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Oriana Fallaci, RIP

By on 9.15.06 | 10:13AM

Oriana Fallaci, a truly brave journalist, died in Italy today.

Michelle Malkin has a comprehensive roundup of her jeremiads against jihad. George Neumayr wrote last year about her troubles with the Italian authorities.

Today on Hugh Hewitt

By on 9.15.06 | 8:45AM

I'm subbing for Hugh again today, and there's no lack of things to talk about. We'll discuss the special place in hell reserved for Richard Armitage, the McCain/Graham/Warner obstacle to the president's legislation on detainee treatment and a bunch more. Guests include the Beltway Boys (Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke) and Larry Kudlow. Hope ya can tune in. We'll be asking you to drink from the information firehose.

Rhode Island Lessons

By on 9.14.06 | 3:26PM

In a post on TAPPED, Robert Kuttner writes:

The Republican story on Connecticut and Rhode Island, repeated a little too credulously by much of the press, is that the Dems shoved aside their moderate incumbent, Joe Lieberman, while the Republicans wisely kept theirs, Lincoln Chafee. But hold on a minute. Didn't voters in both states' primaries choose the guy who is opposed to Bush's Iraq War?

TNR Winning Back Its Circulation

By on 9.14.06 | 3:23PM

As I noted earlier in the year, The New Republic's rhetoric is getting more extreme in what is probably an attempt to win back the left-wing subscribers it lost in the last few years. (Or, maybe it's because the folks at TNR genuinely want to turn hard left--not sure which is worst).

Today TNR continues the trend by labeling Club for Growth as "tax-cutting maniacs." What, exactly, have the people running CFG done to warrant the term "maniacs"? Be vigorous and uncompromising in promoting the issues they care about? If so, does that mean that we can now refer to NARAL as pro-abortion maniacs or Families USA as government-run health care maniacs?

That is one of the results of adopting the mentality of the political extremes: you don't much think about the consequences of using inflammatory rhetoric.

Who Needs People When You Have a Mouse?

By on 9.14.06 | 3:20PM

Belo's largest circulation newspaper is downsizing:

The Dallas Morning News said today that 111 newsroom employees have accepted buyouts.

"The number of confirmed acceptances meets our strategic newsroom realignment goals, and we have a very deep and capable team of about 450 professionals to continue producing a newspaper of distinction," Jim Moroney, publisher of the paper, said in a statement. "As we empower reporters and photographers to further apply methods in new media to communicate stories, our emphasis will remain squarely on excellence in every regard."

Translation: The writers and graphics people we have left will largely depend on trolling the Internet for information.

James Webb, Alito And The Post

By on 9.14.06 | 2:45PM

An article in today's Washington Post reads:   

Virginia/>/>'s U.S. Senate race turned nasty Wednesday as Republican Sen. George Allen launched a character attack on his Democratic opponent's past views toward women in combat, signaling the start of a two-month barrage of negative campaigning in what has become a close race.



Canadian Columbine

By on 9.14.06 | 2:08PM

Every tragedy contains a little lesson. The Montreal killings informs us that the perpetrator, Kimveer Gill, was fond of playing the Internet game, "Super Columbine Massacre." The lesson: there is such a game. Derivative lesson: it can't be long now.