotle counter and saying, "I'll have a chicken bowl with a side of guacamole," is not historic.

If Hillary has a hankering for a slurpee I cannot begin to imagine how the press would describe her visit to 7-Eleven.

Parents of Martin Richard Call Upon Prosecutors Not to Seek Death Penalty Against Boston Marathon Bomber

By on 4.17.15 | 1:12PM

Bill & Denise Richard have written an op-ed in The Boston Globe calling upon federal prosecutors not to seek the death penalty against Boston Marathon bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev. They are the parents of Martin Richard, the 8-year old boy whom Tsarnaev placed his knapsack of explosives next to near the finish line. Richard was one of three people killed in the attack two years ago. Their daughter Jane lost a leg while Denise Richard lost an eye and Bill Richard sustained damage to his hearing.

The Richards argue that if Tsarnaev is sentenced to death that their family will be subject to the pain of what happened through the seemingly never ending appeals process:

Gwyneth Paltrow Fails the SNAP Challenge

By on 4.17.15 | 12:46PM

I know you were all waiting with bated breath to find out if Gwyneth finished her food stamp challenge after spending her "weekly allowance" of $29 in SNAP funds on the ingredients for guacamole, some eggs and seven - seriously, seven - limes. 

Well, I'm sorry to say that poor Gwyneth, saddled as she is with the burden of caring for all of us little people, was not able to successfully navigate a single week of eating like an ordinary human being. After posting the photo of what she'd used her $29 to purchase (which, I suspect was just the first $29 worth of items on her extensive Whole Foods, delivered-in grocery program) on Thursday, she cheated almost immediately, attending two pricey fundraisers, one of which saw her chowing down on couture food truck cuisine from famed LA chef Roy Choi. 

Rubio Rolls

By on 4.17.15 | 9:40AM

It didn’t take long. Mere days after Marco Rubio announced he would seek the Republican nomination for president with a right-populist message, a Mason-Dixon poll shows him slightly ahead of Jeb Bush in Florida.

Rubio’s 31 to 30 Florida lead is within the margin of error. But these numbers, as well as Bush’s sinking polls in New Hampshire, are blows to the conventional view that Bush III is the inevitable Republican nominee.

There is also some evidence that Rubio will have enough money to tell his story. He raised $1.25 million in campaign cash the first day after his announcement.

Fred’s Thought of the Day: Scooby Driving With Hillary

By on 4.16.15 | 8:35PM

Hillary may be back in New York and living the “Lincoln Town Car” lifestyle. But let’s hope we have her out campaigning soon in what she calls, a “Scooby” van. As any former child who watched even a modicum of Saturday morning television or a current parent whose child channels surfs or streams knows, the van in the Scooby Doo TV show is not named “Scooby.” Rather it’s “The Mystery Machine,” and says so right on its side panels. No matter what the media may say, the “Mystery Machine” moniker is important, as the arrival of Hillary’s black vehicle will leave long-time Hillary watchers and neophytes alike with breathless anticipation as to what's in this mystery van.

ESPN Should Fire Britt McHenry UPDATED

By on 4.16.15 | 5:01PM

I must admit I've never heard of ESPN reporter Britt McHenry. But after watching this video, I think ESPN should fire her.

Earlier this month, McHenry had her vehicle towed. Sure that's liable to make anyone mad. But McHenry is one nasty piece of work. Despite being warned that she was on videotape, McHenry berated an unnamed female parking lot attendant making demeaning comments about her education and physical appearance such as “I’m on television and you’re in a f#*king trailer, honey," and “Lose some weight, baby girl.”

McHenry has since apologized, but the only thing she's sorry about is that she got caught. The apology is mealy-mouthed and at no point does she actually apologize to the person to whom she directed her vitriol.

I realize this occurred while McHenry was away from work and that she did not break the law. Again, being upset is one thing, but McHenry was positively beaming when she made those comments. If I were an executive at ESPN, I would not want Britt McHenry representing the company.

Clinton Team Interviews, Buses In “Real Iowans”

By on 4.16.15 | 4:21PM

I was hanging on to this for a retrospective of Hillary Clinton's first week, but it's too good to leave on the cutting room floor.

By now, you've no doubt heard that Hillary Clinton is doing her best to avoid interacting with any poor people, by which she means basically everyone. Just this morning, our Presidential candidate who insists that her age is not an obstacle to her abilities, avoided having to do such a common thing as walk across a parking lot by taking up a handicap space. And just yesterday, when sitting down to talk about the needs and wants to "everyday Iowans," it turned out that her staff had not only engaged the group in an intensive interview process, but had actually bussed them in from surrounding cities

Hillary Clinton's astroturf candidacy is in full swing in Iowa.

Thoughts on Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel

By on 4.16.15 | 4:00PM

Holocaust Memorial Day was observed in Israel today as it has been every year of its existence.

For two minutes, the entire country virtually comes to a halt as you can see from the video I've linked to from a year ago.

I don't think there's anything else like it in the world. Then again there's nothing like The Holocaust.

But that could change.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words when he likened Iran's ambitions to those of Nazi Germany in a speech delivered at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem:

The Nazis sought to crush civilization and have a master race rule the Earth while destroying the Jewish people. In that same way, Iran seeks to dominate the region and to spread outward from there, with the declared intention of destroying the Jewish state.