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What Gouging?

By on 5.22.06 | 2:26PM

The FTC found that gasoline price spikes met local or regional market trends last year after Hurricane Katrina. Which makes sense, because gouging does not exist.

Showdown Debut Day

By on 5.22.06 | 12:45PM

My new book, Showdown: Why China Wants War with the United States, debuts today. I'll be doing a lot of tv and radio, including the MSNBC "Situation" show with Tucker Carlson late tonight and the John Batchelor ABC radio show just a bit earlier.

Lots of other SGO today. If you didn't read Starobin's "Of Mullahs and MADness" on Saturday, please do. It's so terribly wrong, there shall be more on it later. Much more. Is there a nuclear deterrent that can affect Iran? Perhaps. But it's nothing like the one Starobin posits. It's much tougher, much uglier. And possibly just what we need.

More Dixie

By on 5.22.06 | 11:55AM

Billboard reports that the Dixie Chicks' new album is receiving a cold shoulder on country radio. It is no surprise that stations aren't too keen on the first single, "Not Ready to Make Nice," an in-your-face comeback.

But one pertinent fact is missing from this story (and I haven't seen it reported elsewhere): old Dixie Chicks songs are retaking the country airwaves. There was a time after their London stunt that the Dixie Chicks were as common on country stations as Metallica. Now, their old stuff is back with fairly routine airplay.

So maybe country stations are not still punishing the Chicks for their left-wing politics, but for individual poor songs?

Vet Cards and Oil Canards

By on 5.22.06 | 10:56AM

In today's Washington Times Brendan Conway delivers a fascinating bit on Democratic U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards' attempts to head off a challenge by Republican Van Taylor, a 33-year-old Iraq war veteran who is apparently getting too close for comfort if one is to judge by Edwards' eagerness to throw him in bed with Big Oil. Anyway, it's a great piece on a race that's sure to get more attention in the coming weeks.

Re: Colonial’s Finest

By on 5.22.06 | 8:02AM

'Fraid I'll have to disagree with Reid Collins' suggestion that Ben Hogan missed a 3-foot putt on purpose in order to pocket an extra several hundred dollars from an eighteen-hole playoff the following day. In 1959, Ben Hogan's career was just about through, and he was known to stand frozen over putts for two minutes at a time, unable to focus one eye, damaged in his terrible auto accident. And it was not at all unusual for him to miss short putts. He blew at least two Masters crowns that way.

The End Of Greater Serbia

By on 5.21.06 | 11:50PM

You heard it here first, foax. Montenegro, by rights, is out of the doddering Frankenstein of modern-day Serbia, and Kosovo cannot be far behind. How could the EU let the one go and force the other to stay -- particularly when a vote in Kosovo would blow away the 55.5% that Europe's statesmen allowed to pass muster for making Montenegro sovereign. The twin children of Wilsonianism, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, are ghosts now. But self-determination -- done peacefully -- lives on.


By on 5.21.06 | 4:24PM

If you doubt that the Lieberman for Senate campaign is charging toward victory, check out this bizarre ad for Lieberman's anti-war primary challenger Ned Lamont. Yup, that's Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas guest-starring.

Allahpundit recasts the ad as a Mentos spot. Tim Blair does a hilarious script-doctoring job. Ron Chusid of The Democratic Daily sighs, "Conservative bloggers are having lots of fun with this. I can't say I blame them this time."

P.S. Even if Lamont somehow won the Democratic nomination, polls suggest that Lieberman could still win as an independent.

Thanks a Billion

By on 5.21.06 | 2:11PM

The Marion Barry of New Orleans wins re-election in New Orleans, and how does the White House Communications Office react? It send out this statement, with these words in the "Subject" space: "IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Mayor Nagin: 'I Want To Thank You, Mr. President.'" The actual text:

In Case You Missed It …

Mayor Nagin: "I Want To Thank You, Mr. President"

Remarks By New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

May 20, 2006

MAYOR NAGIN: "I want to thank you, Mr. President. You and I have probably been the most vilified politicians in the country. But I want to thank you for moving that promise that you made in Jackson Square forward. We now have $3 billion for levees. We have $8 billion for incentives. We have $10 billion for housing. You are delivering on your promise, and I want to thank you for all the citizens of the City of New Orleans."

Your tax dollars at work, re-electing a clown backed by a Republican president. Wonder what Mary Landrieu will threaten to do to President Bush now!