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Calling a Democrat a …

By on 1.26.06 | 10:54AM

Democrats hate it when people call it the "Democrat Party."

A friend of ours insists that that is what they should be called. To call them "Democratic" invests them with a heritage and an import that is not accurate nor earned, given their political positions.

She is right. The Democrat Party is what it is. And the behavior of the White House press corps during the press conference -- just about everyone in the room is no doubt either a registered Democrat or thinks like one -- confirms just why we should continue to call Democrats the Democrat Party.

It's petty. But that's what makes it so much fun.

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Veto Spending

By on 1.26.06 | 10:02AM

Should you be more aggressive in vetoing spending bills?

Bush: They've met the budget targets. I'm pleased that I have a working relationship with Frist and Hastert to meet those targets. ... I'm fully prepared to use the veto if they overspend.

Lame. Super lame. They've overspent for five years, to the tune of a 25 percent increase in non-defense discretionary spending.

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Editors Find the Eyebrow Irresistable

By on 1.26.06 | 9:55AM

Check out the lead photo of the USA Today's dispatch on the liberal blogosphere's chilly reception for "moderate" Tim Kaine (don't worry! he's really one of you!): They chose an eyebrow shot. If I were a bettin' man, I'd put big money on most State of the Union response photos of Kaine exploiting his most entertaining facial trait.

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The Abramoff Retort

By on 1.26.06 | 9:50AM

Great: "Having my picture taken with someone doesn't mean they're my friend or that I know them very well. I've had my picture taken with you."

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Great Rebranding

By on 1.26.06 | 9:47AM

Bush has called the NSA wiretapping "the terrorist surveillance program" a few times this morning. Now that's great rebranding.

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Bush: $85 Billion

By on 1.26.06 | 9:44AM

To the Gulf Coast is a "strong start." How 'bout a wonderfully generous handout?

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Bush and the Press Corps

By on 1.26.06 | 9:29AM

Will dance around each other in a presidential press conference in just a few minutes (10:15 a.m. -- our clock is fast).

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The Heat Is on for Nightline

By on 1.26.06 | 9:09AM

Federalist Society President Gene Meyer has written ABC News President David Westin over Nightline's factually shabby (okay, false) report on Justice Scalia's Colorado teaching trip, reports the Washington Times. (Read our post detailing the lame attack.)

It turns out that Nightline's producers knew that Scalia taught for ten hours and only played two hours of pick-up tennis. His course, for which he asked attending lawyers to read a 481-page book, counted as continuing education credits for the bar in 30 states.

The letter's here in pdf.

The more we learn about the Nightline report, the more apparent it is that Brian Ross and company attempted deliberately to mislead viewers.

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On the Legality of the NSA Wiretap Program

By on 1.26.06 | 8:42AM

Congressional Democrats are convinced that the President has broken the law and trampled the Constitution. Some intellectually challenged Republicans just haven't made up their minds and are waiting for the Senate Judiciary hearings to conclude before they announce their positions.

Let me help the Republicans (as the Democrats are absolutely hopeless when it comes to the Constitution and National Security).

Article II, Section 2 states: "The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States."

The Federalist Papers and Court precedents from the beginning of this republic have held that the President acting as Commander in Chief has the inherent power to defend the nation against foreign threats. Since before WWI, that power has been understood to encompass electronic surveillance.

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Palestinians Vote for Terror

By on 1.26.06 | 8:20AM

That's not the headline on the BBC story, but that's what the Palestinian vote yesterday was. Hamas, the terrorist organization whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel, has apparently won the Palestinian election with a majority. PA prime minister Ahmed Qurei said that he would quit and that Hamas would have to form the next government.

Their vote sheds a brighter light on the Palestinians than has ever before been turned on them. No more pretense about peace plans, road maps and other such European or American smoke and mirrors. Unless the vote is overturned, which it will not be, there should be an immediate and total cutoff of American, European and UN funding of all Palestinian government functions. The UNWRA agency (the UN's arm in the West Bank and Gaza) activities that used to surreptitiously help Hamas and other terrorist groups will have no convenient cover to hide behind, and must end.

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