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A Sad Day for the Republic

By on 11.28.05 | 7:05PM

Rep. Cunningham resigned from office after pleading guilty to taking bribes today. While it's a sad day for citizens who trust elected officials, there are two bright aspects: 1- Justice is apparently being served, and 2- Good for him for owning up to it like a man. These low standards shouldn't be so laudable, but that's the world in which we live.

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Bethell on WJR Detroit Tomorrow

By on 11.28.05 | 3:43PM

Catch Tom Bethell, TAS senior editor and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, on WJR 760 AM in Detroit tomorrow morning from 10 to 10:30 a.m. on the Frank Beckmann Show.

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Abortion Survivors?

By on 11.28.05 | 3:42PM

Yesterday the Sunday Times brought attention to the tragic fact that about 50 babies are born in Britain each year due to failed abortions. The likelihood of a baby’s survival increases with every week of gestation. Medical experts are now suggesting Britain no longer allow abortions beyond 18 weeks (6 weeks lower than its current 24 weeks) to avoid the risk of child survival.

The article also notes that it is not a crime when a fetus is successfully aborted inside the womb. But when the abortion fails and the child dies due to complications outside the womb, it is punishable as murder. Incidents like this highlight the grisly standard of when it is lawfully acceptable to terminate a life: only so long as it is inside a mother's womb. But should location of the body at the time of death be sufficient to determine what makes or doesn't make the act homicidal?

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By on 11.28.05 | 2:26PM

This article contains good behind-the-scenes reporting on Ted Koppel's departure from ABC. According to one producer quoted in it, ABC executive David Westin wanted Nightline to be a superficial, Good Night America-style show. "I was told that people want to go to bed happy," he says. Among other problems rankling Westin was that Koppel's negotiated salary kept rising as the show's ratings kept dipping. Koppel even offered to plow some of his salary back into the show's production. Now Nightline has three hosts, but Westin figured this is cheaper than one.

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Re: The 390-Horsepower Lawn Ornament

By on 11.28.05 | 12:47PM

To answer our readers' questions, the ride in question is an '03 Mustang SVT Cobra. And to the suggestion that I turn it back over to nitwit#4 to rack up the miles, I have to say not only no, but #$@! no. Why should he have all the fun? We are working things out, as I indicated to Larry, in proper Dukes of Hazzard fashion. Stay tuned. As to the problems with the old El Camino, I can only sympathize. The Mustang needs no mods to pass, only the elimination of the stupid computer code. As to reprogramming the EPROM, I'm concerned that other things could be erased in the process. Don't you have to erase all to re-code an EPROM? That, to be sure, is waaaaay beyond my computer skills.

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Sen. Specter’s Broken Promises

By on 11.28.05 | 12:19PM

We'll be talking about how many promises Arlen Specter made to get the Judiciary Committee chair (and how many he's broken so far), the Prez's 4:40 p.m. immigration speech and a lot more today on the Hugh Hewitt show (6-9 pm EST, Salem Radio Network). I'm subbing for Hugh today and tomorrow. Hope you can listen in, and call. 800-520-1234. See ya on the radio.

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Re: TR McCain

By on 11.28.05 | 11:56AM

Dave: You're very right about the fine Stephen Moore piece on McCain. I only wish it were longer, so that we could have also heard about such McCain problem areas as the McCain-Feingold incumbency racket and the Gang of 14 cooptation of judicial nominations. A week earlier, according to Kausfiles, David Brooks told Chris Matthews that conservatives have warmed up to McCain. My first reaction to that was that Brooks was speaking merely for himself and other "national greatness conservatives," who've been McCainiacs since at least 2000. Moore, however, hardly one of them, confirms the thrust of Brooks's claim, noting that McCain is not only "the front-runner among GOP presidential contenders in all the early horserace polls," but that "many conservatives, after his impetuous presidential run five years ago, are turning to him as the party's savior and the only antidote to Hillary Clinton."

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Aspiring to Be TR

By on 11.28.05 | 10:45AM

Don't miss Stephen Moore's WSJ interview with Sen. John McCain that ran over the weekend. Though Moore is giddy to be in the presence of "a genuine American hero," he closely examines McCain's economic philosophy and finds a mixed bag: a pork slasher aspiring to be a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt.

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Iraqi Solidarity

By on 11.28.05 | 10:08AM

Cindy Sheehan enjoyed a "traditional Iraqi meal" on Thanksgiving with fellow protesters in solidarity with civilians killed in the war, reports the Los Angeles Times. Iraqi civilians killed by Saddam Hussein before the war were unavailable for comment.

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