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OBL not quite sighting

By on 1.26.06 | 1:14AM

Best source also suggests that OBL is back in Iran, if he ever left it, but not at Tehran. No confirmation of Iran whereabouts. OBL does not have a strong grasp on his own reality. He is an oafish overstaying guest of the mullahs, and they are not all that much concerned with his pleasure or health just now. Mordor has the IAEA in its sights. February 2,3 showdown will be a treat.

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Missing President

By on 1.26.06 | 1:05AM

Best source up to the moment reports that Ahmadinejad has gone missing along with the missing Imam. Mookie Sadr appeared at presidential palace in Tehran two days back, and no sign of Ahmadinejad. Presidential visit to Ahvaz called off because no sign of Ahmadinejad. Missing three days from view. His presence projected on state TV this news cycle in order to denounce the Brits for planting the bombs in Ahvaz (more likely local rascals, long-standing beef with Tehran), but still no sighting.

Where is he?

Ahmadinejad is likely preparing the next phase of the aggression. Iranian air defense is said to be on unusally paranoid high alert. The gangsters are freshly spooked. Ahmadinejad is also likely conferring with his demons and not a few terror gangs to launch a surrogate attack against the West. Good guess now is that HizbAllah will launch on Israel. However the deal with Bashar al-Assad last weekend in Damascus puts Syria at the center of the storm in the Ummah. Any combination of murder raid, assassination, provocation or oil weapon card is credible.

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Kojo Annan, International Man of Mystery

By on 1.25.06 | 2:49PM

Speaking to Claudia Rosett of Foundation for the Defense of Democracy this evening with regard Kojo Annan, international man of mystery, and the strange case of the 1998 green Mercedes 320 ML purchased fraudulently within moments of the OilForFood Cotecna deal brokered at the UN in September, 1998, that points -- car and Cotecna -- in an extremely suggestive fashion toward Kojo's international civil servant father SecGen Kofi Annan.

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Maryland, Their Maryland?

By on 1.25.06 | 1:01PM

How long has it been since Maryland/>/> had a Republican senator? (And, no, let’s not count Charles MacC. Mathias, who practically invented the RINO.) The long dry spell may come to an end this year because of a ruling by the Maryland Supreme Court that held the state’s ban on gay marriage a violation of the state constitution.

Mike Steele, the Republican lieutenant governor, is running for U.S. Senate this year, and the Dems -- according to this WaPo report -- are panicking because of a Republican initiative to put a constitutional amendment to correct the problem on the ballot this November.

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Real Time

By on 1.25.06 | 11:50AM

Since AmSpecBlog seems to moonlight as a 24 fansite these days, I thought I'd throw up a link to this interview with one of the show's main writers addressing the myriad of nut-and-bolt issues that come up in creating and executing a "real time" show.

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Deus Caritas Est

By on 1.25.06 | 11:33AM

Benedict's first encyclical is one any Catholic ought to be proud of, on a topic everyone ought to be worried about: the elimination of love that stems from human spirit, replaced by a new kind of eros -- not just good old Lust but a commodified form, a networked orgiasm where every act of mental and physical intercourse is a moved unit, a profitable financial transaction.

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The Abramoff Grip and Grin Shots

By on 1.25.06 | 8:52AM

Much is being made on the potential impact of the media getting their hands on photos of President Bush shaking hands with convicted fraud Jack Abramoff. So far, the White House is refusing to turn over any of the pictures.

The Washington Post called me about this and published my unsolicited advice to the White House, namely, put out the photos with an explanation for each. Party sages like Mary Matalin disagreed.

My reasoning follows. Does anyone think that the photos are not going to make it into the public domain? Heck, Jack Abramoff’s lawyer Abbe Lowell is probably behind the threat to sell them to the supermarket tabloids. Have no doubt. The pictures will come out.

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The Palestinian Sinn Fein?

By on 1.25.06 | 7:52AM

Marwan Bargouti wants to be the Gerry Adams of the West Bank. The rehabilitation of the terrorist Irish Republican Army -- led by Adams’s Sinn Fein “political wing” -- managed to put a gloss of legality and legitimacy to the IRA’s participation in Northern Ireland’s politics. It is a model that Hamas and other terrorist groups in Israel -- and some in Iraq -- want to follow on the path to political power.

Bargouti, the Hamas leader, is a convicted terrorist murderer, now behind bars. But today’s election in the Palestinian areas of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank will almost certainly result in a substantial number of Hamas seats in the Palestinian government. The choice is between the terrorist Hamas and the utterly corrupt Fatah, Yassir Arafat’s party.

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Pence on Team Shadegg Strategy

By on 1.24.06 | 9:13PM

Spoke to Mike Pence of 6th Indiana with regard the insider line on the February 2 showdown for House GOP leader.

According to Pence, Team Roy Blunt of Missouri claims 115 or 116 pledges; yet the Hotline lists only 90 published names. Pence, a Shadegg supporter, says that he counts 100 firm pledges to Blunt, no more.

Team Shadegg's strategy is to identify names on the Blunt pledge list of members who will state in public that they chose too soon, that Shadegg's late entry changes the landscape.

One wavering name, confirmed by Larry Kudlow of CNBC, is Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, who may be close to changing her commitment from Blunt to Shadegg. Blackburn now hints that she will challenge Deborah Pryce, who is part of Team Blunt; and that is motive for Blackburn to pull vote back from pledge to Blunt.

Team Shadegg's election day strategy is to stop Blunt on the first ballot. Anything less than 117 (secret ballot) opens the door to a rush to Boehner or Shadegg.

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The Polish Plumber, VATted

By on 1.24.06 | 4:15PM

Forget Iran/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>. If you’re a European (and all the beautiful people are, whether they’re French or merely aspire to be) you have no time for such things. You’re much more concerned about the problem of the Polish plumber.

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