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By on 8.11.06 | 2:47PM

I mentioned this to a friend in conversation and he suggested I go on the record, so here goes: At some point, Andrew Sullivan will attach his beloved "Christianist" label to someone who is not actually a Christian. (Note: It's possible this has already happened, but if so I missed it.)

Joe-Mentum Returns

By on 8.11.06 | 1:46PM

Yes, Senator Lieberman's clever plan to lure 26 young Muslims wayward youth into his wiley plan to win re-election is now truly taking hold.

Initial polling from Rasmussen shows Lieberman with a 46 percent to 41 percent lead over Nutty Ned. The nameless Repuiblican garners a mere 6 percent.

Somewhere we hear Daily Kos chat room habitues' heads exploding.

Re: Myopic Dems…

By on 8.11.06 | 1:26PM

Way to go, Philip. Blame the Republicans for the likelihood of Lamont Democratic success. I'd be more convinced if the Democrats themselves weren't so busy purging their center, which is why I'm still puzzled by Krauthammer's contention that being anti-Iraq could be a short-term Dem winner. Anything that mitigates Republican sins cannot be seen as helpful to Democratic chances THIS year.

Re: Myopic Dems

By on 8.11.06 | 1:10PM

Wlady: If the Democrats win control of Congress this year, it won't be because of the Lamontization of the party, but in spite of it. Republicans have really done a lot to turn off the conservative base in the past two years, and while the Lamontization of the party helps Republicans energize their base, it may not be enough.

Meanwhile, U.S. News's "Washington Whispers" obtained a GOP strategy memo that includes survey results suggests Republicans may be in good shape with their base come November:

Wallace Speaks

By on 8.11.06 | 12:49PM

Hot Air has audio excerpts of Sean Hannity's interview with Mike Wallace, discussing his interview with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As the saying goes, it speaks for itself. Absolutely sickening.

Hat Tip: Alarming News.

Re: Myopic Dems…

By on 8.11.06 | 12:09PM

Philip: There's something disturbing about Krauthammer's column today -- he predicts long-term "desolation" for the neo-McGovernized Democrats, yet seems to concede that in the short run the party's Lamontization could be allow it to win back control of "one or both houses of Congress" this fall. Well, all I can say is that if that comes to pass, all bets are off. Once insanity takes over, there's no guarantee sanity can ever be restored.

Myopic Dems…

By on 8.11.06 | 11:38AM

As is often the case, Krauthammer sees the the big picture:

The Iraq war will end, as will the Bush presidency. But the larger conflict that defines our times -- war on Islamic radicalism, more politely known as the war on terrorism -- will continue, as the just-foiled London airliner plot unmistakably reminds us. And the reflexive antiwar sentiments underlying Ned Lamont's victory in Connecticut will prove disastrous for the Democrats in the long run -- the long run beginning as early as November '08.

Absolutely. The Republicans have dug themselves quite a hole, and the Democrats could make gains this November, but the fight against terrorism is the defining struggle of our time, and Democrats are doomed in the long term given that they have been overtaken by peaceniks.