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Re: Nominating Kofi’s Successor

By on 6.5.06 | 2:15PM

Yassir Arafat? Mickey Mouse? Ok, the UN is a fictional force for peace. At this rate, we'll be nominating every fictional character, even Lindsay Graham. Why not Tony Soprano? He'd at least hold UN employees accountable for job performance.

Before Kofi Leaves…

By on 6.5.06 | 1:17PM

Ok, our "name the Sec Gen" effort is well under way. But before we say goodbye to ol' Kof, he's got another shot to take at us: he's written an op-ed in the WSJ on immigration that's taken from John McCain's talking points on the Senate bill. Anyone who is lacking reasons to defeat the Senate sludge should think: when was the last time Kofi endorsed something that was good for America?

Re: Nominating Kofi’s Successor

By on 6.5.06 | 12:50PM

Early leaders: Ray Nagin and Eliot Spitzer. Keep 'em coming folks. And don't forget our pals from abroad. I'm thinking about Al-Jazeera's spokesman: Jihad Ballout. (No, I'm not making that name up. My imagination ain't that good.)

Re: Nominating Kofi’s Successor

By on 6.5.06 | 11:45AM

Dear Lady G: Who could possibly forget Little Billy? And I have to add to the rules: anyone who nominates any suitable nitwit has to give the best reasons for the nom. And I hereby disqualify Harriett Miers. We don't need another round of reasons why she shouldn't get an elevated post.

RE: Nominating Kofi’s Successor

By on 6.5.06 | 11:10AM

Jed: You forgot about our dear, dear friend, Mr. Bill Clinton, former president of the United States, and all-around friend to the world. He'll be done with his latest book by then, and should be looking for something to do, sans any further global warming crises.

Nominating Kofi’s Successor

By on 6.5.06 | 10:58AM

The UN is inviting its members to submit nominations of candidates to succeed Kofi Annan as Secretary General. So why should they have all the fun?

Please post your nominations in the comments section. To give you a head start, how about some of these folks for the next Sec Gen?

Alec Baldwin

Noam Chomsky

Michael Moore

Kojo Annan

Cindy Sheehan

Howard Dean

You get the idea. Fire away. I'll pick a winner at week's end.

T is for Todd Seavey

By on 6.5.06 | 10:20AM

So apparently a bunch of anarchists in Guy Fawkes masks gathered recently in front of the offices of DC Comics to protest the comic giant's lack of due diligence in allowing "a multi-billion corporation like Time Warner" to "in the presentation of a film version of V for Vendetta to a mass audience, strike the notion of anarchy as a solution to state control." Todd Seavey, editor of the always fascinating Health Facts and Fears website, decided to engage in a bit of patriotic dissent (this is, after all, the Age of the Dixie Chicks), colorfully captured in this blog post by Valerie D'Orazio (A.K.A. Kamikaze Girl).

Here's a bite before the whole delicious meal: