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Nofziger, a great man

By on 3.28.06 | 9:42AM

We'll have more on this later today, I feel certain, but for now please let me put in my two cents mourning the death of, but celebrating the life of, loyal Reaganite and world-class character Lyn Nofziger. What a true conservative, what a wonderfully un-egotistical, what an approachable and authentic and principled man he was! As a college student in the early/mid 1980s I attended the Conservative Political Action Conference three straight years and always thought one of the highlights each year was whatever panel Nofziger sat on. He never pulled punches, never trimmed his sails, always gave his opinions unvarnished. He was entertaining, funny, irreverent, delightful. And later on he wrote a few western novels; I read the first one of them just two years ago. "Tackett," it was called, and it was simple and fun, a great bit of old-fashioned storytelling. Tackett was a good man, and so was the author who created his exploits. May he rest in peace, as he rests always in our highest esteem.

Folded Card, or a Shakeup?

By on 3.28.06 | 8:19AM

I heard news of Andy Card's resignation on NPR as I drove in. The commentator (Nina Totenberg, I think) promised more on "the shakeup" later in the day.

A shakeup? Not so fast. He's been there five years. He's reported to only sleep five or so hours a night. For any mortal, this is overdue. A shakeup would be welcome (especially in the Communications Office -- ahem!), but one tired guy resigning does not a shakeup make.

Andy Card Resigns

By on 3.28.06 | 8:00AM

The new White House Chief of Staff will be Office of Management and Budget Director Josh Bolten.

Union Label on Immigration Protests?

By on 3.28.06 | 7:00AM

What's with the "Jobs With Justice" signs at the Boston immigration protest? Jobs With Justice is a union project. That would make the Boston protest not-so-spontaneous.

Conrad to Fight

By on 3.27.06 | 8:02PM

Forgot to follow up on this one late last week: Sen. Conrad Burns did not pull out of his reelection race. In fighting spirits for his reelection campaign this year, he gave a "podium-pounding speech" Saturday night to rally supporters. It'll be one long, hard road: He's drawn three primary opponents. Three Democrats are vying for the chance to face him in the general.

Saying No to the Academic Bill of Rights

By on 3.27.06 | 5:36PM

As someone who who doesn't believe the wrong of liberal bias in the classroom should be countered with the creation of conservative bias in others--the "what kind of sheep shall we raise" argument is not convincing to people such as myself who are not interested in herding any sheep--I was particularly interested in this bit from a fascinating Opinion Journal interview with Thomas Sowell.

Mr. Sowell may be an unabashed free-market adherent, but he's proud to say that Professor Sowell left his personal views out of the classroom. In his 2000 memoir, "A Personal Odyssey," he relates an episode in which some students approached him after taking his graduate seminar on Marxian theory. They expressed appreciation for the course but added, "We still don't know what your opinion is on Marxism." He took it as an unintended compliment.

Today on the Hugh Hewitt Show

By on 3.27.06 | 4:53PM

I'll be subbing for Hugh again tonight. Tune in. You're not going to want to miss John Fund on the Taliban at Yale, Michael Barone on this year's elections and a whole bunch more. 6-9 EST on the Salem Radio Network.

Bittersweet Progress

By on 3.27.06 | 3:53PM

My heart doesn't well with joy at this sight.

Don’t Mess With Nino

By on 3.27.06 | 2:51PM

Icarus Fallen noticed a classic Scalia moment. As he left the Red Mass in Boston yesterday, a reporter asked "if he fends off a lack of flak for publicly celebrating his conservative Roman Catholic beliefs."

Justice Scalia replied with a gesture with his fist under his chin. "That's Sicilian," he said, "It's none of their business." Hear, hear!

Cow Hampshire

By on 3.27.06 | 2:15PM

For the Spectator's impressively strong contingent of New Hampshire readers as well as those who admire the state from afar, here's a great new blog dedicated to all things Granite State.