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Outrage? Not So Much.

By on 5.25.06 | 9:20AM

The Post is unmoved by Pelosi/Hastert protests. The editorial points out the extraordinary lengths to which the FBI went to protect congressioanl privilege in the search.

Also, Sen. John Warner, usually not one to shy from congressional groupthink, says Congress "should be treated no differently than the average citizen when it comes to criminal matters."

Diagnosis, please

By on 5.25.06 | 6:25AM

I think there's something wrong with my hearing. Every time I hear someone say, "The FBI searched the offices of William Jefferson," my brain registers it as, "The FBI searched the offices of William Jefferson Clinton." Is anyone else suffering this malady?

Re: American Idol Dream

By on 5.25.06 | 3:59AM

Lady G: It wasn't the winner who got 63 million votes; that was the total number of votes cast, i.e. for Taylor and for Kat. In 2004, Bush got 62 million votes (the highest popular vote total in history) and Kerry got 59 million. And remember, Idol allows and even encourages multiple voting. I'm not one who fetishizes turnout (if you're not interested enough to make it to the polls, you probably shouldn't be voting anyway), but it would be a bit depressing to see the Idol electorate overtake that of the presidency. Fortunately we've not hit that point.

American Idol Dream

By on 5.24.06 | 10:59PM

(I thought I would start this thread as no one else has yet jumped in...) Well, as Ryan Seacrest was kind enough to point out, this evening's American Idol winner got more votes than any president in U.S. history. Over 63 million. Wow! As Taylor Hicks said, "I am living the American Dream." Double wow.

Da Commish

By on 5.24.06 | 10:21PM

Dear Prowler: I am shocked. Shocked, I say. How could you deny Condi Rice her life's dream? If Jeb or anyone else should step in front, she'd be sentenced to more time in Foggy Bottom. And we'd be sentenced to more anguished cries from those who want us to equate her with Maggie Thatcher. 'Tis not devoutly to be wish'd.

Spitzer and Milberg Weiss

By on 5.24.06 | 9:56PM

Many are asking why Eliot Spitzer didn't target the now-indicted class action lawsuit firm Milberg Weiss. Some suggest it is because their execs gave his campaign money. I would guess it was more ideological -- Eliot Spitzer is what lawsuit-happy, anti-business lawyers would be if they got their hands on the New York state attorney general's office.