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Quisling Rising

By on 1.19.06 | 1:23PM

Hallucinatory and dangerous Ahmadinejad is in Damascus for two days of brainstorming how to attack the tabloid United States, crouching Lebanon, mullah soaked Iraq, and confused Israel using terror gang cut-outs in order to draw attention from the showdown at the IAEA on February 2,3.

Extreme knothead Bashar al-Assad, in his new role as Corgi to the Persian bloodhound, rolled over and announced his support for Iran's nuclear weapons program at Natanz and other semi-secret, completely non-bombable underground sites.

The al-Assads, weakened by family feuding and the beggary of the oil cut-off from Saddam's gang, need Ahmadinejad to approve a new credit line as well as negotiate with the Saudis and French so they can stay in power. You will recall that the Saudis, especially the royal bastard Bandar (who wants to be king once the octogenarian set tumbles off the podium of life), want a Sunni-Moslem Brother solution in Damascus. Tehran nixes Bandar's bright ideas; however, Tehran is stuck with the terminally stupid Bashar and his scary, Medusa of a sister Bushra.

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Bomber Weather

By on 1.19.06 | 12:11PM

Al Aqsa Brigade, the military elite of the Fatah Party, is responsible for the training and deploying of the 20-year-old suicide bomber who just destroyed a sandwich shop in Tel Aviv.

Islamic Jihad claims credit, because the 20 year old, now indicated as Sami Antar, was an IJ recruit from the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank. However the bomber was entirely handled by Al Aqsa, led by the cadres out of Jenin.

The bombing is said to be the first of waves of bombings directed at testing and weakening new acting Prime Minister Olmert as he demonstrates his Sharonism prowess in the campaign for voting in March.

The bombing is also meant to show that PA President Abbas is a fool and false witness, that Fatah is fractured into many parts, that Al Aqsa is the only vigorous part of the old PLO, that the election next week is the end of Abbas as a politician.

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Pence Endorses Shadegg

By on 1.19.06 | 10:48AM

After deafening silence and facing pressure from conservatives to speak up about the race for majority leader, Republican Study Committee chairman Rep. Mike Pence endorsed John Shadegg this morning.

This is great news and should be a great boost for the right man.

The RSC just sent Pence's letter around:

Two weeks from today, the Republican Congress will face a choice of enormous significance in the life of our nation and our majority.  As chairman of the Republican Study Committee, it is always my goal to take action, with deliberation, in the best interests of our members and the conservative movement.

Out of respect for the fact that members of RSC would be supporting a variety of candidates, I had intended to withhold any endorsement in the race for Majority Leader.  But given the addition of a prominent RSC member to the field and given that many members have already expressed a preference, it has become clear to me that an earlier, personal endorsement is now appropriate.

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Roy Blunt Makes His Case

By on 1.19.06 | 9:28AM

In the WSJ editorial page (free link) today. And it ain't so pretty.

The majority of Blunt's piece touts the great economic success of a Republican majority in the House. So they got out of the way... some of the time... when they weren't spending astronomical amounts. Kudos to you.

So what are his big reforms, tapping that wealth of conservative dissatisfaction? Identifying earmarks with the legislators who put them there, no "pay-go" (the system that demands that tax cuts are offset by tax increases), and annual budget reconciliation.

These reforms are improvements. But they're the bare minimum for a very broken system. Blunt says nothing about curbing the soaring budgets or thousands of earmarks. Under Blunt's plan, pork wouldn't necessarily decrease, but we would better identify the porkers. And then the reference to "shadowy 527s"? Blunt's a man of the party establishment, and regulating campaign spending is just another phrase for incumbency protection.

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Tim Kaine, Party Poster Boy

By on 1.19.06 | 8:32AM

Roll Call reports today that Democrats will ask Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to deliver the Democratic response to the State of the Union Address. The symbolic value is understandable, but I wonder if Howie Dean, et al. have ever seen the guy speak. He's got to be the goofiest Democrat since Tom Daschle. If Kaine delivers it, the Democrat response will be more of a yelp than a counterpunch.

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Iran’s Nukes

By on 1.19.06 | 7:59AM

The otherwise thoughtful Roger McKinney points out, in today's Reader Mail, that, "We couldn't stop the USSR, China, India, or Pakistan from getting the bomb, and we probably won't stop Iran. MAD prevented any of those countries from launching a missile, even though they were as crazy and paranoid as the Iranians." From that, he concludes that we needn't fear an Iranian nuclear attack. But he's entirely wrong.

MAD -- mutually assured destruction -- deterred the Soviets from attacking us because we had sufficient forces to mount a counter attack that would destroy them even though they were in the process of destroying us. It was predicated on a fact not present with Iran. If the Soviets attacked - by missile or aircraft - we would have known instantly and with certainty who the attacker was. With Iran, they would not do that for the same reasons.

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Stop the Mexican Border Incursions

By on 1.19.06 | 7:23AM

I just heard this yesterda: apparently the Mexican military engages in routine cross-border operations (yep, that's in U.S. territory) as armed escorts for alien and drug smuggling operations. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff called concern over the operations "overblown" and "scare tactics." That's not going to go over too well.

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Tariq Aziz at Ease

By on 1.18.06 | 5:46PM

In happier days he made pilgrimages to Assisi. Now, if ever he is released from custody in Iraq, he reportedly hopes to find asylum in Italy. Wouldn't he be more suited to replace Kofi Annan at the U.N.? Here's the tidbit, illustrated by an item big enough to intimidate many a mogul.

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Iran Talk and the New Dark Age

By on 1.18.06 | 3:39PM

The cold war with Iran is a quarter century old and moving toward a crisis. A crisis, says the wag, is when there are no good options, and that describes the threat of the violent, ruthless, hallucinatory Iran under the priest craft of the mullahs and the non-rational talk of Ahmadinejad and his IRGC cabal. No good options. The crash of nation states ahead is as inevitable as fission. Meanwhile the EU shivers and feigns. The United States State Department is a pitiable schoolmarm. The United Nations is a fiction dreamed up by Cervantes.

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