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Scott Walker Now Masterfully Trolling Wisconsin’s College Professors

By on 1.29.15 | 1:03PM

There is no love lost between myself and Wisconsin. Honestly, between the Green Bay Packers and the fact that I get a speeding ticket every time I cross the state line, I find Wisconsin to be one of those states that are just better left alone (see also: Ohio). But while I might lack respect for his little piece of the American midwest, I do have a great deal of respect for Scott Walker, who, based on today's news alone, has giant, cheesy balls of steel.

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John McCain Takes on Code Pink

By on 1.29.15 | 12:39PM

Since it's rare to feel proud of the work John McCain does in Congress, it's probably worth keeping this little nugget somewhere deep in your files, so that you can pull it out and remember that somewhere, deep down inside that slowly-melting Maverick, there's still a passionate heart that burns with an unquenchable desire to smack a hippie back into the last century where she belongs.

This morning, John McCain's inner beast reared it's ugly head at Code Pink's.

Masterful. Bravo.

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George Will Likens Bud Selig to James Madison

By on 1.29.15 | 12:02PM

I have just read George Will's tribute to Bud Selig who retired as MLB Commissioner last week after serving in that position since 1992. In his piece, Will argues that Selig is to baseball what James Madison was to America during the Constitutional Convention. No, I'm not kidding:

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Loretta Lynch: Immigrants? Yes. Marijuana? No.

By on 1.29.15 | 11:35AM

We're confirming a new Attorney General this week, and already, Loretta Lynch's hearings are off to a rousing start as we discover that, yes, it actually is possible to do worse than Eric Holder. Unfortunately, rumor has it, behind the scene, most of the committee members have already agreed to confirm her, but that's not stopping them from having a little bit of fun before they officially close the books on her nomination process.

Yesterday, Ms. Lynch was asked her opinion on hot button topics like immigration, which, it turns out, she's reticent to enforce the Federal law on. At least, that's what it seems like from this line of questioning from Sen. Jeff Sessions. 


Let me ask you this: In the workplace of America today when we have a high number of unemployed, we’ve had declining wages for many years, we have the lowest of Americans working, who has more right to a job in this country? A lawful immigrant who’s here, a green-card holder or a citizen, or a person who entered the country unlawfully?


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Come To The Gala!!! (Feb 11 in DC)

By on 1.29.15 | 10:50AM

For the first time, I'm able to manage to get to Washington, DC for the American Spectator's Annual Gala, this year featuring keynote speaker Senator Rand Paul (though I'm just as interested in hearing the always witty and insightful Bob Tyrrell, a true hero of the conservative movement.)

I hope you'll try to attend as well, and if so please come on over and say hello!

More info and registration link here:

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A Thought for GOP Healthcare Alternative

By on 1.29.15 | 10:38AM

Even though it defies the definition of insurance, exemplifies socialism, and is a huge driver of high insurance premiums (as it should be), Republicans are unlikely to brave the political heat required to remove Obamacare's "guaranteed issue" provision which functionally forces health insurers to cover pre-existing medical conditions.

As it stands today, you can be uninsured, learn you have a disease, buy "insurance", and saddle the rest of the insured population with your medical costs. It's like allowing someone to buy car insurance after an accident or homeowners insurance while the roof is on fire. As a business model, it is insane. As public policy it's only less insane to the degree that you can fool voters into thinking that the costs of the policy are minimal and that insurance companies are evil and deserve whatever happens to them. Sadly, it's all to easy to fool voters.

So, like all "free" goodies, guaranteed issue popular with voters who see things as free when they're simply paid for by others.

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Boehner’s Invitation to Bibi Isn’t Unconstitutional

By on 1.28.15 | 5:31PM

Over at NRO, Reihan Salam provides a link to an argument by Michael D. Ramsey, a constitutional law professor at the University of San Diego who makes the case that House Speaker John Boehner's invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unconstitutional.

Ramsey argues that its the constitutional duty of the President to "receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers” as spelled out in Article II, Section 3 of The Constitution and there is no corresponding authority for Congress to do so under Article 1, Section 8 of The Constitution. Ramsey also cites George Washington as the "sole channel of official intercourse" with foreign nations when French Ambassador Edmond Genet tried to enlist the support of Congress for France's conflict with Britain.

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White House Not Super Sure Who the Taliban Works For

By on 1.28.15 | 4:11PM

There's lots of news circulating this week about Bowe Bergdahl, the American solider we traded five high-ranking Taliban officials for, who may (or may not, depending on who you ask) face a court martial over his alleged desertion. It seems that, while senior Army officials are keen to tell news organizations, off the record, that Bergdahl will be brought up on charges, the White House is avoiding the question like it was Lindsay Lohan at court ordered community service. 

But that's not to say that the White House's dance around the Bergdahl question hasn't, itself, produced a few gems. Like this one, from today's press conference with rookie comms guy Eric Schultz, who has never heard of the Taliban, why do you ask?

In Wednesday’s White House Press Briefing, John Karl asked press briefing rookie Eric Schultz whether the Jordanians’ trading a prisoner for one of the hostages held by the Islamic State was similar to the United States’ trading five high-ranking Taliban members for Bowe Bergdahl.

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What Michael Moore & Ron Paul Have in Common on Chris Kyle

By on 1.28.15 | 1:20PM

A couple of days ago, with American Sniper continuing to smash box office records, Michael Moore continued his campaign against the late Chris Kyle by invoking Jesus.

Moore tweeted, “Tomorrow’s Sunday School (1) What Would Jesus Do? Oh, I know what he’d do— hide on top of a roof and shoot people in the back!”

This isn't the first time Jesus has been uttered in vain concerning Chris Kyle. After Kyle was killed nearly two years ago, Ron Paul tweeted, "Chris Kyle's death seems to confirm that "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn't make sense."

Needless to say, Paul's tweet provoked outrage. Like Moore, Paul couldn't leave things well enough alone and sent a follow up tweet:

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Mitt Romney Earns Coveted Nancy Pelosi Endorsement

By on 1.28.15 | 1:03PM

I can never tell if these cross-party endorsements are supposed to serve as an underhanded dig, designed to shy Republicans away from viable candidates, or if they've just become a form of trolling. This one, for example, is baffling, because Nancy Pelosi can only want Mitt Romney to run a third time in order to ensure a Hillary Clinton victory, but yet, she can't possibly be daft enough to think that Republicans would see her ringing endorsement of Mitt Romney - yes, Mitt Romney - as some sort of clue that he's the one Democrats most fear. 

Either way, it's creepy and I hope it never happens again. Because if they get together and somehow produce a hybrid child that is one half robot and one half melting skin creature, we're truly all doomed. 

Asked if Romney has any shot at defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016, Pelosi told The Hill, “No, no. I mean, he might be a nice person — no offense, no offense — [but] let’s save you time.”

A smiling Pelosi added, “Let me put it this way — I hope he’s their nominee.”

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