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Some Predictions

By on 1.3.06 | 7:59AM

It's not too late for a few '06 predictions, so here goes.

First, three reporters -- WaPo's Dana Priest and NYT's James Risen and Eric Lichtblau -- who reported the leaks of the CIA secret detention facilities and the NSA program authorized by President Bush, will each be either in jail or facing jail time for refusing to reveal their sources by year's end. These leaks have damaged national security in a major way and must be punished. The only way the leakers will be discovered is by compelling the reporters' testimony.

Second, David Cameron will last only until the next general election as Tory leader. He is a man eager to distance himself from Thatcher, to redistribute wealth, and to befog what little his party stands for. If he lasts longer than that, the Tories will render themselves irrelevant. Brit Conservatives need to go back to their dictionaries and study the meaning of "conservative."

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Journal Blogging

By on 1.3.06 | 7:11AM

With the new year, the Wall Street Journal is stepping into the blog world with a Law Blog, hosted by reporter Peter Lattman. Lattman writes yesterday that the blog will cover stories on business and law and the business of law. And more great news: the Journal's address for the blog,, suggests they have more blogs in mind.

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Keystone Spies

By on 1.2.06 | 4:42PM

Since it came out on Christmas Day, you probably missed this must-read report on the CIA's embarrassingly poor tradecraft that has them in trouble with the law in Italy over a 2003 rendition. No matter how low our expectations of The Agency's competence get, it seems they can always be a tad lower.

Porter Goss is trying to fix things, though. Best of luck to him on that.

(Hat-tip: INDC Journal.)

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A Good Start

By on 1.1.06 | 5:27PM

2006 is off to a good start in France. According to this IHT report, French youts (as My Cousin Vinny would say) burned 425 cars last night. What Monsewer Chirac will say about that in his big address is, at this point, unreported. Thank Heaven.

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Fifteen Years Ago Today…

By on 1.1.06 | 2:45PM

...The USSR ceased to exist. Dave Kopel looks back.

In other receeding-tyranny news, The arrival of the New Year means bars in South Carolina will finally be able to pour from full-size bottles. Thus ends perhaps the dumbest "temperence" law ever -- because bartenders treated the minibottles like shots even though they contain about a shot and a half each, the law's main effect was to make drinks much stronger.

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Happy UN-New Year

By on 1.1.06 | 8:50AM

Rise and shine, sleepyheads. You thought this year might be different? C'mon, guys. It's barely nine hours old here in Virginia, and we already have adequate proofs that 2006 is just 2005's ugly sister.

The J-Post reports, based on a story in a German newspaper, that we are planning a military strike on Iran. This is a combination of German disdain for any war Germany doesn't start and Israelis thinking wishfully that we will do it before they have to. And the London Times reports that the ever-charming Kim Jong-il's regime is restarting a nuclear reactor that will enable it to make about ten nuclear weapons a year. This despite the six-party talks that were supposed to get the North Korean genie back in the bottle.

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Early Happy New Year

By on 12.31.05 | 3:51PM

The Prowler(s) will be back in force after the New Year, with breaking news about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. John McCain, the NSA spy investigation, and a few other goings-on that have been playing out over the Christmas Break.

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Shocked! Shocked!

By on 12.30.05 | 4:37PM

Nothing surprises us about government employees dropping the ball or overlooking something, even at the NSA.

Of course, our friends at the ACLU believe nothing is by accident, and that all federal employees operate at genius level so as to better perpetrate the numerous plots their overlords, the evil cabal of neocons, are perpetrating on the world.

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