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The Real Deadline for a Nuclear Deal with Iran is January 20, 2017

By on 3.31.15 | 9:47PM

As you probably know by now, today's deadline for a framework of a nuclear deal with Iran has been extended by 24 hours.

Leading up to the extension was more concessions by the Obama Administration and its P5 + 1 partners including keeping the Fandow enrichment facility open, putting off disclosing their "potential military dimensions" of their nuclear program to the IAEA indefinitely and all the while Iran is hardening its position.

If they don't reach an agreement in 24 hours, well, no big deal. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says today's deadline is "arbitrary". This a fortnight after stating the Obama Administration and its P5 + 1 partners would walk away from the negotiating table if an agreement was not reached.

Is Something Amiss in the Obama Household?

By on 3.31.15 | 5:23PM

Here is a photo taken yesterday of Barack Obama giving Vicky Kennedy, wife of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, a warm, heart-felt hug at the dedication of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute yesterday. But where is his wedding ring?

On March 12 the first couple took separate planes to Burbank where each appeared in a show: he on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Michelle looked radiant cavorting with Ellen.

Barack and Jimmy were clearly yucking it up and having a high old time. In these photos, Barack does not look detached and Michelle does not look angry; this is a departure from their usual mien.

Goodluck Jonathan’s Bad Luck

By on 3.31.15 | 5:01PM

Goodluck Jonathan's luck has turned bad.

Today, he conceded defeat in Nigeria's elections. Goodluck Jonathan took office in 2010 and was elected in his own right in 2011. Needless to say, he had the most interesting name of any head of state in the entire world.

He lost to Muhammadu Bahuri, who led the country as its military dictator from 1983 to 1985, whose election campaign was being managed by David Axelrod's consulting firm.

Cuomo Bans Travel to Indiana But Not Cuba

By on 3.31.15 | 4:01PM

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has seen his dreams of being President in 2016 fade away, like the waning career of his live-in girlfriend, Food Network's Sandra Lee, but he's not about to give up his quest to be a progressive hero.

Responding to the outcry over Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Cuomo is bravely banning all non-essential state-sponsored travel to Indiana, in the hopes that preventing possibly twelve New Yorkers from interacting with the government of a midwestern state will somehow convince Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that he has sided, somehow, with anti-gay bigots. Before Indiana can be thoroughly relieved that it will get a short but well-earned break from New York, they will first have to read through Cuomo's strongly worded letter admonishing their "legally sanctioned discrimination" and whatnot.

Bill Clinton Says 99% of House of Cards is True

By on 3.31.15 | 3:27PM

Apparently. Bill Clinton is a fan of House of Cards, and told the show's star Kevin Spacey so when he met Spacey at an event recently.

According to Clinton, who was known for being a particularly effective President, the show, which depicts the rise of Frank Underwood from lowly Congressman to White House hopeful, is "99%" true. The 1% that's not true? How easily Frank Underwood can move a bill through Congress.

Former President Bill Clinton told "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey the D.C. drama is a lot closer to fact than fiction.

"He tells me, 'I love that 'House of Cards,''" Spacey said in an interview with Gotham Magazine about the Netflix series.

Spacey went into an impression of the former president when describing Clinton's review of the show.

"Kevin, 99% of what you do on that show is real. The 1% you get wrong is you could never get an education bill passed that fast," Spacey said, recounting Clinton's comment.

NSA Was Totally Going to Stop Spying Until Edward Snowden Showed Up

By on 3.31.15 | 3:16PM

Edward Snowden doesn't seem to be enjoying his Russian home - word has it that he's looking to barter a plea deal with the United States in order to make a return - but in the wake of his massive intelligence leak that blew the lid off of the NSA's data collection program, it was at least assumed that his actions were responsible for halting, or at least reeling in, the program itself.

Now, the NSA, which has been facing backlash over its program for more than a year, especially from privacy advocates that argue that even if the collection program stopped terrorism, that Americans should have been informed of the privacy they were giving up, says that it's because of Edward Snowden that the program continued for so long. In fact, according to intelligence officials, the NSA was totally on the way to scrapping the program when Snowden leaked his information to journalists.

Because if there's anything you can count on a government entity to do, it's to discontinue an ineffective program. Or something.

Harry Reid: “I Lied About Romney, But He Didn’t Win, Did He?”

By on 3.31.15 | 1:06PM

I blacked out for a good portion of the 2012 election cycle, because at the time, I was helping out the Romney campaign and competing with the rest of the GOP to see how quickly I could spiral into a substance abuse problem, just to make it all seem okay. But I do remember, vaguely, Harry Reid's speech on the floor of Congress, where he claimed that Mitt Romney hadn't paid taxes for the last decade, because an anonymous source told him so and had the records to prove it.

Single Device User Hillary Clinton Actually Used Two Devices At State

By on 3.31.15 | 12:49PM

Remember when Hillary Clinton stood in front of a press gaggle at the United Nations and claimed that she used her personal email in order to simplify her communications routine, as her tiny little female brain was unable to account for two mobile devices at the same time, despite her quick adaptation to the iPad in addition to her phone? Sure, we all do. I missed lunch for it. The things I do for you people.

Well, it turns out that, once Clinton released her emails to the Associated Press, she was betrayed, somewhat ironically, by her real inability to use two devices. In at least one communication with her senior aide Huma Abedin, where Clinton mistakenly replied to a very important State Department email about drone debris in Pakistan, with a series of queries about benches and floral arrangements.

Kerry: Nuclear Deal With Iran Possible “If Allah Wills It!”

By on 3.31.15 | 12:42PM

Over the weekend, when al-Monitor reporter Laura Rozen asked Secretary of State John Kerry if a nuclear deal with Iran is possible, he replied in Arabic, "Inshallah." (H/T The Gateway Pundit).

Translated into English that means "Allah willing" or "If Allah wills it."

I have two comments.

First, I doubt we would ever hear John Kerry say "It's God's will" or invoke Jesus except when it comes to supporting Obamacare.

Second, even if Allah wills a nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran, the same cannot be said of the will of the Senate. Of course, the Obama Administration will probably try to get around the Senate. The Obama Administration may answer to the will of Allah, but a Republican administration answers to the will of Americans.

The Reason Wilco Isn’t Boycotting Other RFRA States

By on 3.31.15 | 10:27AM

Emily takes Wilco to task for boycotting Indiana in protest of the passage of its RFRA statute, but not 9 other states which are on their tour that have RFRA on their books.

But there's a reasonable explanation. The RFRAs that were passed in the 9 other states in question only applied to religious assemblies and institutions, not to for profit entities. One of the states Emily cites is Louisiana which states its law is applicable "to a church, association of churches or other religious order, body or institution which qualifies for exemption from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) or (d) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986."  

It's true that the Hobby Lobby decision has effectively amended those statutes, but that decision is clearly beyond the control of the state legislature in Louisiana and the other 8 states with RFRA statutes. Thus Wilco has no reason to cancel their tour dates in those states.