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Americans Judge Alito Worthy

By on 12.21.05 | 7:35AM

The Washington Post and ABC News report this morning that Judge Samuel A. Alito has the support of 54 percent of Americans, versus 28 percent who oppose his nomination.

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Bad Ties

By on 12.20.05 | 5:27PM

I just saw Ted Stevens, arguing something fervently on the Senate floor. Wearing an "Incredible Hulk" necktie. Someone needs to call Mrs. Stevens.

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Re: Lose Yourself in the Music

By on 12.20.05 | 4:13PM

But John! By using rap, they'll only be encouraging these peaceful young jihadists towards violence!

Will they also have to freestyle when interrogated? Will that also be considered cruel?

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Re: Lose Yourself in the Music

By on 12.20.05 | 4:09PM

Let's not forget how U.S. troops drove Gen. Noriega out of his compound: blasting AC/DC. By the standards of the Human Rights Watch, that must have been torture as well.

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By on 12.20.05 | 3:31PM

Alphabet soup prevails in Washington, but the headline means to say that the Democratic Party is sending the administration a Freedom of Information Act request for info on the National Security Agency's domestic wiretapping. They erroneously call it "domestic spying," but no matter. The real entertainment is watching Howard Dean try to appear earnest. He begins his missive:

This is not an easy letter to write, and I'm afraid it may be a hard one to believe.

Come now, Chairman. What's hard to believe is that you don't enjoy writing the letter. Revel away and help Americans dissociate Democrats and national security. Now would be a great time for a party leader to have some credibility and gravitas in store instead of a history of rabid partisan opportunism.

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Gone Bowling

By on 12.20.05 | 3:29PM

The fun of the College Football bowl games begins. For a preview into what this bowl season will bring, check out Fox Sports' witty analysis, starting with the "Can't Miss" ranking all the way down to the "Serious Dog Potential" category which features such classics as the Fort Worth Bowl (Houston vs. Kansas), Meineke Car Care Bowl (NC State vs. South Florida), the Emerald Bowl (Utah vs. Georgia Tech -- the bees have lost their sting), the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl (UCF vs. Nevada), and the best named of them all, the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (Colorado State vs. Navy).

My "money" will wait for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl featuring my beloved Fightin' Irish (Grandpa belonged to the "Class of the Finest," '44) vs. Ohio State (boo, hiss, boo).

And for the record, thank goodness this is the last year of BCS-ridiculousness! Here's to having a fair and square college football champ next year.

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Re: “A Touch Wearying to the Spirit”

By on 12.20.05 | 3:12PM

As a part of Hitch's "Scrooge You" article, he cites this article, saying, essentially, that when Christians are arguing in favor of celebrating Christ in the public square, from Christmas music in shops to greeting card corrections, they are essentially committing the same terrible, terrible deed as the North Koreans celebrating the birthday of Kim Jong Il:

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‘A Touch Wearying to the Spirit’

By on 12.20.05 | 1:53PM

Those following the Great "Merry Christmas" Debate of 2005 won't want to miss Christopher Hitchens' volley on the topic. He's wrong about Oliver Cromwell's reason for banning Christmas (it wasn't the corruption of the holiday, but because of Puritan theological principles). But the vehemence and spirit of his disgust with the Christmas reactionaries is understandable.

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So How Fast are You in the 440?

By on 12.20.05 | 1:39PM

A decent question to which Mr. William Beltran and Ms. Shairalee Delgado may have a lot of time to work out a better answer whilst serving a coupla years for shoplifting. Seems those two nitwits were boosting about a grand worth of clothes from a Ft. Myers, Florida store. According to a rather hilarious NBC news report When they escaped the store security folks, a couple of nice young men, just graduated from boot camp, took up the pursuit. The Marines chased them for almost a mile, and captured the two before turning them over to the cops. Against the Marines did the shoplifters have any chance? Successful pursuers, Pvts. Shane Ailant and Ryan Pitts of the U.S. Marine Corps, didn't think so. "No sir, not at all." Well done, guys. (Hat tip to #1 son, who knows I love such stuff.)

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